Commander of the Navy described the view of the Russian Navy of the future

Commander of the Navy outlined the shape of the future of the Russian NavyRussian naval base in a couple of years to make aircraft carriers and destroyers of the last generation. Fighting ability of the fleet to be expanded through the introduction of robotics, artificial intelligence systems, and non-lethal weapons. On the promising directions of development of the fleet told Navy Commander Admiral Teals.

Navy Commander Admiral Viktor Chirkov told about the configurations that are expected in late in the Russian Navy.

According to him, by 2020, the Navy has to be created by the grouping of strategic non-nuclear deterrence forces.

Its base should make a nuclear submarine project 885M, upgraded nuclear submarine project 949M, and languid nuclear-powered missile cruisers Project 11442.

The Commander in Chief said that the core of such a force should be carrying ships. "Along with the helicopter landing ship dock-foreign-built foundation of such a force in the future is to become a new generation of aircraft carriers," — said the admiral, "Interfax".

He explained that, in contrast to the languid aircraft carriers of previous generations, it has to be a fundamentally new universal military ship large displacement. His main instrument will be manned and unmanned (mechanized) fighting agents acting in the air, on the sea, under water, and possibly in space. Defining the nature of the effectiveness of implementation of these ships will be wearing their presence in the air group aircraft radar surveillance and guidance systems, and reconnaissance and strike UAVs.

Navy Commander stressed that the creation of these ships anticipates not only the design and construction of aircraft carriers. "It is envisaged to create a real sea aircraft carrier complex, which will include, besides actually ships, basing points with the necessary infrastructure (including social component), aircraft, ships crew training center and air groups of naval aviation, and other items. The basis for the creation of marine aircraft carrier set to be created in 2020, "- said Teals.

The greatest distance

The admiral said the first time the specific data about missile tests, which will be equipped ships 885M project. "On 23 November, the first time a test is made rocket firing rocket complex" Movement "of the submerged submarine" Severodvinsk "is also the highest in the range — 1.4 thousand kilometers — on shore targets" — Teals said, as quoted by the RIA "Novosti . " Available types of multipurpose nuclear submarines of the Navy can hit shore targets at a distance of less than 300 km.

Cruise missiles "Movement" and "Onyx" long-range torpedoes, rocket-torpedoes and mines are the main tool of the nuclear submarine "Severodvinsk". Submarine was laid down at Sevmash in 1993 and was the lead ship of Project 885 "Ash", which provides for the construction of eight modern submarines for the Russian Navy. In September of last year for the first time the submarine went to sea for sea tests. Earlier, the Department of Defense manager to ensure the defense procurement Vernigora Andrew said that "Severodvinsk" will be adopted by the Navy in 2013.

On Wednesday, the commander in chief has confirmed that in the future it is planned to build a boat. "At the moment, going full-scale tests of the submarine. In view while on board this boat a huge number of new technical systems and weapons systems, the focus at the moment is on the active phase of the joint work of the Navy and industry on these positions, "- he said.

On the ground, in the sky and the sea

The base surface of the Navy in the far and near sea zone, according to the Commander in Chief, will be frigates and corvettes of Project 22350, 20380, and their modifications.

"They will be replaced ships modular design, equipped by the wide nomenclature of robotic equipment," — said the admiral.

According to him, the main ocean-going ships in the medium term should become the destroyer of the new project, which owns a huge impact and defensive capabilities, including significant potential for missile defense.

The Commander in Chief also said that the first ship to implementing these approaches would promising corvette of aqua area. "The development of this ship is already under way. This ship is planned to lay a very full range of tasks carried out in the coastal areas of the ships and other forces and means: anti, anti-mine, anti-ship, anti-aircraft, mine barrage, fire support for the troops landing and ground forces in the coastal areas, "- said the commander in chief. # {weapon}

Teal explained that the Corvette is regarded as a "towing" from the standpoint of the transition to the modular design of ships larger displacement. The following approach to modularity and comprehensive robotic combat systems Navy corvette with ISI plans to expand to other ships, forming a view of the future of the fleet.

As for naval aviation, the admiral said, in the coming years on her arms go promising air attack.

"The main areas of construction of naval aviation in the first step, in 2012-2020, should be the creation and establishment of a promising series of aircraft patrol the complex, a promising multipurpose helicopter complex shore and ship-based, purchase of ship-based helicopter gunship. Have to be made and adopted promising airborne weapons "- he said.

The main areas of construction of coastal troops and marines in the first step, said Teals will be the end of the creation of a promising coastal missile system, equipment for various types of missiles and weapons of their coastal defense units, increasing the possibility of teams sea infantry to operate in all weather criteria, including through special training units, facilities and equipment for their actions in the criteria of the Last of the north.

20 years later

Speaking about the long-term, Teals said that after 2030 in Russia should be the construction of submarines deployed fifth generation.

"In the period from 2021 to 2030, continuing a planned substitution submarines have served on time service to the nuclear-powered cruisers fourth generation, expand work on the creation of a promising ship missile complex strategic focus and RPLSN fifth generation. Serial building RPLSN fifth generation deployed after 2030, "- said the admiral.

He also told about the plans to expand the capacity of the fleet battle through the introduction of robotics, artificial intelligence systems, and non-lethal weapons.

"Achieving high growth of the combat abilities of the Navy can be achieved through the introduction of promising (breakthrough) Innovative technology: artificial intelligence systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, marine mechanized systems, non-lethal weapons and act on new physical principles," — said Teals.

In addition, the fundamental direction of the development of the Navy, in the words of the Commander in Chief, should be to create groups of naval forces general purpose, filled with high-precision long-range weapon capable of solving tasks of strategic non-nuclear deterrence mission principal hazard of military and economic targets of the enemy.

"Along with maintaining the Navy sufficient to perform specific tasks population ships, whose base is in the long term will make functional vessels ocean (distant) and near sea zone modular design has to be approved the creation of highly d
isparate impact of the naval forces capable of a rather short time, to regroup on the threatened areas, "- he said.

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