Europe covered the storm Andrea

The storm brought heavy rains to Europe with hurricane winds. Fell almost monthly rainfall. Once in dozens of settlements authorities declared threat of flooding.

Residents of the northern regions of the Netherlands are preparing for evacuation. Emergency services to urgently strengthen the dam. However, they recognize the rescuers if the weather does not improve, these measures are unlikely to help.

"The water level is very high, if the dam would not stand, homes will be flooded. Area cordoned off by police. We are asking people to leave their homes. While the wind and the rain continues — the more we can do nothing," — said the representative of the emergency services.

"We and our families were told to leave. So, we have to leave the property and livestock. This is a difficult decision," — says a local resident.

Bad weather has caused disruptions in air traffic of the country. At the international airport Amsterdamaotmeneny over 30 flights. With long delays trains, on railway tracks hundreds of fallen trees.

The consequences of the same cyclone "Andrea" eliminate and Switzerland. Now crowded terminals. Departures expect hundreds of passengers, said "Russia 24".

In Austria, a few hours the road was covered with a thick layer of snow. Strong ice on highways. And as a result, dozens of accidents and huge traffic jams.

The ongoing third day in Belgium hurricane weather led on Thursday to the first victim.

Local emergency services reported the death of the town Rozdaal 64-year-old man, who was pinned by the wind of massive detached flap gate.

In addition, as reported in the suburbs of Brussels easily wounded fallen electric poles sitting in the car man. Fire Rescue went to many challenges of the population, mainly related to the fall of trees, destruction of roofs and flooded cellars.

During the day, the country observed wind gusts up to 108 km per hour. Across Belgium rains and hail. In urban areas of Wallonia, located along the river remains a warning about the dangers of flooding. Local media reported on violations of trains and public transport in Brussels because no weather reports "Interfax".

RIA Novosti

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