Depth of immersion

Depth of immersionIn his Golden Star of the Hero Russian Federation figure 23. Captain Anatoly Zaitsev was among the first four sailors who were awarded this highest rank in the modern Russia. Apart from him in the Presidential Decree of August 18, 1993 — captain Gennady Popov, Vladimir Terekhov and Misha Gritsko. All from the Northern Fleet, comrades.

…Prior to joining the Pacific Higher Naval School named after SO Makarova Anatoly Zaitsev served as a sailor in the training squad in Vladivostok, and therefore the choice of a profession made fully conscious. And he studied the conscience — in 1970 graduated with distinction. Taking advantage of the right to choose their life, chosen Kamchatka — the strategic nuclear submarine K-399 mission, which has just come to Vilyuchinsk from the factory.

— I was lucky: the ship passed the municipal and driving tests, and I, a young lieutenant, commander elektronavigatsionnoy group in the first months of officer service was a good school — says Zaitsev. — Becoming an accelerated pace and passed under the control of the most experienced divers. Until now, remember missile firing immediately with 4 missiles. I provided the accuracy of their contact with the military field. Shooting were terrific, and service immediately to normal. In December 1972, the crew was awarded the Secretary of Defense of the USSR Pennant "For courage and military prowess." In those days it was the highest honor.

Four years after graduating from college Lieutenant Zaitsev has already been appointed as an assistant and two years later — a senior assistant commander of the submarine K-451. This, too, was a new ship, which went into operation in 1973.

After graduating in 1978, the Higher specific classes of officers of the Navy Anatoly Zaitsev was preparing to return to the Pacific Fleet, to take home the K-399. By the time he had more than 10 combat services, and the question about the purpose of his commander was actually resolved. But there was a sharp turn: the officer asked to lead the crew of ultra-deepwater submarines under construction. Since to 1987 year Zaitsev was engaged in construction at first, and later by successive tests of the newest submarine.

— It was a long process, the ship took root very many new techniques, — says Anatoly. — In parallel, there was revision, in time of which there were many emergency situations involving risk of life — we experienced something with which until then none of the submarine deal was not necessary. The crew gained significant experience in the service of technical means in complex marine criteria in collaboration with different forces of the Navy. Many officers received invaluable knowledge and ability, then were awarded, well served by other submarines. Only since 1988, began to prepare for battle the service you have successfully passed in 1989-1991.

Captain Zaitsev, along with the crew down on all the great depth and immediately ascended the steps of the commander and Prof. growth. Such a phenomenon is here — the depth and elevation.

Naturally, we would like to find out more about the aspects of complex service in the Northern Fleet nuclear submarine on ultra-deepwater, but Anatoly just throws up his hands: "Oh no details could tell no earlier than 5 years from now — time not yet come. "

In 1991, he was introduced to the title of Hero of the Russian Union. At the complex time Documents long walking the chain of command. August 18, 1993 Decree of the President of the Russian Federation took place.

At 50 Anatoly G. left in supplies. At the moment he first deputy chairman of the Interregional public organization "Russian Union Council of Heroes, Heroes of the Russian Federation and the full glory of the Order of the town of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region."

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