Famine in the United States in the 30th years of XX-th century: Pros and Cons

Famine in the United States in the 30th years of XX-th century: Pros and ConsIn the web has long been is a dispute about the interpretation of the events that occurred in the United States in the thirties of the last century, the name which historians of the period majestically Depression. The beginning of the conflict was the publication of a silver-tongued entitled "Famine-up" Boris Borisov, whose works are often the sources of public resonance. The matter even reached the removal of articles from "Wikipedia", as the inflamed "historic flash mob" has caused deep resentment and controversy bloggers from across the Web.

Boris Borisov is the creator of a number of controversial historical and economic articles. Unfortunately, much of it is clear enough. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the Metropolitan Municipal Institute and became an entrepreneur and founded one of the country's first co-operatives. Borisov was later seen in the direction of the Board of Directors of the Capital Credit Bank.

As bases for reducible to own analytical article Rezonit Borisov used the official statistics department of the USA, examining the dynamics of the population of the country, statistics on births and deaths, immigration and emigration flows during the period from 1931 to 1940th years. According to our arithmetic calculations, he concluded that at constant demographic trends population United States in 1940, the year was to be about 140 million people. In fact, it was equated with 133 million, taking into account the dynamics of migration configurations. In other words, by the end of 1940 lost more than 7 million man. And there is no explanation of the authorities to this fact.

As proof of their own sensational conclusions Borisov pointed out that the data on population growth in the United States at one time actually fell twice at the turn of 1930-1931-s and remained at this level for a decade, then returned to the initial figure. But bolshennye demographic loss can not explain the reduction in normal fertility. On the idea of covering up the real data during the Depression stateliness Borisov pushes the fact that nowhere in the official documents no explanations concerning them found significant statistical fluctuations. Same data on the demographic situation in 1932, the year just is not there or they are firmly hidden. In later reports, which were compiled by the U.S. statistical agencies, there are obvious allusions to the fraud, which deprives the government committed the similar act, the right of any credible comments on the issue. Trying to find out information about the Yankees that time is like trying to find the number of civilians killed in Vietnam, Korea or Iraq.

Quoted Borisov number acquired by the use of the laws of demographic statistics indicate no differently as the mass death of the inhabitants of the United States and are entitled to assert that the processes occurring in the period under review in the United States, can be equated to the famine in Ukraine in 1932-1933-их years.

Famine in Ukraine with the 1932nd on 1933rd years, according to various sources has led to the deaths of about 4 million people. Historians and politicians to this day do not have gained a presentation about the circumstances surrounding the emergence of hunger. The official version of the Ukrainian authorities — the desire of Stalin "pacify" the Ukrainians. But it is also irrefutable evidence that, in 1931 in almost all regions of the Russian Union of crop failure due to drought has been, and increased grain exports has made the situation everywhere is very unsafe. Besides the beginning of collectivization at the end of 1929 led to the mass slaughter of cattle in the years to cattle perished due to neglect of the case for it as a collective belonging. Similar happened in the agricultural collective farm equipment. 1932 th year was marked by a huge decline in the production of goods supply. Harvesting was carried out with great difficulty and reluctance due to the following confiscation of goods from farmers. Management of collective farms has stolen with impunity, leading to a disproportionate rassredotachivaniyu local food. Later, in order to avoid responsibility, stolen grain were thrown into the rivers, wells and ravines.
The peak of the mass death of people in Ukraine came in the spring of 1933 year. People used to eating grass weeds, cotton seeds, potato peel, dried grass and other substitutes for meat of cats and dogs, horses died. Everywhere there were cases of cannibalism, murder, family or random people.

The premise of identified human losses, according to the views of Boris Borisov is not only adversity, but also the policy of the country, led by Roosevelt for causing the country's famine and unemployment. After first 30's in U.S. history broke out the real tragedy. With a population of 125 million man, including the elderly and kids, to 1933-th number of unemployed exceeded seventeen million. In other words, taking into account the family members, it is equated with a population about the big states of Europe. Just imagine for themselves a hundred percent unemployed France or the UK. The terrible reality of the outbreak of the crisis very well shown in the works of recognized writers, Erskine Caldwell and Horace McCoy.

Another analogy of the events can be carried out with carefully concealed by the British government hunger in India, as the mass death of people in Bengal in 1943 and it was.

According to historical records, there are about ninety cases of famine in over 2500 years of the history of India. Larger scope, this phenomenon have gained during the 19th century. According to the medical service of the country in 1933, it was starving in India more than eight million people. The last large outbreak of famine occurred in Bengal in 1943, and it was in the state of Bihar in 1966.
In Bengal, according to various estimates lost about 5 percent of the population (three million people). The basic premise of hunger in the death of rice due to cyclones, floods and fungus in the 1942nd year. Go with this Japanese occupation of Burma has made an impossible food imports. Spreading rumors about the lack of rice led to panic, because of which raised prices on products and market speculation began. British authorities have the means to help the population of the colony, but the fear of the Japanese invasion, decided to apply the strategy of scorched earth. The authorities are already seeing the start to hunger, only the first half of 1943 were taken from Bengal about eighty tons of grain and confiscated about seventy thousand boats of local residents. It destroyed aqua transport system, because Bengalis boats used for fishing and shipping food products to markets. Some researchers also imply that the destruction of the local population and the next famine was planned in advance by politicians in the UK as a lesson to the Indian population, who supported the anti-British movement Subhas Bose and the "August Revolution".

