Family of Emanzhelinsk package with milk found mouse

Shocking purchase. In Emanzhelinsk a milk carton found mouse. This milk Galina Krupina drunk two-year grandson, then in the evening the whole family dilutes them tea. And when the package was empty, they do not believe their eyes — at the bottom lay dead rodent. "The glass was poured, and there is something solid and looked, and there is a mouse", — says Galina Krupin.

They immediately took up hot line producer, which is listed on the package. But they did not believe them, and said that this simply can not be. Krupin then went to the local CPS. "I was told that basically do what they can not do anything — says Christina Krupin. — Can only take a statement from us and send them a statement that was a fact that the woman complained. "

The store where the family bought milk mouse, assured that this is an isolated case, and many of these complaints were not. But the products of this manufacturer here has not bought. But the family Krupin package with dead mouse still keeps house. Now they are trying to ensure that CPS still has reviewed this unpleasant beverage additive.

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