Europe assesses fair elections in Belarus 3 billion euros

Press conference at the hotel "Europe" concluded his visit to Minsk, the foreign ministers of Germany and Poland Guido Westerwelle and Radoslaw Sikorski. In a joint statement, they called on the Belarusian authorities to hold free, democratic and transparent elections.

The minister said that during the meeting with the candidates for the president and during negotiations with Alexander Lukashenko, said that Belarus is at a crossroads. And one of the roads leading to closer cooperation with the EU. However, Radoslaw Sikorski, it provides a way to respect for human rights and, in particular, minorities, and free, democratic and transparent elections.

"For us it is very important not the result of the election, but their quality. Members of the opposition have expressed to us their concern that the opposition has no chance to get into the electoral commission and have less access to the media. Democratic elections — is not only an accurate count of votes, but also the democratic environment in the weeks, months before the election. We catch up on that Belarusian President that this election will be different than previous ones. And if the elections are democratic, we will do our best not only in their own countries, but

Democratic elections — is not only an accurate count of votes, but also the democratic environment in the weeks, months before the election.

and the European institutions to Belarus could have benefited from a much closer relationship with the EU. "

The ministers said that immediately after the visit of European colleagues will send a telegram to the European Commission together with the council to send observers and carefully observe the elections in Belarus.

Giddel Westerwelle noted that the holding of free and fair elections is the free and unimpeded spread their ideas and have access to the media, to the voters of the country. He noted that the issue of free and fair elections will remain in focus in the coming weeks. Mr Westerwelle said, that after Talk with opposition candidates even more convinced that a joint visit to Belarus was the right decision, and that it took place at the right time. Like, now we bring arrows in the direction of free and fair elections.

"In politics, a lot depends on the correct choice of the moment. Now we see the debate between Russia and Belarus. In the interests of Belarus to build a stronger bridge in Europe. And, of course, which is the bridge piers — the rule of law, democracy and human rights. "

If the elections will be free and open, said Radoslaw Sikorski, the country will be able to rely on European aid amounting to three billion euros.

Summing up the visit of ministers, presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov said, well, they met with opposition, as previously every time the influential European politicians during his visit to Belarus dared to meet with opposition politicians:

"It was a very interesting visit, as it was two of the country. Interest and added that Sikorski and Westerwelle before it met with Foreign Minister Lavrov, Russia, Belarus and the topic was raised there. And sounded almost identical views on the situation. This is very important. And the fact that they emphasized its principled position on democratic standards, since it is their performance will be the criterion relations with Belarus, and the fact that they have confirmed their interest in Belarus to strengthen ties with Europe. There is a lack of fair and transparent elections. This is important. "


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