Ensures the safety of children fingerprinting

This week, the Ministry of Education and Science has issued a decree to strengthen security measures in schools. And the first pilot site of the South Urals became Miassky preschool kindergarten. Get into it now can only fingerprint. While the staff and parents get used to the innovation, the protection of the largest university in the field of improving and Susu.

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Forensic technology used for civilian purposes, studied Vlad Lunev.

It does not work and special agents are not kept secret documents. However, in this kindergarten Miassa can only be accessed by fingerprint. In the future leaders of preschool expect to get several advantages: here will not get outsiders, the new discipline (it will be noting how many employees got to work and who are children of late). But the main reason for the introduction of an electronic lock — a guaranteed safety. "This system is designed only for adults, all entry and exit buttons are located above the child's ability to reach out. Therefore, parents stop sending their children alone on the fence kindergarten, and now will only be able to bring it yourself and pass into the hands of the tutor, "- says Elena Sorokina, head of the kindergarten number 109 (Miass).

Automated entrance to the building is estimated parents and kindergarten staff. Now they believe that their own child will not be able to leave the premises. Dolgovyazova Ludmila, grandmother of a kindergarten pupil number 109 (Miass), said: "We have chosen the first in this system maintenance. And we are only "out" for the new technologies that are used in our preschool. "

The equipment cost about one hundred thousand. Helping to create a pilot project had sponsors. The system itself is designed Miasskoe now. For almost 20 years it did just for forensic fingerprint devices. Now, more and more educational institutions fulfill orders.

 Photo source:cheltv.ru

Vlad Lunev, a correspondent for "Event of the week": "Adding biometric data in a common database takes only a few minutes. Now the young man to pick up my computer the name and phone number, and now I can leave my mark. Also, you can check the quality of registration, it is necessary to bring the finger to the turnstile. "

Unlike fingerprinting roll need not all ten prints. In the design office have ensured that the prism of one-touch finger reads 120 degrees and in two seconds responds: let the person or not. "Card systems do not take root in schools — children are always losing them, but always with a finger, — says Anatoly Bokov, CEO of the company. — Besides, you can get a map and someone else, but only its imprint. "

Leakage of information created database excluded. Fingerprint image is stored in the form of a mathematical formula that can not be used outside the server. Access control systems are constantly evolving. In Chelyabinsk College of Technology Miasskoe service inputs are equipped with scanners for two years. Local database generates reports on attendance and with the help of SMS-messages can inform parents about the student's grade. Perhaps because of these services, some students called biometric scanners total controller. "Staff and students take fingerprints voluntarily signed a contract with them. Refused to eat, but they are few — we give them cards or key fobs, "- explains Tatiana Baranova, Head of Automation and Programming college.

Each student registered in the database can always view the information, parents may also choose to have what they want to know about their children. The plans — to be replaced by a fingerprint and a library card.

Now SUSU with the same Miasskoe now also developing a biometric system. However, whether it is able to cater for such a large flow of people, there is still doubt. First, the university is constantly coming foreign delegations come applicants. All in one database is simply impossible to make. Second, this technique at times reduces the bandwidth and hence contrary to fire safety. Therefore, from the traditional ways of using video surveillance in SUSU will not give up. "The university has 56,000 students, 8,000 teachers working, and the complexity of the object that it is not modal. So, here is sufficient access free "- explains Konstantin Yershov, assistant to the rector of SUSU, FSB lieutenant colonel in the Chelyabinsk region.

Soon, however, a large database can be a whole country. With the idea to introduce a general procedure for fingerprinting this week made by the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin. The author of such a bill, he advises the police to act as a data bank — the Health Ministry. Biometric registration is introduced in the United Kingdom, Argentina, the U.S. and France. And, according to the chief investigator, fingerprints will not only protect people, but also to solve crimes, to seek and identify the missing victims.

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