FFA will send an additional 300 paratroopers to Krasnoyarsk

FFA will send soon about 300 paratroopers in Krasnoyarsk to aid in fighting forest fires, told RIA Novosti the head FFA adviser Nikolai Kovalev.

The most difficult in terms of forest fires in Russia remains in Siberia. As noted by Kovalev, to early August in the region will remain dry and hot weather. Help stabilize the situation with forest fires, according to the representative of the Federal Forestry Agency, can only increase in Siberia forces and means to extinguish the fire.

"The other day 300 (paratroopers) flight to Krasnoyarsk to assist in fighting forest fires. Now we are waiting for a letter from the regional authorities to allocate people and, according to the regulations for two days experts will be sent to the place," — explained Kovalev.

He also said that 127 paratroopers already moved up to the Krasnoyarsk Territory for fighting forest fires.

According to the department, from the beginning, the number of forest fires in the Krasnoyarsk region and its area doubled from the previous year: by now burned 197.8 thousand hectares of forest. The total area affected by the fire in the forests of Siberia is 652.8 thousand hectares.

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