Commander of the Ground Forces of the Russian Federation to make a tour for defense companies

Commander of the Ground Forces of the Russian Federation to make a "tour" for defense companies

Commander in Chief Land Forces (Forces) Vladimir Chirkin will visit major defense companies of the Central Military Area (CVO), told reporters on Tuesday, the press service of managing a neighborhood Colonel Jaroslav Roschupkin.

"On Tuesday, begins working visit to Commander SW Colonel General Vladimir Chirkina on defense-industrial enterprises located in Saratov, Ulyanovsk and Izhevsk: Saratov aggregate plant, Ulyanovsk Mechanical and auto factories, "Izhmash" Izhevsk Electromechanical plant "Dome" and others. The trip ends on January 24, "- said Roschupkin.

According to him, Chirkin with a group of professionals familiar with the main command manufactured in factories production of military purpose, as with the upgraded standards and promise of arms, military and special equipment tailored for ST.

"Scheduled for a series of meetings with regional leaders, during which will open a discussion prospects of modernization of the Armed Forces, the development of military-industrial companies and the issues of building municipal defense order," — added the head of the press service of the CVO.

In addition, Roschupkin noted that Chief visit the shop and production sites, evaluate the process of practical actions at test ranges promising standards of small guns, anti-aircraft missiles, anti-tank guided missiles and remotely operated vehicles, UAVs and guided artillery weapons.

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