Drones supplied to the Russian Army

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) such as "eagle" and "Pomegranate" will come into service in the Army this year, said at the 11th International Defence Exhibition "IDEX 2013" Commander of Land Forces, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin.

"Receipt of the first UAV in the Army is expected this year. Laid down adjustment in the purchase plan. It's about the type of UAV "Orlan" and "Pomegranate", created by the technical task of the Ministry of Defence, "- said the commander in chief.

  • UAV White-10
  • UAV White-10

V.Chirkin noted that far from the Russian exposition at the exhibition shows created in the UAE drone strike. "We can talk a lot — they did it themselves or collected from imported components. And we have a stroke while it is not. We solve the problem as long as the UAV communications, reconnaissance, electronic warfare, "- he said.

"According to the UAV can not say that we are hopelessly behind, but fell behind very seriously. The last two decades have not done that at all. And the Americans in the summer of 2012 has been in service with more than 36,000 UAVs, and all — intelligence, communications and percussion ", — said the commander in chief.

However V.Chirkin said: "We went to" White-10 ", he passed the stage of the military operation."

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