Dear Sasha, your hard mode once over

Under the headline of today's edition of the British newspaper The Independent published an open letter to Nikolai Khalezin, one of the founders of the Belarusian Free Theatre, the President of Belarus.

"To address the letter to you a polite way would be unwise. After all, I needed to have at least a modicum of respect for the man to whom I write. So I appeal to you in the form of familiar as to Sasha.

You forced me to write this letter, pamyastsivshy my friends in prison. You did this cynical and despicable way you led them through all the circles of hell, using torture, humiliation and physical suffering.

I got a lot to think about happened to my country and its people. I think about why it was disgusting to nevynosnastsi live in Belarus — a country that once was so cozy and comfortable.

My thoughts always go back to the same pattern: you are standing on the podium in his strange uniform and saluted the parade of trucks that carry proudly painted flowers in the toilet and the local production of gas stoves. Of course, we must not forget those cannibals who stand beside you, those bandits of the forces of law and order, thieving boys, slave officials killed by "teachers and doctors," which you boast so much just because they killed — well, people who just let it all happen.

Each of them reported his brick to the construction of rickety barn that you put in the country, at least for now be successful. They all played their part and for that they will sooner or later have to answer — some before the law, some in front of their children, and some of his own conscience. But to blame — you.

My two daughters (one of them 12 years old, the other 17) do not know any other head of state than you. They grew up with you, just as I was growing up under Brezhnev. But the difference between us is that I did not know that another life was possible. They — they know.

You are taught to hate the Belarusians. You made them hate the opposition, the Europeans, the Russians and ourselves. You tried to fool the real world, creating a story about a successful country, rather than to create a truly successful country.

But everything comes to an end, Sasha. Your guide Inglorious end too. Perhaps you will be able to slightly extend its time, raspradayuchy country, and based on the stupid guards police batons.

They still do not comprehend that many of them will have to learn how to be "a person accused of a crime," just such a person, which they now hold in custody. Yet each subsequent day you will be living at the mercy of increasingly agonizing for you, and each time more frightening for those around you. The longer you will try the patience of all, the worse its outcome. So go, Sasha. Go, while you still can, do not panic and hysteria. Do dictators have only three ways to avoid insurrection emigration, grave or dock. "

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