Commander of the Navy said the future of the Navy

Shortly before the days of the Navy accomplished a press conference with the chief of this arm. Vice Admiral Chirkov said on the achievements, plans and prospects of the command of the Russian Navy. In the middle of the rest, some of his statements clarified the situation with a number of programs that had previously been the subject of controversy. But first things first.

Relatively short-term action Russian warships Teals said subsequent, when the current campaign planned combined group in the Mediterranean Sea, no one could tell what would be the situation in Syria. The fact is that this campaign was previously included in the plan of combat training in 2012 year. Accordingly, all statements regarding the objectives of the Russian Federation to scare Europe and America look just absurd speculation. Similarly, the case with the alleged ship entering the port of Tartus. Ships of the North, Baltic and Black Sea fleets will not be in Syrian territorial waters. At the same time, it does not mean rejection of of the base material support (MTO), located in Tartus. Logistics base as before will cram all the necessary Russian ships. The presence of such an object in the current time priemuschestvenno justified danger to shipping in the Gulf of Aden. Russian warships to comfortably enter Tartus to replenish supplies of fuel and provisions, and from there go to the patrol area.

With the provision of ships for bolshennom away from home shores connected with another piece of news. At the current time when many campaigns in areas where there are no bases MTO must include in the ship's groups support vessels, driven in store only desired. In the presence of objects zabugornyh MTO issue of supply of ships is becoming more common. In addition, Teals said that the content of bases abroad is cheaper than sending equipment and separate courts with the necessary goods. Of course, that increasing the number of patrols content databases MTO will be even more profitable. Also, Vice Admiral Teals caveat that at the moment there are negotiations regarding recreating Russian bases in Vietnam and Cuba. In addition, the location of another 1st of this object may be the Seychelles. So Makar, piratoopasnogo in the Gulf of Aden will be coming off two logistics bases.

"Indeed we continue to work to ensure the deployment of naval forces outside the Russian Federation. As part of this work at an international level, matters related to the creation Fri logistics on the ground of Cuba, Seychelles and Vietnam", — quotes RIA "Announcements" CHirkova.

Media reports citing a statement Tipo Chief of the Navy that our homeland is in talks about the ability of the Navy ships based abroad, do not correspond to reality

During the press conference, Chief of the Navy, which was accomplished recently, on July 26 of this year, the topic was not open a discussion and any official statements on the matter Commander of the Navy Vice Admiral V.Chirkovym do not.

Questions of international relations do not fall within the competence of the Head of the Navy Command and as it should, the media could not be provided in any valid format.

The emergence of a similar disk imaging in the media is less than its visionary founder, which at the heart of its activities rather put sensationalism, if competence and professional ethics.

Full version of the video report about the press conference, Chief of the Navy

Office of the Press Service of the Ministry of Defence and disk imaging Russian Federation

Unlikely to be represented overseas bases to ensure that will be around for years to stand. Plans for the development of such facilities must be supported by the intentions of relatively constant hikes. It looks like any. In any case, the number of updates announced by the commander in chief of the real part of the Navy can hope for that. Before the end of this year — for the remaining 5 months — in the Navy of the Russian Federation will be put 10-15 ships of various classes and projects. For comparison is to say follow, starting from 2008, and the first half of 2012, the current inclusive Russian Navy added a half dozen warships. Prior to 2008, the same number were put into service for a couple of years. It seems to re-programm Municipal 2020 (LG-2020) really was the right move. General quantitative and high-quality plans for the construction and adoption of modern technology in the system more than once voiced because dwell only on those vehicles which go to serve this year.

Navy Commander spoke about the future of the fleet
Nuclear submarine (NPS) "Yury Dolgoruky"
Navy Commander spoke about the future of the fleet
The submarine "Severodvinsk" Project 885 "Ash"

First, it should be noted first two nuclear submarines of project 955 "Borey". Head boat project "Yuri Dolgoruky" will be introduced to the fleet in the fall. A bit later, and will be a festive ceremony in honor of the beginning of the service, "Alexander Nevsky." In the next Mon July 30 will be laid fourth submarine of the "Northwind". Fri subsequent update utility are multi-purpose submarines. Boat "Severodvinsk", which is the lead ship of Project 885 "Ash" may also have time to send in the service until the end of the year. After all, the last work to improve the Project 677 "Lada". Recently, the head of diesel-electric boat project under the title "Saint-Petersburg" will be the platform for developing the latest design configurations. Follow Project 677 diesel-electric submarines will be built on the already refreshed version of the technical documentation.

