Common cause of cancer and the path to recovery


"Aristotle taught me to satisfy my mind, but whatever the arguments convince me, not only the authority of teachers. Such is the power of truth: you are trying to disprove it, but do your attacks elevate it and give it a great value. " (XVI
century Italian philosopher, physicist, mathematician Galileo Galilei).

There are diseases that are not treated with drugs because of a different nature and cause of the. — One such cancer diseases. And talk about it below.

But first let us say, that speaks about cancer medicine today: "The main drawback modern methods of treatment of malignant tumors is the lack of selectivity (no possibility of distinguishing diseased cells from healthy).


Radiation therapy and drug kills not only cancer but also normal cells surrounding tissues and organs causing serious side effects. Thus — the very cause of cancer is not eliminated!
The chances of successful treatment of cancer can be significantly increased if the science can learn to selectively kill tumor cells.(!) — A final victory over cancer will come only when people find out the cause and get rid of its deadly effect!

What thoughts medicine offers: — …One possible approach to treatment — "teach" the immune system to recognize specific antigens located on the surface of cancer cells. (Labeled cancer cells). However Only a limited number of Cancer cells
able to synthesize these antigens themselves and in very small quantities. This greatly complicates their recognition cells of the immune system (ie, the solution — a dead-end). Proposed, it is very difficult, confusing, and the doctors themselves (to their honor and decency) recognize that for today Cancer Treatment — is futile!

At this point, about the current proposals of the science of cancer treatment, it is appropriate to quote the brilliant French thinker, philosopher, materialist XVIII Claude century Helvetia — "Delusions times are such that they require further construction of more consideration and mind than the discovery of truth."

It is obvious that the medicine is already struggling with the disease occurred (in the investigation). It's like — "rake away the waves from the shore," and not to detect and eliminate the causes of cancer (say otherwise — to stop the wind, forming waves). Finding the cause for the disease and to prevent its occurrence in a thousand times more productive. There is no reason — there will be no disease. Put out the fire under the pot boiling and the water is cool. Eliminate the cause of cancer — and get well!

"All of a child know that such and such is impossible. But always there is an ignoramus who does not know. He makes a discovery. " ( XX century, the eminent theoretical physicist Albert Einstein).

Here and now, let's think, analyze, compare and find cause of cancer (tumor) disease.

What is already known that the science says about cancer. —
Cage, suddenly, goes out control body and begins to unlimited free to share — and there is swelling (shapeless heap of cells). The complexity of treatment is, in fact, that according to their biological characteristics of the cancer cells not differ much from normal. They are resistant to the drugs have protective mechanisms that hide them from the control of the immune system.

Cancer cells — cells unmanaged. They are native to the body, so the immune system does not recognize other people and not be detected. Not healthy they may be called, for one reason, they do not obey the commands of the body. — Why? — So, how are in the areas of emptiness energy field of the body destroyed!

In any living a healthy body, the nature there are internal control factors that are "direct" each cell in its strictly functional under the control of the path of normal growth and reproduction.

What hitherto "Unknown" scientific and medical factors exist, direct and control the cell in a living healthy body? — In fact, these natural forces have long been known man. They are used to them and have been used successfully in life, but so far in medicine as applied to man — not identified!

We apply their knowledge and use of physics — relative to the man!

Let us remember. — The compass is strongly committed to the poles along invisible lines of force of the magnetic field of the Earth. The arrow can swing, but it steadily (!) will return to its original strictly oriented direction. But if the compass to bring an object that violates the magnetic field lines of force, the arrow goes out of control. — This phenomenon can be observed with my own eyes many.

Similarly, the cell is a healthy body is out of control of the body when violated healthy field structure of our physical body. Not controlled structural field of the body, healthy cells begin to multiply irregularly. Do not demanded in a healthy functional operation, the energy cells, the cells are not used for its intended purpose — is spent on the uncontrolled division disorganized.

A complex, multi-layered magnetic aura of the body creates a network of nerve cells that receive energy, generated by our brain. With age, with the "blows of fate" (from the moral issues), nervous exhaustion, the activity of many brain cells decreases, the energy field much weaker, it voids. Therefore, people with age more likely to cancer.

