Coordinator of the initiative group Neklyaeva expelled from university

At the headquarters of a candidate for the presidency of Vladimir Neklyaeva been informed of the dismissal of the 5th year student of the University of International Humanitarian Vladimir Kumets Economic Institute, which coordinates the work of the initiative group neklyaevskoy in Leninsky district of Minsk. As history has shown with these students, the script last year's presidential election in respect of university students is repeated: the same under-estimates, rewriting zalikovak and, consequently, the deduction.

According to Vladimir Kumets on Sunday, he called his language teacher and told me that a few fellow teachers guide made to change the data in the statements of students. As a result of evaluation of English Kumets "changed" from 9 am to 3 points. After that, the rector of the Institute Tatiana Aleeva signed an order of dismissal activist from the institute. Opportunities to retake the subject Kumets not given, although it is a common practice. About the fact of deductions student first learned from a teacher.

It is worth noting that Vladimir Kumets was one of the organizers of the meeting for residents of the Leninsky district extension Vladimir Neklyaeva delegate to the All-Belarusian Assembly.


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