Even today, May 27


Happy …

…sunny, night period. Temperature: 14-23.

Do not pass:

In Minsk begins European Championships in rhythmic gymnastics. MKSK "Minsk-Arena", beginning at 10.00.

MINIFEST: presentation of modern foreign documentary classics. STR. Chapayeva third conference hall of the Youth Social Service, beginning at 15.00.


In Warsaw, begins a two-day meeting of the presidents of Central Europe. It will be attended by President Barack Obama.

In Warsaw arrives on two-day official visit to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.


In 1871, Paris was shot versaltsami Constantine Dahl. He came from a noble family of Leeds County. During the uprising Kalinowski Constantine Dahl was the commander of the detachment at Kovenshchyne. After the defeat of the rebels managed to move to France, where he became friends with Yaroslav Dombrovskis and joined the Paris Commune. He died at 34.

In 1900 was born Belarusian poet Vladimir veins. His whole life was spent on the wheels. In Minsk, he took part in the First All-Belarusian Congress. In Vilnius, published his poems. In Dvinsk was in high school, and continued his studies at the University of Prague. After moving to the east, that is, the Soviet of Belarus, worked in newspapers and on the Teachers College, but in 1931 he was arrested by the Soviet punitive organs and exiled for three thousand miles away? in the Siberian city of Urzhum, where he soon died.

In 2001 Nicholas died Eramenka (born 1949 in Vitebsk), a popular actor of the Soviet cinema.

There is a reason:

European Day of neighbors.

MINUS 365:

An activist of the "BPF Youth" from the area took the ambulance with a fractured clavicle

Quote to remember:

"I like not knowing the fishing season,
Walk through the forest, marsh, pond,
Expire flowery plain,
Under the pear tree in the rest;

Found among rye cross slopes
And the old man with a small boy,
The custom of observing dear to me:
"Hello" — say hello to him;
Take vzzhovzh village poor, gray
With a frown next boring houses
And to think, as you have nothing to measure
A grieving brother in poverty;
And to meet the ruins in the field,
Where the moss grew on the end walls,
And bored involuntarily,
Zamchischa mention the sad fate;
Do not understand why the ruins
In itself taemny hide horror
And it is not bright for Countries
One can see the way ahead already? "

Vladimir Zhilko

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