Domodedovo airport at dawn

Happened to me the other day to visit early in the morning at the airport Domodedovo. This time there were no celebrations, no departure in a press tour, and had a modest photo shoot, which lasts three hours, but flown as five minutes. And all because this time the camera angle was not quite normal.

  • DME
  • DME

 The holy of holies Airport — tower, she's a control tower, she's KDP. We were allowed to go here for a few minutes, subject to the absolute silence and invisibility.

The work does not stop for a minute, despite the fact that half of the fourth morning weekday traffic consists of only a few aircraft per hour.

On Lyuftganzovsky A320 has already started recording, he depart at 6:40 am in Tegel.

A B767 British will leave at 5:50 am at Heathrow.

Jetways wing extensions are waiting for visitors from all over Russia.

Boeing Siberian sleep

But the villages and taxis parked Kogalym A321

Jumbo TSO hid about ATB

Vienna flight passengers waiting by 6:45

And here come in large numbers in nerezinovuyu arrived.

If you look back and have a look in the direction of Moscow, it is already possible to see dvizhuhu.

While the band is closed at the reception sun, light-signal testing equipment, and cleans the surface of the runway special cleaning equipment.

At the same time especially for us include brighter lighting strip. And time for the KDP does not remain as it's time to go shoot the landing lights until there is a break with takeoffs and landings on 32R.

Taking the platform was carried out from the balconies.

We go on the strip!

Here it is, the dream of all spotters — marking 32R and blank page before you. And ahead — Moscow! (In the sense that it is behind the forest near Moscow)

A look back. Lights meanwhile again cut in on all the power and lighting shimmers like a movie. In the end there will be a few seconds of video.

The sky was blue, but on the background of bright white lights impression that night again.

Moving forward on the strip. Sasha without a tripod and, unlike me, more expeditious.

Taxiway center line lights pin-depth type should be green. At the exit taxiway when moving from the runway set alternating green and yellow lights to indicate that the aircraft is in a critical area.

For some 15 minutes was quite light, with a band we take away one of the taxiways, located near the site of contact, to take a couple of landings, which is about to begin. On the horizon can be seen just four sides, which will sit at intervals of about three minutes. And it's all S7.

  • IMG_3865
  • IMG_3865

For example A310

Or A319

Taxiway edge lights are blue to indicate the longitudinal boundaries of the taxiway. 400 mm, aperture 2.8.

  • 2.8
  • 2.8

The same, the diaphragm 10.

That's it, three hours passed so quickly, that we did not have time and freeze. Along the way, do a few more shots — you can not miss this beautiful light.

A few weeks before this all the sunrises were no sun. So lucky twice!

Clearances are ready to go to Berlin.

Transaero wakes

Is there some kind of wet-golden velvet topic. Beauty!

  • tso
  • tso

Green Ready for operation

Ukrainian skyway

Thank you loved the airport for a special invitation. And congratulations to the 51 th anniversary!


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