Day Wisdom Kryshen

Bose spade Kryshen Great!
You, of all the Land of Light in Svarga Protector!
Praise thee, to his call,
but arrive with all thy wisdom Genera our ancient,
now and ever, and from the Circle to Circle!

GOD Kryshen — also patron of the Ancient Wisdom, God, managing commission ancient rites, rituals and festive events, the observer, so that during the bloodless offerings required and Gifts on the holocaust was not blood sacrifice.

In times of peace Kryshen preaching in various lands Svarga Pure Ancient Wisdom, and heavy for the generic Great Race time he takes up arms and stands as God Warrior, protecting women, the elderly, children, and all the weak and disadvantaged.

Since Kryshen is God, the protector of the Hall of Svarog Circle Tour, He is called the heavenly shepherd who grazes cattle Celestial Cow and tours.
Among the ancient Russian gods, Rhoda, Svarog, Perun, and others typically ignore roof, and yet, he — one of the principal. Recalling his deeds. Kryshen (in India it was called Krishna) was not born by chance, but to fulfill the great mission. While the world Reveal hit great cold. People have lost the gift of the gods, the fire, and dying, freezing. The reason for this great calamity was Chernobog. Kryshen flew down from heaven to Belogrivov horse, gave them fire, and then fought on the banks of the Arctic Ocean, Czernebog and defeated him. This act of roof sung in the sacred "Book of Carols":
Light the sacred fire!
Let the fires burn fuels — high up to the sky!
Read and remember the ROOF!
God's victory celestials decided to celebrate in Reveal. But the rebellious hero, asked: "Why do you drink holy Surya drink, but do not give it to the people?" And because no one wanted to answer him, and saddled Kryshen Gamayun bird and flew her to the Blue Svarga. There he filled the cup of Surya and brought to earth people. This also has an entry in the "Book of Carols":
Surya — honey, herbal wandering!
Surya — also red sun!
Surya — a clear understanding of the Vedas!
Surya — next Supreme highest!
Surya — the truth of God for roof!
"The Book of Christmas Carols», II 6

Surya — it warms the mead, which allowed people to survive in the freezing cold. But it is not intoxicating potion, because it provided a "clear understanding of the Vedas." How and what was prepared Surya? Russian researcher beliefs and customs Mirolyubov Jury gave a detailed recipe for this suryanitsy:
"To make this drink took about pounds bran, which was cooked in water, then boiled extract was passed through a sieve, and this action is called" sow suryanitsu. " Then, cook about buckets of green grass, it also poured through a strainer at the bottom of which was placed the fleece. "

It must be said that the ancient Indians, who by their holy books, the Vedas, peace calls vediytsami, Russian Surya called soma and Iranian Aryans knew her by the name of haoma. We explain that bran — is husk, stripped of grain mill grinder and remaining still in the flour.

But back to the recipe cooking Aryan sacred drink "green Strain broth, added to it a quarter of honey. Fluid at this time to be still warm, but not hot. It was added dry, hip, cherry, blackthorn, plums, pears, apples, and flour.

Everything was left to stand for three days, and after that, add raisins, yeast ran for which the liquid was heated separately and mixed into everything left in a wooden tub. Three or four days all the ford. After the first fermentation to suryanitse added cup of milk and poured merochka ghee. After two weeks of strong fermentation, it added more honey or sugar and do a small amount of custard hops, which also added. After the second fermentation, barrel cover "circle" that is inserted into the bottom of the blind, and so is left hold out for a month. After a month and try to knock the bottom. If suryanitsa still very sweet, it leaves ferment again, then pour into a clean barrel, which is put in oak pieces of wood, it is better in the green bark. "

Old people were convinced that on this wonderful drink, but people are working, many good spirits. First, it Kvetunya — the goddess of flowers. And Prosyanich, Pshenich and Zernich — great experts fermented grains.
Drink Suryanitsu follow strict five times a day (and in the Vedas written). She helped a number of diseases and protects against evil spirits.

In the "Book of Carols" and described further adventures of roof. He went to a journey through the world Reveal and arrived at Sun Island (Rhodes in the Mediterranean), where he met the daughter of ruler of the sea and the sun Ra — perfect Rada. Kryshen woo the sun's daughter, but her father told the groom that he would give it to someone who will stand three tests.

The first of them was that you had to jump on a horse to the window of a high tower Rada. The girl sitting at the window, it was necessary to remove the ring from her finger and kissed her on the lips. We had an amazing roof mounted white horse on which he came down from heaven, because it is nothing at all costs to cope with this task. He handed the ring of Ra, and thus proved that flew to the window Rada.