From the initial physics course, you can remember another simple experience — on the surface of the glass is formless sprinkled with a thin layer of metal filings. If the bottom of the glass to bring the magnet, the filings organized(!) line up along invisible to the eye of the magnetic field. None piece nor can deviate to the side until the field is not disturbed. The same law of physics applies to the physical body and human cells. "In nature, everything is governed by immutable laws." (VI century BC, scientist, philosopher Pythagoras).

Healthy magnetic field of the body is destroyed, disrupted holistic "field skeleton" — a skeleton of an organism consisting of a plexus of magnetic lines of force. Sustainable error comes in an internal conflict with nature. The cells lose their orientation field, its management and its mass form a shapeless heap of "naughty" matter — a tumor (cancer). The location of the tumor is determined by the principle — "where the field is thin, there and tear." Where the field is destroyed, and there appears chaos, disorganized tumor cells.

Why tumors are accompanied by terrible pain? — As freezing water in the bottle breaks the wall of the vessel and unmanaged, growing cells — tearing living adjacent the inner tissues of the body. — This is the origin and pain.

A person is much more complex animal. His health greatly influenced by his thoughts, which can destroy his aura. Since ancient times in medicine wisely been observed that unbroken direct relationship defects, errors, moral consciousness, behavior — and physical diseases of different organs of the body.

Hidden, and often from the consciousness of the patient, deep, moral sickness of the soul destroys the human body at the level of its energy field and changes the DNA of healthy genetic memory of posterity.

If the birth of a child comes from a parent (with the broken field), it imperils the future child, has inherited, destroyed a field of genetically DNA. In this case, the child is cured of cancer much more difficult. To help it — the energy required to bring the biofield in order.

It is known that the spiritual and moral people to their loved ones presence, personal power, while in contact with a patient with cancer, give him relief. They're on time, "recharges" field patient and stop the chaos in his body. But constantly work on your body (in his field), that can carry out only the man himself, the work of his thoughts. — A man for himself the best doctor!

With the opening of Hollow core-field causes
, can be an effective way to offer and its treatment. — Required to restore the lost person in the course of his life healthy state energy field. This does not require any painful futile medical intervention or burdensome material costs. Recovery biofield is consciously. Will not change the structure of bio — and the cells will continue to divide in the unorganized its energy voids.

Brain — "generator voltage electrical (nerve) network machine-organism." Morality — "wheel", which chooses the right path to health. Vera (as a physical quantity) — an energy source that supports the activity of the brain. The energy in the human body biological magnetic field. Its density is strength immune system against cancer. The body's cells in a strong aura — meek and docile as lambs in the herd, as "a magnet for dust."

Who forever cured of cancer may recall that they are going through painful experiences, physical pain — especially medicine cured at the thought. — They have radically changed their old life is not healthy! They regained their biological field (immune system). It is this fact was the reason for their recovery.

There is a "wonderful" examples of cure of cancer patients dying at the last stage, when they understood the reason for his grave "illness." —

In the patient's body, at his personal request of the firm correct life and myself, along with the desire and faith — has returned a healthy outlook, a healthy mind. The proverb says: — "A healthy mind — healthy and body" (And aura).

Today, medical devices can not see the invisible magnetic field lines in human organs can not be measured by how much the field has become stronger. Has the person is spiritually higher morally better, he began to lead a healthy lifestyle. — It can only estimate the man himself, with his mind.

All the same brilliant thinker, scientist, naturalist Helvetius, wrote: … "Thinking and feeling are the properties of matter that emerged as its most complex structures. The human mind is limited, readily believes if the relationship that he does not see, does not exist. To teach people — or invite them to a new truth, or show them the relation connecting the truths that seemed to them disconnected. "


For some people — a teacher, and accordingly the first guard their health, the inner voice of conscience. Another, who did vote in itself can not hear, you get lost and can not distinguish between good and evil, who is not known for "alphabet" of morality — a teacher, will the disease.

So, hollow-field and the cause of the cancer is determined.

Maybe someone will say that it's not what it is not, but nothing else, in return, he will not be able to offer.

Others will say that the causes of cancer among many. — In this case, they do not understand and confuse cause with motives that served as the impetus (trigger) for the onset of cancer in a "mature" to the disease organism. "Clap your hands, and the avalanche of snow in the mountains has gone." But cotton — not the cause. Reasons for the onset of the disease, as well as "stones on the thorny path of life", which is easy to trip over — really do not count.

Vladimir Garmatyuk

Russia, Vologda



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