Exchange of dairy products could begin in April

Exchange of dairy products in Russia could start in April, it will be admitted as Belarusian producers. Originally at the site of the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) plan to sell milk powder and butter. The relevant agreement "SOYUZMOLOKO" signed yesterday with the MICEX.

As noted by the Minister of Agriculture of Russia Elena Skrynnik, exchange of dairy products in Russia "is necessary for the price to be open, clear and accessible." "We are doing this for the first time, took as the basis of experience of Belarus", — said the Minister.

As explained by the vice-president, board member of the Hellenic MICEX Eugene, "essentially market will be a single platform for Russia and Belarus, We specially Belarusian participants will strive to attract the maximum." He noted that the mechanisms and principles of access to trades not yet fully developed, but the whole work can be done fairly quickly, which will start trading in April, trade milk and butter — this is the first stage of the "milk exchange." "At first it will be spot trading in the future, we can not rule out the possibility of futures contracts" — expects Vice President of MICEX. "After working for technology, we plan to expand the list of products", — he said.

As long as no idea of the volume of production that can be realized through exchanges. "Theoretically, we can say that a large enough volume of trade between Russia and Belarus will go through the exchange trade" — as he explained.

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