Far East film came over

© RIA Novosti.  Ruslan KrivobokKHABAROVSK, October 31 — RIA Novosti. Mists that some days are observed in the southern regions of the Far East, should dissipate on Wednesday, told RIA Novosti on Monday, a representative of the Far Eastern Hydrometeorological management.

On Saturday, a thick fog enveloped Khabarovsk, was delayed several flights at the airport. This natural phenomenon is also observed the Jewish Autonomous Region residents. On Monday morning, a thick fog disrupted Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport — delayed more than 10 flights. In Primorye, the fog at the airport of Vladivostok was detained flight to Beijing, other aircraft, following a flight from Moscow to Vladivostok, was forced to land in Khabarovsk.

"These fog — a rarity for the region. Reason they became a natural phenomenon caused by the imposition of the smoke haze, making fog resistant. Tuesdays will improve the situation, it is projected that in the medium to normal," — said the representative of the weather center.

He said that on Monday morning, in Khabarovsk, for example, the visibility on the road was 100 meters. The normal value of visibility is 10 kilometers.

On Saturday, when the fog in Khabarovsk was the strongest, the visibility was 50 meters.

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