Conversation in the Circle

It did not take more creativity Creators decided to invite to the meeting of all those in whom the spark shone creator and lead their congregation Aran. It was agreed also that jealousy will not play any role during the interviews, it will not be allowed to them. Is it just bring it Arlegi dark, and then for himself.

Down to the weakness of some of the guests, as the site of the meeting, was elected a giant planet orbiting arhigigantskogo purple sun. Spirits of the Force promised to bring to the meeting of those who, for their imperfect bodies rassan and other properties, also with Dimiurgom staying entities, could not on their own to arrive at the meeting. They could bring them with rapidity, in peace times greater than the speed of light.

The first to arrive and the Fantasy perfume, saying that they will notify people about the meeting far infinities, flew over these spirits. Almost immediately there Leahy first team and the Stars Knowledge, and almost immediately followed by the spirits of the Force brought three people and creatures, lands lying below the Cosmos: Space sounds, changing the way space and space of two dimensions. Seraph rushed wise and formidable Suttle, and behind them the mighty, shining his armor Arana. Twelve spirits was following them from the worlds of pink and blue highlights. And then flashed the light, alien to our infinity, the finest of the fine Nirvanidy. Rushed spirits Initiative, preceding the spirits and the spirits of the Harmony of Knowledge, and all of them together with the spirits of the Force took seats next to each other.

The whole planet wondrous light shone, as were the spirits of Light, and immediately after them, began arriving mere invited spirits Fantasia. Seven menacing looking luminous, vainly trying to soften the harsh look of his eyes, and the thirteen Prince of Darkness, from the frown look around meeting took place not far from the spirit of Harmony. Strange creatures, enlightened Charney came to the meeting and above all bowed their heads to the A lantern, one of which, transformed, once they had saved the world. With noise came raging and spirits, rolling his eyes fierce, located at some distance from the arrivals, and this distance was filled with those who once threw away the spirits.

There were dark and purple dragons crowded infinity, and the spirits of darkness infinities of intermediate sub-Aran appeared headed for them. Flew up and brings most Suttle giant perfume concentric infinities.

Arrived accustomed to mezhkosmicheskim roads Neda. Gains black ve-ly, who chose a place near the Prince of Darkness. Came out of the spiral of brilliant and the Blue River multidimensional zarridy. Brought were elves, sylphs and being close to them. Profit spirits Karma, Causation and peaceful spirits of the other infinities. Arrived natural forces of infinity creator (my correction) Nisa. There Zammit, the spirits of power and glory.

Gathered a great many spirits, and took possession of many doubts: is it conceivable to negotiate with this set? But then it became visible Eon Love, Will and Aeon Aeon Wisdom, and they reassured the audience, explaining that many spirits will not go to the end of the meeting and will go out of it for as uninteresting for them to do the negotiations. And to post profits as wanted and as I had to. Sounds about spirits got spirits of Light, about changing the way — Aeon Will, about the spirits of two dimensions — Aeon Wisdom about velov, neighbors, the Prince of Darkness — Eon Love. Charney settled near the spirits of knowledge, and Arana came to Radiant and sat next to them. To the people approached the same perfume Harmony. From one to the other spirits flew Fantasy perfume, eagerly listening to the conversation.

Nisa asked creator spirits Sounds to say what they wanted. And, interrupting each other, and slowly agitated, talking sounds, complaining unreality of existence, manifested only by the sound, its futility and helplessness to others for themselves. And they asked for anyone willing and able to help the spirits of the Sound to the people to rise up for the people, they could not imagine anything higher spirits and just as people imagine. They do not even dream of a higher than a human being.

