Detachment firefighters cut a fire in Siberia, week does not receive supplies

Nearly 40 rescuers engaged in fighting forest fires in the Yenisei district of Krasnoyarsk region, were cut off from the outside world by fire, they ran out of food last week, said Tuesday the head of the district Sergey Ermakov.

According to him, in the area now occupied by extinguishing fires about 400 people. Part of it was cut off from the main group.

"The groups in the village of Yakshi (27 people) and the homestead Kudymova (11 people) on Thursday ended more food. Pick people out is not possible, since the past few days in the area because of the smoke is very bad visibility, and the aircraft can not fly. We are with groups on a regular radio, they want to get out on their own, but we do not allow it to do — to get out of the forest, they have to walk more than 100 kilometers, but now the exploration of new fires is not maintained, they can get into the ring of fire " — Ermakov said at the meeting edge anti-epidemic commission.

He said that he was confident in the ability to survive in the forest rescuers another two or three days. If the situation does not improve, according to Ermakova have to take extreme measures to evacuate firefighters.

According to MOE, for the last day the area of fire in forests of Krasnoyarsk region declined by nearly 4,000 hectares. The region has now registered 73 forest fires on an area of more than 8000 hectares. Most of them in the north of the region, in a remote area.

Threats to human settlements, according to the agency, no. Extinguishing work 1.458 thousand people, 159 vehicles and 14 aircraft, including two of the IL-76 Russian Defense Ministry with overflow devices. From July 26 across the province a regime of emergency.

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