Farmers want to be equated with the collective farms

In Gomel, a meeting of representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional selgaskamitetu with local farmers. It was on the state farms. They are now in the region of 280 — that's 14 percent of the total in the country.

At the end of the summer Alexander Lukashenko, visiting the farmer Michael Shrub Zhitkovichi in the area, expressed his admiration for effective conduct of its economy and even offered to take a few backward balance of collective and create a special holding company.

"Felt whether farmers in the recent past changes in official attitudes to the farmer's it going? How is this manifested? "On the this issue meet farmers Gomel region.

— Began to get more equipment for leasing. You could say we previously did not give it at all. We get fuel and chemical fertilizer. In this regard, there are some changes. But, I think the most important thing — to equate farmers with collective farms. It is necessary that we get all the same — that the collective farms, then we are. In other words, to put us on an equal economic conditions.

— Many start from scratch, so we have to somehow pay attention on concessional lending. And more. A technique that collective blamed on scrap metal because of the futility of it in the hands of the farmer could have more than a year to operate. Do not give it!

— I do not see any changes: as it was, and is. As soon put things in order with fertilizers. We used to get them something, then no. Now we get stable, depending on the availability of selgasugoddyav. But this — a drop in the ocean. Nothing more than talk until you get.

— Technique can be leased. This is — a big plus. Big minus — is lending novice farmers. Credit is almost impossible to take. And the interest is usually large, and all banks require collateral. It is not the guarantors, but only bail.

— After the last forum was held just a month — as it could have changed? Goes so far only major development plans, events. Conversations are coming! If something changes, the only next year.

— In our area Petrikovsk changed in a positive way. Perhaps this is due to the change management area. With the allocation of land there is progress for the better. Offer already own to increase our land. While, of course, more talk. What will it ultimately will result, see

— There are changes for the better. More attention was paid to the farmer. Leasing facilities provide, fertilizer, diesel fuel.

— No listings for the delivered grain — the debts do not return. Not all, but such is.

— If before another official could simply shrug off, but now our problems are discussed though. A discussion — it is the shortest way to solve problems.


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