Comparable whether Christianity with fascism? Facts for Thought

V.M.Nazaruk. Diptych "Baptism of Rus'

[!] In 1411 (almost a hundred years before the "vedmomanii" in Europe) 12 "zhonok prophetic" were burned at the stake for having "caused the plague."

Diploma 1452 Metropolitan Jonah Vyatka clergy performs well as Christianity took root among the non-Russian peoples.

[!] Priests peremuchili many people peremorili in water "pometali" burned in the houses — men, old men and little children, burned his eyes, babies impaled and killed.

In this case, the Metropolitan did not blame the priests for such bigotry, but only warned that such a bloody terror can cause hatred of the priests and the damage the church.

In 1490, by order of the Archbishop of Novgorod Gennady against several prominent heretics apply the following penalty.

[!] In Novgorod heretics (who preached free will) put back to front on the horses, and put on the head, "demonic" caps with horns, and on each breast hung the inscription:

"Behold there Satanin vinstvo."

Then their was driven around the city, and every head was spit on heretics and shouting "God and behold at once hristianskii hulnitsi."

This was a punishment for "pride." Next birch helmets were burned on the heads of heretics.

Pop Denis could not stand the violence, moved mind — became "kozloglasovati" — screaming voices of birds and beasts. That is, the "faithful filled him marvelous things against the devil." Some heretics were executed, many sent to distant monasteries. The similarity to the actions of Western Inquisition is no accident. Gennady very flatteringly about the experience of Western European "colleagues" and described action arranged exactly in Spanish leadership against heresies.

Joseph of Volokolamsk (Ivan Savin), a contemporary of Ivan III (1462-1505 biennium) said

[!] "Which should not only condemn heretics and apostates, and curse them, and not only condemn, but to betray fierce executions. All Christians ought to judge and condemn heretics and apostates, and kings, princes and secular judges ought to send them to prison, and bring fierce punishment. "

But even as a Christian:

[!] "It is proper not only to condemn, but to betray fierce executions, and not only heretics and apostates. And the Orthodox themselves, who learned about a heretic or an apostate, but had sold them to the judges, subject to the death penalty … ".

(Hitlerism: who did not give a partisan, to be shot — A)

It should be noted that these arguments against the grain very current feeble mind, with the idea of rebirth baluyuschimsya monarchy.

[!] In 1503, the council was held, at which the heresy was condemned, and the most active heretics sentenced to death. Enquiry place securely. Joseph of Volokolamsk suggested starting with the arrest of "two or three heretics, and ONET skazhyut all."

Under torture people, of course, could not stand and prescribe even the innocent. Organized in 1504, a show trial ended another inquisitorial view.

Moscow river on the ice in a wooden cage burned the main representatives of the Moscow heretical Mug — Kuritsyna brother Theodore, clerk Ivan Wolf Kuritsyn and certain other persons. In Novgorod burned Archimandrite George Monastery Kassian and his brother, sleeves and other landowner. The rest were sent to monasteries under supervision abbots. Lone heretics continued to burn in the future.

In 1551, at the initiative of Makarios was convened council, which in history is known as "Stoglavy." He worked primarily on issues of organizing the Christian life.

[!] A hundred chapters, in which the priests expressed their mandates congregation emphasizes zero tolerance Church Slavonic to the customs of antiquity.

[!] Sin were found beard grooming, bathing in a bath of men to women in a single game while gambling ("seed"), witchcraft. Among the sinful practices Cathedral also took the game to a variety of musical instruments, communication with foreigners and chess, widespread in Russia.

In the confessional priest asked:

"Do not play chess Thou? '.

And if you've heard in the affirmative, then any sentence imposed.

Russian people, said the Hundred Chapters,

"Around the iniquity oskvernyahomsya, custom evil didst pick them, and this for the sake of God punishing us for any crime."

Today, because of the fence of the church, we hear the same thing. Church sermons variety of different times did not differ.