First with Eon Love climbed Suttle Giants of concentric circles and swore an oath of great spirits to move sound in a world where they will lead to people being better than typical. A Star Knowledge comforted them, saying that they are up to the Great the same distance as for the Aeon of Wisdom. His light promised to warm and lighten their spirits of Light and the Prince of Darkness grim promised not to put in their new world lyarv that will tear into it.
Talked constantly change their way, just hold it a minute, and then replacing the other, "And we desire a different life, for our heavy. With the change of the image is changed and its content. We do not have time to focus on. This is intolerable! "

Responsible Stars Lore: "And you raise Suttle, and we will show you how to delay the rapid succession of images on the new cosmos. But know this: in all categories of spirits of their condition and shape — a moment in eternity. All fixed, unchangeable — the spirits of light, but they are tired of this immobility! How eager they change! And you, the new changes are thirsty and their longing for change, not a long wait. And while you … the prototype of all the worlds. "

Immediately calmed his constantly alters and look at Suttle-led-Canova, and those friendly nod to them.

Then talk, no depth, mirroring similar. "And we? What will become of us? And we long for change, but we do not know it. We do not understand where some aliens are telling us about the good and the other of evil whisper. Languor and we are waiting for the great change, and crave their activities. "

And again I say Suttle Giants: "And you raised us since outgrown its living dress. And people like you will become. And you have transformed into a new space, get a new dimension, the people available. And explore the possibilities that are open to people … "
And happy, silent two-dimensional.

Representatives of the three lower spaces were bored, and Suttle helped them escape. And the rest of the lower spaces spirits do not understand everything that was said spaces and higher spirits than higher spirits spoke, the more incomprehensible they had heard, but of course it was so interesting that many of them end up staying.

People began to talk, and the first of them say Templars:

"A lot of dirt, misery, evil, blood, misery, suffering, darkness impenetrable, black power here on Earth. We can not prevent the one-millionth of what should be preventable lyarvy not take a fight with us, hiding from us, do not understand and the people around them are mad. What to do, what to do? Arana, tell me if you know. "

Responsible Arana 'Templars, fight, as always fought, and if you can, double the effort. After all — our victory. What matters it if we do not win, as long as you strive to win. What's the harm, if any of your troops will be crushed enemies! For you and for us crowns — thorns and winning — one and the same. "

People began to talk, not included in the Templars: "We do not see lyarv. For us it is many people have a vice. We, like the Knights of the Temple, and we know what to get rid of vices, and understand how to get a job. But do not have enough strength. Waves of humanity poured dirty, stupid, cruel evil. And we ask: "Spirits of Light? What do I do? "

Spirits of Light say: "Evil, in which you complain, probation and istrebimo. This, no doubt, not the black lightning, elusive and indestructible. Go into the ranks of the Knights of the Temple, drive lyarv, pull out the ground from evil, darkness, the light of truth Develop and achieve such samoustroystva, which are free and can be called good. "

And yet they say Arana and spirits of Light, "You're standing high, and the people can be high. Tirelessly fight for good, do not waste your time, and you can help others and themselves quickly to the upper rise. "

Heard the speech of conductors and Stars Light of Knowledge. They say first: "We repulse army attack Radiant because of their dirt lyarvizma floats. We are looking for the high way to the Temple and do not regret the effort. We know that the only other lifting themselves rise. But how to speed up your feet? Teach! "

Arana meet them, clothed in shining armor, "vigorously do what you do now. If you give away your power to fight evil, if you are a friend to the temple rises high to go there and go, then the benefit of you, and you — a detachment of our system, vertical climbing. "

Hear speech Stars Lore: "We are looking for how to speed up the rise, as more pure purity mystical worlds filled with how to transfer our expertise to the worlds, less knowledgeable. Help our impotence. "
They meet the spirits of knowledge: "It is good for you! Even the knowledge that does not directly serve the purposes of recovery, make you stronger and indirectly serve the rise, as you and other spaces. Light shine forth pure. Great knowledge and great sacrifices required. Only with great knowledge, great sacrifices neispovednye reveals secrets. "

Heard brief speech wise Seraph: "In the sun we haven mystical power of the aeons give, the power that can not endure the land. As a whole, this merges the power until you come back to it time for aeons. And now she, as a whole, far space to life spiritual awakening. Some of the rays of the Knights of the Temple it illuminates, and the emanation of the power of our wisdom and strength to serve the weak and the strong are going. "

