Elections in Ukraine does not meet standards for openness

Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Philip Gordon in an interview with our radio spoke of the relation of the White House to the various aspects of international politics.

Philip Gordon said that to improve the Belarusian-American relations official Minsk has to make a number of steps (for details, you can read here).

Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs also said:

support civil society in Russia:

"When the president was in Moscow for the summit, I think half of the time he spent with leaders of civil society, non-governmental organizations, opposition political leaders — making it clear that while we have a lot to do with the leadership of Russia, and that this is good — we also focus on civil society, the rule of law and democracy. "

about democratic prospects of Ukraine:

"The local elections that took place last Sunday, we believe, did not meet the standards of openness and fairness that were present in the presidential election at the beginning of the year, for example. And the vice president (Joseph Biden — Freedom) talked with President Yanukovych on the importance of respect for democratic reforms … In a broader aspect, the Ukrainian leadership has stated he wants on the path of democracy, and we intend to work with them to achieve this goal. They said they althought pursue a balanced foreign policy between Russia and the West, and we were told that you can have good relations with Russia and good relations with the U.S. and the EU at the same time. "

on the Russian-Georgian conflict:

"Russia's relations with many countries of the world, and as such, its reputation, never shall be those Russian want them to be, as long as there will be continued from the point of view of most of the world, the occupation of a sovereign state. When Russia recognized South Ossetia and Abkhazia, she was hoping for support from other countries, but they did not. And it will always be a problem for the European Union and, of course, for the United States …. I do not think that it would be in the interests of Georgia, if we were to say that we refuse to deal with Russia, that we refuse to look for a point of collision, we disclaim any agreement in some areas until the problem is resolved Georgia … So we lift this issue on a bilateral basis with the leadership of Russia, we are helping Georgia of international talks in Geneva … We have successfully urged other countries not to recognize the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. We keep it on the international agenda. "

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