Do not believe the myths about the medicinal products

Experts from the European Office of Food Safety (EFSA) refuted the widespread myth that the so-called "live yoghurt" improve the immune and digestive system of humans. Experts have studied more than 800 cases in which manufacturers boast their products — they say that it is extremely useful — and came to the concluded that the information about the unique qualities of probiotics — that is lyakta-dy bifidobacteria contained in these dairy products — is not true.

 Advertise on probiotic-enriched yogurt — a trick of manufacturers

According to experts EFSA, which initiated the EU consumer organizations have investigated certain varieties of yogurt and businesses, the benefits of probiotics on the fortified foods — just a publicity stunt manufacturers looking to increase the sale of their goods. Now experts check all the marketing claims sounding in advertising, as European legislation three years ago banned the use unproven kalyamedychnyya advertising claims of the healing effect of a product.

Meanwhile, According to the experts, about 30 million European consumers "bought" by a number of advertising companies, such as Danone French and Japanese Yakult, and came to believe that the yogurt helps the "good" bacteria to fight the "bad" and beat them. With advertising yogurt are many who believe in the fact that this drink will help to lose weight and get a world-class figure, like a model. Some people believe that this drink helps to relax the nerves and muscles. Some even believe that "live yoghurt" save us from cancer.

But … Clinical studies of 180 ingredients pazytsyyanavanyh manufacturers yogurt as health, testified: in 10 of them did not have anything useful, the use of the same from the other 170 — is questionable. Total experts refuted about two-thirds of advertising claims.

As the scientists, all the miraculous lyakta-dy bifidobacteria, once in the human body, very quickly die there because of the bactericidal effect of the components of saliva, gastric juice and bile.

If contained in yogurt additives such as sugar, flavoring, preservatives, it generally becomes bad quality, since it facilitates the development of atherosclerosis or diabetes.

The most useful of dairy beverages — mare's milk and yogurt

Along the way, experts EFSA concluded that the absolute leader in dairy products according to health benefits — mare. The three most useful drinks also includes yogurt and acidophilus. As fermented (without additives) yoghurt, it is only the fourth place, a little ahead of whey and fermented baked.

As an expert hopes the European food safety agency Joerg NIS thereafter research consumers may be perceived to sober statement tsudadeynasts of a product.

Of course, fans of dairy products may feel fine. Especially if the same is yogurt for dinner. It is very easy to digest and, of course, before going to bed it's much healthy than, for example, sausage and fried potatoes.

Another thing is that none of the modern product has medicinal properties, and a fortiori can not serve as the sole or even the main component of the human diet.

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