Reluctantly throw the word far and near Suttle circles: "Do what you can close and far away. From someone's will or without one's will, but in many places badly. Weak and our and other help. Sometimes the unknown is heard whispering that there are anti-creator (my correction), the creator (my correction) equal, or even their strongest. But we are with them or with the unknown and the emanation of heavy fighting, and will fight. But not yet break the seals Occult Silence — hard for us and not so useful for our work, as it could be. It is necessary to break them, they do not fall, and while they will not be torn down, all of us will be in chains. "

With some embarrassment, hear these words Arana and still say, "We fight only for what is sure to know. And we insist on looking up, not looking down dale. We did not look into the worlds of the negative and we do not have a free, unoccupied moments. Yes otydut our doubts! Always and everywhere, where we are, we stand for what is right. "

Radiant voice: "No, not true, I doubt it!"

Voices: "Turn, turn, do not argue!"

Reflections of "Us and them both to full knowledge of the Great. We have absolute faith, faith immense, but only half-knowledge. We want a full knowledge. "

Nirvanidy: "Nothing for myself do not want to, will not seek. Did not want to others. But if you call us to help suffering willingly go and do everything that we can. Radiant and happy to help and their cronies! "

Radiant: "Down Occult Seal of Silence! How ridiculous ones we or anyone the way to the upper barrier off. We would have long ago Seal Occult silence broke and all would Hosea true knowledge. Out of contact with us Creators (my correction), know something. Why are they silent? To the top! In their own ways! We are now a third of the Aran made to stand on guard in order not to miss us to the top. Soon there will be enough for the whole of their army. To the top! To the top! Own way! "

Prince of Darkness: "We do not know where the good, where evil. What to eat and what not to do. Knocked us out of the way and our spiteful Egregor us or slaves or slaveholders does, and there is no purpose in our existence. "
Spirits of Light: "Learn from others, at least in Star Knowledge, good or bad thing you start out, and contrary to your Radiant egregors and if they bother you, do good, and the purpose of existence is from you."

Radiant: "What is contrary to us? Let them do what they want and can. No interference or help from us will not wait. And it would be wiser if the princes built up their strength to throw and hit the Aran Occult Seal of Silence. "

Princes of Darkness: "Perhaps Nirvanidy agree to meet with us on one of the uninhabited planets. We say to them that we want to do, and they let show us, from which, as from evil, it is necessary to give up. We trust them. "

Nirvanidy: "It will be."

Spirits of knowledge: "And you, Radiant, go into what you call the Down reason. This way you go to the upper. "

Radiant: "This we chatted and ugly."

UGLY: "And you, proud to stupidity, not listen."

Suttle: "Lords, we support you in your quest for riding on the path you have chosen. Radiant, we are ready to give you advice, both here and in your space. "

Spirits of the Initiative: "Bravo, Prince. We'll support you. Prompting to do-or, we power to do make. All ready to support us, who rushes to the upper, but has long been our contrasts were in the worlds of spirits and support those who seek to lower classes. "

Spirits of the Force: "Anyone wishing to do good, we are ready to help. And we can help because we are strong, but we have to serve and Dimiurgu. Who shall deliver us out of this? "

Spirits of Knowledge: "It is necessary that someone pointed out to us when to stop, learning. Indeed, knowledge without works is dead. Who will show us the business and how? We think the light of knowledge to fill in the lower worlds, but we fear: the abundance of knowledge unprepared for it can cause blindness. "
Spirits of Harmony: "You should not hostility. S consent. If there is love — good. If not love — so be lenient. "

Spirits of Light: "In the gutter! In the lower classes! "

Aeon of Love: "Love and hate you. All the good you are doing. Do not do evil and evil good win. Be infinitely kind to those who are evil. "

Aeon of Wisdom: "Learn and teach, and knowledge being put to good!"

Aeon Will: "Do what you do decide to do good effort. Do not do that evil was reflected. "
Neda: "Everywhere seek, learn and all the other pass. Refuse-ing isolated, sbliztes closer. Their experience available to many do. "

Zarm: "In chorea! To Him! "

The Templar order of the Russian Book III
Russian Legends Templar

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