Firefighters took control of forest fire in Spanish Catalonia

Firefighters on Tuesday managed to take kontrollesnoy fire raging in Spanish Catalonia since last Sunday, according to local authorities.

"We are now fully localized forest fire, and if the weather conditions do not change, then we hope that during the day we can completely extinguish the fires. Chances are very high," — told the Interior Minister Felip Puig de Catalunya.

Currently in the heat of the fire subsided and the wind died down.

To combat the largest in Spain over the last 26 years, forest fire involved 25 aircraft and helicopters, and hundreds of local and French firefighters and 200 soldiers.

The victims of the fire are already four people, all of them French citizens. A fire raged in the more than 13 thousand hectares.

The danger area had been evacuated more than 1.3 thousand people, who are now returning to their homes. According to preliminary estimates the damage caused by fire, could reach tens of millions of evro.Prichinoy forest fire was careless use of fire. According to the police, the fire originated from unquenched cigarettes.

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