Elements worked in the Zhytomyr region

Elements worked in the Zhytomyr region21.07.11. 20 July due to the adverse weather conditions in the form of a strong wind in Ovruch district of Zhytomyr region following situation:

On the territory of the village council Pervomayskaya: 4 supports toppled power, damaged lines to two transformer substations, providing electricity to the pumping station and the local hospital. There are cases of overthrowing trees. May Day School damaged roof on the area 700m2 (300 sheets of slate.) Reports center public relations UMCHS Ukraine Zhytomyr region.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Works team Ovruchsky RES works on clearing rubble local utility company and the employees of the two mining companies. Establishing loss, followed by the repair work of the school is engaged in a contractor.

On the territory of soviet Pokalivskogo damaged roof of the house of culture 100m2 (50 sheets of slate), knocked down 10 trees. We are currently performing counting the damage. Village Soviet forces conducted clearing trees.

In the private sector in the district according to the preliminary data, damaged about 100 sheets of slate.

According Ovruchsky RES near partially disconnected from the power supply 9 settlements, to connect them attracted six teams RES.

CES District works to ensure that telecommunications seven substations.

Ovrutskaya RGA an extraordinary meeting of the committee of TEB and CHS to establish the extent of damage and problems to eliminate them.


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