Firefighters left in the woods near Krasnoyarsk, out of danger

A group of 27 employees of the Krasnoyarsk forest fire center, working on putting wood in the Yenisei district of the region, is out of danger, and does not require an emergency evacuation, said Wednesday at a press briefing the head of agency forestry region Mikhail Malkevich.

The head of the Yenisei region Sergey Ermakov said that because of the intense smoke and poor visibility, the helicopters could not fly to the area, where there were two groups of Marines a total of 38 people, who last Thursday was over food. The possibility of ground messages also lacking due to fires. On Tuesday night a group of 11 people still managed to be evacuated by helicopter, a second group of 27 people left to work on putting.

"Just want to say that we are one in the woods did not lose, the relationship with the two groups was in the mode of on-line, we make decisions about their actions. First group we threw into the woods on June 23 and 31 the number taken, when they managed to fire at the site. They had rations for three or four days, but they lived on Zaimka and also get products from a host of homestead. Yesterday, nine of them were evacuated by helicopter, two remained, as the sons of the owner homestead. second group of 27 people continued to work on extinguishing forest yesterday, we were able to deliver their products by land, "- said Michael Malkevich.

According to him, the second group will be taken out of reach areas, or when to cope with a fire on the site, or if it is replaced by another group. In the remaining part of the forest fire of local residents not only trained professionals aviapozharnoy service.

According to the Krasnoyarsk forest fire center in the region now operates 79 wildfires on an area of 9.816 hectares. The most tense in Boguchan district, which recorded 17 fires, the same sources in the Yenisei region. During the day, eliminated 20 fires on an area of 798 hectares. Work in fire 1469 people and 154 vehicles. Settlements no threat. The region continued to operate emergency mode, introduced on June 26.

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