Confirmed the Khazar origin of Eastern European Jews

Despite numerous genetic studies, the origin of the Jews of Europe is unclear. Another analysis, conducted under the direction of Eran Elhaika at Johns Hopkins University (USA), said that the Jewish genome is a mosaic of Caucasian, European and Semitic material.

The Khazar empire in the middle of the IX century.

Contrary to popular belief that modern European Jews — direct descendants of immigrants from the Jews, the new data strongly support the Khazar hypothesis.

Favorite hypothesis of the Jews is the Rhine. They believe that after the VII century, their ancestors left the Holy Land because of the Muslim conquest, the majority of immigrants settled in the Rhineland. Then, in the early fifteenth century, about 50,000 people went to the East, where they could maintain endogamy and, despite the war, persecution, economic hardship and natural disasters in the XX century to reach the number of 8 million other than a miracle is not a name, but As a working hypothesis, it is possible to take. And if it was indeed the case, the European Jews to be genetically very similar to each other and at the same time they must dominate the ancient Middle Eastern blood.
Another Khazar hypothesis states that our heroes back to the Khazars — a conglomerate of Turkic, Iranian and Mongolian tribes with substrate Mesopotamian and Greco-Roman Jews who created a powerful state in what is now southern Russia, north Georgia and eastern Ukraine and converted to Judaism in the VII- IX centuries. After the defeat of the Khazar Khanate Russ in the tenth century and the eventual disappearance of the Khazars to the ground in the thirteenth some of the Judeo-Khazars fled to Eastern Europe. This fact no one disputes, the issue is only in the role played by this wave of European Jewry.

In the new study analyzed 531,315 autosomal single nucleotide polymorphisms of 1287 people, not related to each other and representing 8 Jewish and 74 non-Jewish groups. It turned out that the main role in the genome of the European Jews is the material of the Caucasian and European (especially southern European) descent, while the Middle East and noticeable contribution.

Relationship between Jews and modern Caucasians indicated that European Jews should be considered their home area of 560 km south of Semender — an early capital of the Khazars, located in the Caspian Dagestan.

It should be noted that the Jewish presence in the Caucasus is celebrated in the last centuries BC. e. In the future, it has been exacerbated by the intensification of trade along the Silk Road, the sunset of Judah, the spread of Christianity and Islam. After treatment of the Khazars to Judaism flow of Jews from Mesopotamia and the Greco-Roman world, only grew, until the XIII century in the Caucasus appeared Mongols.

Still many unanswered questions. How large is the contribution of the Iranian Jewish blood? Where did the Jews from Western and Central Europe? If the VII century there was mass migration from Palestine, what happened to the Jews there?

The study is published in the journal Genome Biology and Evolution.

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