The second task was complicated. The groom had one day to tame wild Zlatorog Tour, harnessing it to plow, plow the field, sow rye, cultivate and harvest, brew and treat them the guests! Kryshen the impossible and sunset gave Ra barrel microbrews. The bride's father was frowning, but beer drinking so praised: the drink has canceled!

But the third task, at first glance, it might seem very simple: should find in the little key that unlocks the lock on the spit of Parliament. This was an ancient custom in Rhodes — Spit unmarried girls lockable. Only one who can open the lock, raspletet spit and spit unwinding meant marriage.

Kryshen found a small key in a vast field, picked it up and went to the tower of Parliament. And, as it fought the proud beauty, he was able to open the lock on the spit. Since solar maiden became the wife of roof.

Krishna in India.

Krishna (Sanskrit— "Black"), the eighth, the most "complete" and presentational-avatar incarnation of Vishnu, one of the most popular characters in the mythology of medieval and modern Hinduism. The very name of the deity can hear in it echoes of pre-Aryan mythology, indigenous substrate India. However, Krishna, son of Vasudeva, was the object of veneration Kshatriya clan Vrsni, history and legends of which date back to at least the middle of I millennium BC This is confirmed by the fact that some features of the "Indian Hercules" sootnohttp :/ / / wp-admin / post-new.phpsimogo to Mathura — the original center Krishnaism — reflected inIndykMegasthenes, dating from the end of the 4th c. BC The first mention of Krishna, yet with the name of its "recognized" mother Devaki, occurs in purely Brahmanical literature, and, moreover, before, namely inChandogya Upanishad(8 —

7 cc. BC), where the teacher Brahmins Ghor Angiras passes the symbolic interpretation of the doctrine of the sacrifice of human life as a whole.

In another important worldview monument —Bhagavadgita— Krishna became the charioteer of Arjuna, the Pandava hero, acts as a teacher, saying his players before the sermon. InBhagavadgitaKrishna gradually brings his adept to comprehend his divine nature, claiming that he is above all, that nothing could exceed, and the whole world is "strung" on it, like a handful of pearls on a thread, and that he — the taste of water, the radiance of the moon and the sun, the sacred syllable "Om", the sound in the space and courage in people. As a "pantheistic substance" of the world, penetrated his energy and is full of its manifestations "… I am the soul of all beings, Gudakesha, in the heart of I abide, I — the beginning of it, I — the middle and the end of all beings, I also" (translation V.S.Sementsova). The latter thesis Krishna confirms psychedelic picture of his "demonic theophany" when bewildered Arjuna sees all beings, including participants in the battle of Kurukshetra, killed in a "fiery mouth" his "mentor." It is not surprising that Krishna is completely independent status of it as an avatar of Vishnu is no question (he occasionally sends his avatars in the world for the periodic recovery dharmic order, moreover, Vishnu himself is his "representative" in the class of celestial Aditya gods.

Krishna as an avatar of Vishnu appears already in the classical texts Krishnaism: first of all,Harivamsaand the tenth chapterBhagavata Purana. And is presented here is the rich folk and romantic plot "biography" of Krishna, which gained him popularity among the broad masses of the Indian people. Vishnu comes in the form of Krishna in connection with the new phase of restoration of dharma — to rid the earth of the power of the demons, led this time by criminal king of Kansa in Mathura. Upon learning of the prediction that one of the sons of the leader type Vasudeva Yadav and his sister Devaki deposed him, Kansa decided to kill all the offspring of this couple, from which, however, Baladeve and Krishna escapes the family of King Shepherds Braja Nanda and his wife Yashoda. Basic units of "biography" of the young Krishna killing demons who, taking different guises, is trying to destroy the infant Krishna and leave these attempts throughout his youth, his childhood pranks of Krishna, delivering the excitement as his foster mother, and complacency people herders Nanda , games and nightly dance with the cowherd (preceded by Krishna stealing their clothes) — each of them, oblivious to her husband and children, dreams of the hero belonged only to her, lifting the Govardhana hill above his head to protect herders from the shower, and finally, consent to participate in the call Kansa "gladiatorial battles" in Mathura ended killing the demon king. Follow the exploits of Krishna: the construction of the new capital overnight Yadav — Dwarka, marrying eight chosen one, the first of which was considered to Rukmini, and the ability to indulge in the delights of love together with 16,100 women, from which it produces numerous offspring, participation on the side of the Pandavas in the famous battle Kurukshetra. Earthly career Krishna concludes his organization of the murder of the whole tribe Yadav and then his person (via arrows hunter, who took it by mistake for a deer).

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