Death of BOD Brave

In Sevastopol, on the ground cemetery Communards can meet small, modest monument. It is located between the mass grave of the crew of battleship "Novorossiysk" and a monument to Lieutenant P. Schmidt. Embossed on the marble monument inscription reports: "Seafarers" Valiant ", who died in the performance of military duty in August 1974." Here is a list of 24 names of the dead sailors. Most disk imaging of the monument you can not learn in the Soviet Union on the death of the ship does not prefer to spread.

BOD "Brave"

The large anti-submarine ship "Brave" was added to the fleet of 25 January 1966, and for his very short life managed to make seven military campaigns. From 5 to 30 June 1967 the ship was making a combat puzzle to help the Egyptian armed forces and the visit of Port Said. In 1968-69 BOD "Brave" was routine maintenance on the 61 th plant in Nikolaev, during which it was upgraded Missiles. In 1969 he was appointed captain of the ship captain 3rd rank Ivan Winnick.

In 1970, the BOD was declared the good ship Black Sea Fleet took part in the maneuvers "Ocean", went to the shores of Cuba and into the Atlantic. In the years 1972-1973 the ship has passed the eight-month overhaul at the docks of Sebastopol. As part of the squadron of Rear Admiral J. L. Vasjukova BOD "Brave" was visited by a social visit ports in Italy — Taranto and Messina. Last war patrol ship in the Mediterranean Sea was held from 10 November 1973 to 6 March 1974. "Brave" came in the 70th Brigade anti-submarine ships.

BOD "Brave" was one of 61 ships of the project of the "Komsomolets Ukrainy" (NATO — Kashin). It was a type of large anti-submarine ships that were in service with the Russian Navy from 1964 to 1991 year, and then were armed Fleet. In 2012, the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation remained only one ship of this type — TFR "Sharp-witted." He was the only ship of 20 vessels of which had time to enter the fleet of the Soviet Union from 1962 to 1973. Another 18 ships were decommissioned and scrapped, the next — BOD "Brave" — sank.

Death of BOD "Brave"

Standard displacement ships of this type amounted to 3500-3700 tons, the largest displacement — 4500-4750 tons. In the modernized ships — 3950/4900 tons respectively. Case dimensions: length — 144 m (upgraded — 147 m), width — 15.8 m, draft — 4.8 m (up to 6 m.) 4 gas turbines with a total capacity of 94,000 hp worked on the 2 screws, ensuring the highest vehicle speed at 36-38 knots. Range at a speed of 20 knots was equal to 4,000 nautical miles. On the ship could fit ASW helicopter Ka-25. At the BOD 5 is designed to store tons of aviation kerosene and ammunition for the helicopter (depth charges, anti-submarine torpedoes, sonobuoys). Because of the lack of a helicopter hangar on the ship it could reside only temporarily.

The groundbreaking could be called a new set of weapons ship. For the first time in the history of Russian shipbuilding BOD got 2 SAM M-1 "Wave". Every anti-aircraft missile system was a double-girder launchers ZIF-101, shop with 2 rotating drums for 8 rockets B-600 each and a control system "Scimitar". Artillery weapons included in the composition of its own 2nd twin tower 76-mm gun mounts AK-726 (rate of 90 rds. / Min., The maximum firing range 13 km., Reach adjustment — 9 km., Ammunition each unit consisted of 2,400 unitary shots). In addition to the ship attended the 2nd fire control system "Turret" ship five-funnel equipped with torpedo tubes PTA-53-61 to 53-57 or torpedoes SET-53 and had over 2 rocket mortars RBU-1000 and RBU-6000 (supplied with 48 RGB-10, and 192 RSL-60, respectively).

All ships of this project was the development of radar and hydrophone weapons, as beautiful seaworthy properties maneuverability. Different data crafts and delicious in appearance and architecture.

Death of BOD "Brave"

From 4 to 7 August 1974 BOD "Courageous" took part in regular exercise fleet, and on August 27 the ship was to be the flagship of control during the two-step exercises. BOD "Brave" was shooting should provide small missile ships, to take part in anti-submarine exercises with the conduct torpedo firing. August 29, 1974 a ship under the control of Captain 2nd Rank IP Vinnik came out into the open sea and successfully conducted a torpedo firing. At dawn on August 30, BOD took the raid Musketeers bay, in order to take on board Rear Admiral W. H. Sahakyan's chief of staff CFP, as a group of senior officers of the fleet. On this day, the ship had to provide anti-aircraft fire from small missile ships at the site near Cape Chersonese. At 9:55 am in the morning the ship arrived at the training ground, it was declared a teaching and alarm.

Death of BOD "Brave"

After just 3 Minutka at 9:58 am on the bridge of the ship felt a little jarring, as if in the rear part of a small explosion occurred. After that, the machines were immediately stopped by the ship declared an emergency and combat anxiety. After 10 seconds of the first ship shook a huge explosion at the stern tube shaft of flame appeared and excellent snow-white cap noticeable smoke. After another 20 seconds, there was a third explosion, which occurred in the area of missile cellars number 8. Above the column of flame rose explosion and saw thick black smoke. The explosion was such force that ripped the lid and cellars along with anti-aircraft missile launchers threw it on the feed stack. After that, in the area of BOD was a heavy fire, and the personnel of the ship began to fight for the unsinkable and vitality.

