Domodedovo airport: a step closer to e-Freight

In the Moscow Domodedovo Airport has begun preparations for the next stage of implementation of the system e-Freight. Décor with electronic document transfer cargo flights (with the movement of cargo from one aircraft to another) — the next step on the way to the airport paperless process. This was made possible as a result of a temporary warehouse "Domodedovo Cargo" electronic signature.


The system of e-Freight — International standard for electronic registration and tracking of air cargo. A pilot project to introduce e-Freight launched in Russia in 2012 on the basis of public-private partnerships. At Domodedovo system algorithms were first tested in August 2012 on the transit flight AirBrigeCargo, and until the end of February 2013 the airport has successfully served 22 transit flight with the provision of electronic documents by the carrier to the customs authorities.

Domodedovo is actively supporting the introduction of electronic document management system: Specialists airport became participants of the meeting of the Interagency Working Group to implement the standard e-Freight in Russia, which was held on February 28 and brought together representatives of the aviation community and government agencies. The meeting discussed the interim results of the Russian pilot and further implementation schedule.

The use of e-Freight allows all parties to the process — airports, air carriers, government agencies — to reduce the cost of execution and registration of goods by eliminating paper documents. Today this system is actively used by more than 30 foreign airlines and the world's largest aviation hubs — airports Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris and other air harbor.

Director of the Moscow Domodedovo AirportIgor Borisovemphasizes: "The implementation of e-Freight Technology Domodedovo will create a competitive advantage for attracting global transit cargo flows."

Moscow Domodedovo Airport— The largest aviation hub in Russia, in 2012, the airport handled 28.2 million people. Included in the category of the largest airports in Europe and in the top three fastest growing airports in Europe Classification ACI Europe. Domodedovo chosen for flights to Moscow by members of the world's leading airline alliances — Star Alliance and oneworld.

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