The perturbation caused by the fact that, being guilty in the death of many Yankees, the U.S. government does not consider it necessary to raise the subject, but do not miss the ability to point to the same thing in the same period in the history
of the USSR. After all, particularly the U.S. Congress in 1988 raised the issue and accused Russia of genocide against the Ukrainian people, the famine in the area of the country in 1933 and it was. With all of this no one remembers about the circumstances under which million American farm families (a total difficulties 5000000 man) Were required, deprived of their lands and homes, golodovat, in my country, enveloped in massive unemployment and gang violence, in search of at least some work. This process Borisov calls "defarmingom", drawing an analogy with the Russian "dispossession." People were provided for themselves, and the much-vaunted South American democracy calmly watched their agony. Insurance programm support of the population has been created after the huge number of people in the main old people starved to death.

But the U.S. government destroyed the surplus food that was not profitable to just give the afflicted, for it helped to further undermine the market. So were destroyed crops on 10 million hectares of land, scored six and a half million pigs, which could assist the starving saved on the hard for their period. Grains were buried, burned and sank in the ocean.

The administration of public works and civilians were doing forced labor camps, at the same time taking up the work of up to 3 million people. But, according to the views of Borisov, Tipo organized to help the starving unemployed public works were in fact hard labor in a languid criteria uninhabited, swampy areas, payment for which was just ridiculous. So 30 bucks, which was due in a month to get every man coaxed, by the hand he was given only a sixth of the remaining after deduction of all taxes.

Minister of Internal Affairs of the United States at the time was a certain Mr. Ickes, who Borisov calls "American Beria." In those difficult years for America, he managed the organization of public works. Specifically, this person is sent to a special camp for two million unemployed people who were held there in hell criteria first and then the second world without batting an eye, became a pioneer in the creation of the already concentration camps were driven to the ethnic people of the country of the rising sun from all over America. The first step of this momentary operation with the support of the army lasted only two hours 70. The highest mortality rate in the camps for the unemployed from the stories of the participants in those events emerged because of bad test content people. Employees often do not even have the ability to hide from the rain because of overflow barracks.

LeKleyr Harold Ickes was born in 1874 in Pennsylvania. With some difficulty finishing the Chicago Institute for the legal profession, came to the state of the newspaper "Chicago record" reporter. Later decided to take legal practice and immediately move in politics as independent Republican. Harold's career went up sharply after the U.S. president Franklin Roosevelt took. March 4, 1933 the year he was appointed Secretary for Home Affairs in the office of a new President and a member of the State Administration immediately, restoring the country's economy. In May 1941, Ickes was responsible for the safety of U.S. government resources, coordinating their jobs on the needs of national defense. In the summer of 1943, he headed the oil supplies of America Corporation. According to his words the main award considered saving U.S. oil supplies for future generations. After coming to power, the authority of the Truman Ickes staggered and 1942nd he retired, it is leaving politics. He died in 1952, in Washington.

In their own critical analyzes Boris Borisov urges Russians to start the reply "information attack" on the sharp expressions South American Congress of wrong policies regarding administration of the USSR and miscalculations that led to the economic consequences of a weary and famine in the thirties of the last century. Calling modes Board Hoover-Roosevelt's "blood" and referring to their policy not on the other as "humanitarian crime", the creator of conduct aimed offers "information fire" in a weak point in the policy of the United States, which has accumulated plenty in American history.
But it is necessary to make out, and the main arguments of the enemies of Borisov, who consider his point of view, unacceptable and absurd. In their opinion, the situation in the U.S. does not so scary, and artificially exaggerate the number of casualties in the historical process. The comparison is with the events of the Stalin period they consider very offensive. When the economic situation in the U.S. has been a disaster, the government has sharply restricted the arrival of foreigners into the country, helping with all this mass exodus of people outside of their own. This has led to a significant decrease in population, and the difference between immigration flows in the twenties and thirties of $ 3.6 million. In addition, according to the census of the population birth rate in the United States did not undergo drastic those configurations, referred to by Borisov. The number of babies born during the escalation of the crisis was indeed much lower, if in previous periods. But this is due to the fact that at least some reasonable person in the circumstances impermanence half loaf about whether or not to give birth to babies. In other words, the same configurations in the birth rate statistics are natural completely across the country and in no way connected with the highest infant mortality.

Opponents Borisova not refute the fact that the severe problems in the U.S. naturally existed. The decline of the market as the result of rampant monetary policy, the initial non-intervention, and then illiterate rude invasion of the country in the unstable economic processes that have caused rapid growth in the number of unemployed. According to that period in some large cities fraction of the total working-age unemployed population reached fifty or even eighty percent! With all of this all samples government assist the suffering overlap turnaround actions in the form of increased duties, taxes and lowering tariffs on agricultural products.

But even with these criteria was observed that the number of hungry deaths that resulted from the calculations Boris Borisov. Even if the government tried to hide similar information, it is necessary to penetrate through the communist organization that existed in the country illegally USA. Information about mass starvation certainly could be transferred to the current location of the American Russian reconnaissance team and made public in the USSR. However, these materials do not exist, on the contrary, there is evidence that even in the most difficult times, people tried to assist each other and find an opportunity to provide their loved ones with food and basic necessities.

By giving readers the opportunity to make their own conclusions, hunting words remind experienced South American philosopher George Santayana that those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat it. Eighty years later, the U.S. ruling circles as before stepping on the same rake as before and make mistakes that are made during the depression study Roosevelt, bringing the country to a catastrophe.

Also, in fairness it should be noted that modern historians reject methods of research that is based on an assessment of demographic losses due to the nonlinearity of demographic processes and their dependence on the mass of reasons. This in turn casts swing purchased similar method for assessing the "victims of communism" issued by South American researchers and the world death toll from famine in the Ukraine officially recognized by our government.

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