As was later found out came the subsequent: following the announcement on the ship combat training excitement midshipman, who was at the control post of the control of missiles feed cellars number 8, in which were stored in 15-601 missiles in 2 vertical drums in fighting condition, acting in accordance with the instructions , ordered the sailors on duty at the post to connect an external power supply. Then he turned the switches on the remote supply voltage in the "on". Immediately after you click the last tumbler, he saw through the window of a pretty strong shaft of flame on the left drum. Do not run the fire-extinguishing media midshipman own fighting left post and ran down the hall to the bow of the ship where it overtook huge explosion blast wave which threw him aside.

In the course of the investigation it was found that after the onset of fire in the cellar until the number 8 large explosion took exactly 18 seconds. Then it was found that the flame in the cellar came from spontaneous activation of one of the sustainer engine anti-aircraft missiles. After that followed the launch of the rocket motor as its starting stage, which led to the launch of starting engines of several more missiles. All this has led to a spike in pressure in the cellar (about 3 atmospheres), with the result that on the cover of the cellar began a force of about 2,500 tons, which was a prerequisite for its failure. As a result, the explosion occurred in the ship's side plating in the 8th cellars formed two holes through which the compartments began flowing seawater.

At 10 o'clock on the ship was declared alarm, and the alarm and then, at this time in the cellar, number 8, in the corridors 9 and 10, the fire was raging. BOD got the inclination of 12 degrees to starboard. Between 10:10 and 10:20 on the ship has been commanded to turn on the system water protection, irrigation and began flooding cellars number 6, 7 and 10. But do zagadanoe failed because the lines are out of order. The blast from the poop ship at sea kicked seven sailors, who were picked up by the approaching ships to the scene.

Death of BOD "Brave"

At 10:23 the personnel of the "Brave", which was located in the rear compartment of the vessel, was ordered to evacuate the ship. At this time, a fire on board is gaining momentum. With all this ammunition cellars number 6 and number 7 is constantly irrigated with water from hoses. At 10:40 BOD came to the aid of the destroyer "conscious", and after another 12 minutes, "full of mischief" with which to "Brave" was planted special rescue party. At 10:54 destroyer "Conscious" took BOD "Brave" in tow, in order to ward off the ship aground near Hersonissos, at the time the ship is headed for the slope of 13 degrees. After 7 minutes, "Valiant" function started pumping fuel from the right to the left board, but it did not help get rid of the tilt.

Soon feed BOD plunged into the sea on the upper deck, and the slope on the right side headed for 16 degrees. Since the ship was evacuated quickly hidden documents. At 11:24 in the sea were dropped torpedoes, the slope of the ship was reduced to 14 degrees. With all this ammunition cellars number 6 and 7 have been flooded with fire hydrants. At 11:55 on the scene to aid arrived BOD "Komsomolets of Ukraine".

At 11.59 the fire on board the ship have been contained, was cut from the cellars of snow-white smoke. But after 7 minutes is broken tow rope from the destroyer "Conscious", new cables began to start with a "mischievous". All the while, a fire in the aft engine room of the ship last. At 12.27 has been commanded to cease supplying water to the bay, it was decided to use only the foam. In the aft engine compartment was activated chemical fire suppression system. Towing vessel in distress with a speed of 3 knots started again at 12:49, at which time the slope of anti-submarine ship headed for 17 degrees.

At 12:55 on the place came the rescue ship "Beshtay" in 13:20 — SS-15 and SS-26, after a couple of minutes fire decontamination vessel "Flame". Since these vessels to board BOD "Brave" in the area of glowing cellars supplied foam. At 14:30 it was started by an attempt to pump water out of the rear compartment, but 17 minutes later there was a explosion aircraft ammunition, placed number 10 in the cellar. Apparently, once this has exploded and the tank, which was stored in 5 tons of aviation kerosene. All this is seriously complicated the situation, the slope of the ship on the starboard side is rapidly headed for 19 degrees, up to 25. At 15:07 it stabilized at around 27 degrees. After another 3 a Minute ship over the power to the appliance and unplug lights. At 15:12 the personnel had been ordered to evacuate from the vessel in distress, the last BOD left his captain.

Death of BOD "Brave"

At 15.35 BOD "Brave" began to sink into the dark sea stern without tipping over, from the destroyer "mischievous" gave a tug. After just 12 minutes the ship is one hundred percent disappeared under the water. Depth at the point of flooding was about 125 meters. Only since the discovery of fire on the ship before it was flooded 5:00 47 minutes. As a result of internal explosions and the resulting holes in the hull of the ship took on board almost 3,600 tons of water were flooded 6-tight compartments. With all of this after the flooding of 4 compartments in the stern, trim and tilt have stabilized, and BOD had positive stability. But when the water is one hundred percent flooded 2 more compartments in store buoyancy of the vessel was closed. But even zatonuv, BOD "Brave" showed very highest survivability. According to the specifications of the ships of the project could only stay afloat after the flooding of 3 adjacent compartments.

Of the 287 people who were on board the BOD "Brave", including the practice of passing students, killing 24 people (19 sailors and 5 students). All personnel of the vessel at the time of the struggle for survival and unsinkable, also in fire fighting skillfully acted and showed courage. In order to save the ship had taken all measures but the damage acquired as a result of explosions, made his escape impossible. Then, with a sunken ship dismantled valuable equipment, and his body was blown to the ground.

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