But chapter 41 of this Council:

[!] "… In the mundane and weddings play glumitvortsy arganiki and smehotvortsy and Guselnikov and demons sing songs, and how to go venchatsya church, a priest with a cross will be, and before him, with all those games demons prowl, and priestess them is not forbidden, and do not forbid … About zapreschati great ban … ".

"Block" — is one of the most popular Christian words.

[!] Thus, the Council in 1551 officially declared war on Russian freemen.

[!] Prigovornaya mention the Trinity-Sergius Monastery in 1555 urges crackdown on Slavic buffoons.

Jewishness and zhidohristianstvo in Russia under Ivan the Terrible

The Moscow period in XV-XVI centuries, the government treated the Jews very hostile.

[!] That took Polotsk in 1563, Ivan the Terrible (1547-1584 biennium) has issued an order regarding the Polotsk Jews:

"According to the baptized — to baptize, but to drown in a river of dissent canvases."

[!] Jews were not allowed to even show up in Moscow Russia for a short time.

And we can see that the Polish King Sigismund I beg permission of Ivan the Terrible in Moscow Jews appear to petition cases.

And at the same king begging permission to provide a Jewish merchants the right to trade Ivan IV posted this:

"We have to you have already written about the wild things from the Jews, as they are our people from Christianity averted, otravnye potions brought to us and many of our people mischief did, so would you, our brother, would not do, and write about them, hearing them such evil deeds. "

When Ivan the Terrible priests sat quietly Especially not protrude.

Of course, Ivan IV was a tyrannical and cruel ruler, to deny this would be ridiculous. But he was not somehow an exception. All the stories about his incredible cruelty devoid of all foundation.

[!] During his time were executed 3-4 thousand people.

[!] And in the so-called massacre of St. Bartholomew (it was active French King Charles IX, firing from an arquebus heretics, standing on the balcony) August 23, 1572 killed more than three thousand Huguenots (Protestants).

For what? But for the fact that they dared to choose a slightly different path in Christianity. It turns out that only one night in the most "civilized" European country were destroyed about the same people, but for the time of Ivan the Terrible Terror.

[!] Add that while in France from vnutrihristianskih showdown in two weeks killed about 30,000 protesters.

An interesting result is the impact of religion on the morals of the people who believe and chtyaschih main precept of Christianity: "God is love." True, this thought-form invented in the XIX century, when the church was seriously Mordasov. Before that was a thought-form "the fear of God."

In St. Bartholomew Spanish ambassador wrote in a letter to Madrid:

[!] "When I write, they kill them. They stripped off their clothes, dragged through the streets, looting their homes, giving no quarter even to children. Blessed be the Lord turned the French prince to serve his cause! Yes it will inspire their hearts to overcome the fact that they started! ".

Western contemporaries Ivan the Terrible — English King Henry VIII, King of Spain, Charles V, and others, despite the fact that they are to blame for the death of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of innocent people, are extremely highly revered historical figures. At the same time, Ivan IV somehow considered one of the greatest villains in the history of mankind. An interesting result of social brainwashing.

Gluttony priests in the Time of Troubles

During the Troubles Church has identified itself in the most compassionate of their role.

[!] When starving people ate the grass and fell to cannibalism, monastic stocks remained intact. Clericalism does not deny yourself the food body, and that charity, which was distributed to those in need, was not a thousandth part of the church's wealth.

A disassembly of internal church at the time — this is a separate issue. You can be sure — the people did not care about the priests with their bells. The state in which he found himself, the priests is not bothered.

In the second half of XIV century approached Moscow Prince Simeon Ivanovich said proudly comes from a Prussian-Lithuanian pagan princes Andrew mare. His youngest son, Fyodor, was nicknamed Cat, and was the number praprapravnuk boyars Romanovs. By the time of his accession to the throne, these nobles completely Russified. Even the previous dynasty of Rurik can take a big scratch natives of the Russian land. Be that as it may, the whole race of the Romanovs is thoroughly permeated by the Germans, and there's no getting around it. Romanovs sat from 1613

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