Drinking well become a hot spring



A resident of East Kazakhstan originally solved the problem of heating. The fact is that drinking well on his site suddenly turned into a hot spring. Shocked villagers now all the aul wondering what happened: as they can remember, there was only cold water.

— The first time I feel, hear, see, that with well water went hot. Something unusual sensation. Healing the origins are, hot.

A villager Aiyrtau Dmitry Koenig bought the land last winter. All the while, the man says, the well ran only cold water, and recently poured hot.



Stunned the hosts at once, but still found the use of hot water in the household. And an unusual source lined up a whole line. By the way, the well depth of almost 30 meters and the water temperature is rising by the day, said the villagers. According to recent measurements, it has already reached 25 degrees. Soon, the village has come a group of experts. These are what will make the necessary samples miracle water. Apparently, under the ground is a source of radon.

Dmitry Koenig, resident. Aiyrtau East Kazakhstan region:

— If it is now, and will so continue to run hot, steam home stretch, and I will do everything I will not stoke the stove.

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