Dozens of UFO bases in the Urals

November 5, 2011 13:57

Another burst of abnormal incidents occurred in the Urals. One of the residents of the city of Sverdlovsk Region Berezovsky, a long period of time, from December 2007 to October 2008, captured on camera an unidentified flying object over the city. As they say ufologists this settlement, dozens of unidentified flying objects constantly fly over the military bases that house the missiles, which are located near the city of Yekaterinburg and Berezovsky.
According to the head of the Ural research group to study the events associated with abnormal phenomena Alex addicts, resident Gennady K. Berezovsky provided an enormous amount of material captured on a video camera, which is constantly removed himself from the balcony of his apartment. All submissions have already checked employees of the Office of Air Navigation Urals.

"A third of the observed objects can not be attributed to aircraft and helicopters. Objects exhibited a unique opportunity that lay in curvilinear motion, the abrupt change in the flight path, and object to an abrupt halt. Besides all this, the materials provided by Gennady completely is evidence of other people who live in the city of Berezovsky. "There is something unreal," — says addicts.
Berezovsky and Yekaterinburg unidentified flying objects can be divided into several types: "cylinder — like", their body glows with three colors (inside — white on the edges — red and yellow), rhomboids, flaming ball, "tripod" equipped with several lights. Moreover, as the abusers, unidentified objects Lata appear next to classified databases SRF, which are located nearby Berezovsky and Yekaterinburg.
I should add that the "alien threat" worrying residents of the Russian Federation for many years. The question of the existence of UFOs over Russia at the time and asked President Vladimir Putin. But the head of state in 2005, noted that such a topic on the presidential level and the authorities there.

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