Ecuador: the earth opened in Ansonsito

April 8.Several homes destroyed about. MES in Santa Elena reports that 86 families will be evacuated and housed in temporary camps.

Last working day of the fishermen in Ansonsito, Canton Salinas broke off at about 18:30, when a large area of land fell into the sea, creating a terrible noise and dust clouds, cover part of the local port.

Natural phenomenon filled with pain and suffering of the district, when on February 2 sector, located on the top of the hill, was in the ocean, after there was a movement of land. Many people do not know what to do now, and ask God for help.

Lorenzo Chavez, Municipal Inspector Salinas, who at the time of the disaster normal activities and patrolled the coast, saw the land was disappearing into the sea, and thought that everything was falling apart. "I just watched from his position on the banks of the place, and see how it moves. At that time, the earth opened, and I was forced to flee, because I thought that it could all come down to us, "- said Chavez.

Araceli Barcia, a resident of the district, very scared February 2, as her children were in school, and had been seen as the land of odds. She ran into the house when she heard the earth collapses into the sea.

"Thank God it was not an accident, but now we can not live here and are forced to leave their homes," — said the woman, carrying their belongings out of the stone house, which is on the verge of collapse. Now the income of her family, too, was a large crack.

Arrived at the scene, the authorities to assess the damage. Access to the accident site was closed, and 8 families whose houses may collapse at any time because of the huge cracks covered the ground, were evacuated.

Gonzalo Menoskal, MES officer in Santa Elena reported that only 86 families to leave their homes for safety. These homes are located in the surrounding areas: Las Penas, Jaime Roldos.

"After examination, it was found that the cracks were formed in areas located there. Everybody should be relocated to a safe place. Now it until eight families whose homes are at great risk. Throughout this area now a state of emergency, "- said the representative of the authorities.

The Ministry of Housing in Salinas agree that disaster victims need to build new homes.

Ansonsito inhabitants say that the problem in these areas is not new. Three years ago the earth was formed the first crack. The authorities also promised to help, but it has no received, although people continue to live there, putting themselves at risk.

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