December 21 will be a parade of planets Galactic: Center for Investigative Journalism

November 16, 2012 8:14

In 2012, all mankind will be able to see such a rare occurrence, as the parade of planets. It will happen on December 21. Galactic scale of the phenomenon is, that is, all the planets — Mercury, Mars, Venus, Earth, etc. — Our Solar System will line up in one line.

Despite the fact that this is not so rare, scientists predict the possible consequences of the parade of planets that could affect the Earth.
Astronomers have suggested that during the actual event a line is formed not only the planets in our galaxy, and the universe. As a result of the action from the center of our solar system formed axis. The phenomena of this magnitude are rare and may result in adverse effects on many planets.

It should be noted that night vision Daedalus attached to the eyepiece of the telescope, allows monitoring a small stars.

During the formation of the planets in the number of magnetic and gravitational fields of star systems will overlap each other, so that the image of some galactic impulses, behavior, and the consequences of which at the moment can not be predicted.
Exact repetition of such phenomena are still unknown, but it is assumed that the cycle takes place every 25-26 thousand years. The most dangerous situation for the Earth occurred on July 21, when the planet was discovered in front of the center of the galaxy, but no pulses were recorded. Basically, it gives a reason to say that nothing bad will happen in the future, and all the talk about the fact that they have not yet reached the Earth, can be considered unfounded.

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