Families of the victims Lukashenko must give an adequate compensation

Mrs."Fourteen people, of course, sorry, but it is not such a big tragedy to once and president. It can give an indication. Any of Ministers may go — the same wood industry emergencies. Now the campaign — at its meeting. The Chinese delegation was in China, he must go. One person can not cover it all. "

Mr."At Alexander G. there are people who can go for it. He is engaged in the business, it is loaded. He is a fan of everyone. "

Mrs."Oh my God! After all, he — the head, you have to go. After all he cares about us, asking, "How do you — okay? Poor? We must do everything as it should be. "

Mr."I think you need to go to Alexander Lukashenko in Pinsk. And mourning announce soon. "

Mrs."I also think that we should go. This is very sad: many people have died. It is necessary to proclaim and mourning. "

Mr."A day of mourning to declare. He has helpers, and who should do it. In Russia many tragedies. And that — the president goes to all the tragedy? "

Mrs."He can express sympathy in the press. As a human right, one would go to Pinsk. But I think it also has more important problems. I understand: people's lives. But it also has political problems. "

Mr."It is necessary to declare a day of mourning. Perhaps, two mourning. 14 people were killed — a lot. Lukashenko has to go and give people decent compensation to the families. "

Mrs."Sure, it's scary. For this city — is in mourning. "

Mrs."Our little Belarus, he is the president of a small state. Why not take a trip, not to express sympathy? He is to travel to places where you can do without it. "

Mr."He's got a helicopter is — let him go. There are children, the couple left. "

Mrs."So, probably, to declare — as many people have died."

Mr."Mourning? Of course! Of course, you do. This is not a one man was killed by accident, it's the same — the enterprise."


Pinsk, public opinion

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