Fire at TPP-2 occurred in the Altai

In Barnaul, investigators and working committee TPP-2 understand the causes of fire, which occurred in a room turbine shop. Cabin burned in pipes turbo area of 30 square meters. meters.

— Message about the fire came from the employees of combined heat and power — told Life News, the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Altai Territory. — At the time of the arrival of fire protection in the area covering the turbine shop burned in pipes turbogenerator.

As a result, emergency switchboard damaged turbine generator control and paneling on its pipes. According to the preliminary version, the fire was due to an oil leak in the turbine plant.

This incident at the heating did not affect the city. Launched three additional turbine generator, not to unfreeze the system. Victims and victims.

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At Krasnoyarsk CHP accident turbine

17.01.12.Na oldest thermal power plant in Siberia burst one of the units. A huge cloud of steam cover the entire plant. Consequences PE filmed on video.

The accident happened early in the morning on January 17. Steam circuit broke one of the obsolete turbines. Fortunately, this time there were no casualties, but experts predict a severe damage of bearing structures of the building.

Station staff are concerned about the incident. According to them, much of the equipment is worn out and needs to be upgraded.

— If in the near future is to remove the cause of the accident, the building may collapse and bury a staff! We are in grave danger — shared experiences with Life News one of the employees of the Krasnoyarsk HPP-1.

Despite the seriousness of the emergency, the workstation on pain of dismissal forbidden to talk about what happened.

— Guide asked us not deal with this topic, but to work in such conditions, we can not — shared with Life News staff HPP-1. — How would qualitatively or repaired all the equipment, the foundation has already worn out: support columns are cracked and numerous injuries.

Available Life News were the results of expert opinion on the repair station, confirming fears of employees HPP-1.

The document states: "In carrying out repairs wall fence of the 1st and 2nd stage turbine department found that the replacement of brickwork is not possible because of the threat of collapse facing masonry concrete structural columns. The continuation of the work is dangerous. By the collapse of the old brickwork can suffer people, equipment, and communication (with heat pipe). "

However, the plant's management continues to insist that no state of emergency in CHP happened.

— We have all the turbines are intact, there are no breaks, — assured the shift Krasnoyarsk CHP-1. — I have no idea where she could do with such information.

Recall that four years ago because of negligence on the management of the Krasnoyarsk HPP has been a major accident.

It happened in 2008, then broke two trunk pipelines. About a thousand homes were left without heating the right bank for almost three days and about a third of homes were without electricity.

Julia Yermilova

Source: Life News Online

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