The pace of construction and commissioning of the submarine can not entertain, but in the case of surface ships is even better. According to Vice-Admiral CHirkova, by the end of July and the month will be completed tests guard-ship "Dagestan", belonging to the project 11661. In addition to the rest of the "Dagestan" is fascinating in that it is the first Russian ship, which is armed with a versatile missile system 'Caliber-NK ". The properties of these missiles, and specifically their flight range of 300 km, can ship carrier to operate confidently in the whole area of the Caspian Sea — "Dagestan" will be on duty in the Caspian Flotilla. Apart from the aforementioned submarines and guard-in plans before the end of the year is to commission another 9 surface ships and eight support vessels. This is the head of Project 22350 frigate "Admiral Gorshkov" Project 20380 corvettes, minesweepers, landing and anti-sabo
tage boats, etc.

Navy Commander spoke about the future of the fleet
Patrol "Dagestan"

Shipyards on the stocks at the current time to the highest degree of readiness is more than 10 surface ships, submarines and support ships. With all this work to update the real part of the fleet is not limited to the construction of new ships. Developed several new projects. At a press conference on July 26, it was announced that the Defense Department sought the ability to finance study of a promising type of carrier. Preparatory documents for newcomer project will be ready by the end of 2012, and after a few years to begin construction. Of course, the eyes have been revised to rassredotachivanie assets and past statements regarding the construction of a new aircraft carrier after 2020 were incorrect. As long as the Russian Navy will receive new aircraft carrier, the only representative of this class will be an upgrade. In the current design work is underway to improve the avionics and weapons, "Admiral Kuznetsov". Details of modernization is not yet known but the latest aviation technology. According to V. CHirkova to the Su-33 will be added to the MiG-29K is the latest version.

Regular project involves the creation of a new destroyer displacement of the order of 14 thousand tons. Technical aspects of the new destroyers are still classified information. But the commander of the fleet reassured the public, saying that in the most recent will be posted the first information and sample plans to build.

Go with the above-mentioned modernization "Admiral Kuznetsov" will be one further similar programm. Who will be the subject of modernization languid missile cruiser Project 1144 "eagle". First on the repair and improvement go cruiser "Admiral Nakhimov". This ship was included in the Northern Fleet in 1988. After 11 years, he was sent for repair, which, in practice, continues to this day. Soon to be completed yet project modernization of the ship, during which he will receive new equipment and weapons. All work on updating the "Admiral Nakhimov" was given 5 years. Regarding the 2-other cruisers of project 1144 — "Kirov" and "Admiral Lazarev" — Commander of the Navy did not say anything. It should be noted that a couple of years strolling the rumors of the planned modernization of the ships and the return of the fleet.

Navy Commander spoke about the future of the fleet
© RIA Announcements, Infographics. Denis Kryukov

Right from the construction and modernization of large Navy ships will maintain and upgrade infrastructure. According to Vice-Admiral CHirkova, most recently in Primorye and Kamchatka will be created by a single system of basing submarines and surface ships. Thus, two new amphibious ships of the "Mistral" will serve specifically, in the advanced criteria. Slightly later suitably be finalized, and other ports of the Navy. First, will deepen the approaches to the piers and quays constructed of sufficient length. With these changes, at least some ship Russian Navy will be able to moor at least some quay wall and get all the necessary goods, fuel, etc. Until now, some large ships replaced in order to moor at the pier, have to stand on the barrels at a good distance from the shore. Facilities maintenance and loading it obviously does not add.

Currently no one is coming to the end of "transformation" of the structure of the Russian Navy: Navy General Headquarters moved from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Translation Command fleet was started back 5 years ago, then came with varying success. Teal noted that the transfer of control of the Russian Navy will be completed by the end of this summer. Commander of the Navy himself and some of his colleagues have already moved to the northern capital, and absolutely ready to go. To ensure domestic criterion officers and admirals of the Navy Headquarters received more than hundreds of apartments. Thanks to the translation of Staff in St. Petersburg will be gathered all the head offices of the fleet and shipbuilding industry and enterprise. On the territory of the 1st of federal subject-are in fact the Navy General Staff, design offices "Malachite" and "Ruby," Enterprise "Baltic Shipyard" and "Severnaya Verf", and the Naval Academy. Admiral Kuznetsov.

As we see, the development and updating of the Navy continues to gain momentum. A striking example of this is the pace of construction of new ships. Also give rise to optimism of its development projects. Naturally, the construction of the extension and development of ships with infrastructure upgrades, etc. any difficulty. They certainly need to be addressed, otherwise the planned fleet renewal may be frustrated that just will not benefit the Mariners and across the country.

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