Fires in the Tomsk region can not put out the air because of the smog

Able to prevent lift aircraft, including amphibian MOE, to fight forest fires in the Tomsk region, told RIA Novosti on Friday, Deputy Governor — Head of Business Development and the real economy Trubitsyn Andrew.

Dense smog from forest fires blanketed Tomsk on Tuesday, Thursday morning it is slightly lifted, but by noon the increasing again. Because of the smoke screen on Thursday was interrupted work Tomsk airport. As of Friday morning, the airport still does not accept the aircraft was able to preserved.

According to eyewitnesses, on Friday in Tomsk feel a strong smell of burning.

The total area of forest fires for the past day increased by 8.5% to Friday morning 8.5 thousand hectares. In the region there are 34 forest fires in 11 districts. For the last day there was a fire at three area of 160 hectares, 12 localized fires in the area 4.4 thousand hectares, eliminated two fires on the area of 21.7 hectares.

The forests in the region continues to operate a state of emergency imposed order of the Governor of the Tomsk region in view of the deterioration of the forest fire situation.

"Our main problem, in which a man almost powerless — smoke, which does not allow to raise the aircraft. We have more than 60% of fires occur in the aviation area, and prepared and aircraft, are people willing to water and drain the unit. Unfortunately, Airport closed, do not give rise. As soon as a airport — we are working with aviation technology, "- said Trubitsyn.

He said that on Thursday, with the GPS points were identified draining the big MI-26, which is sent to Tomsk, authorities have warned the public of the work — but on Friday it was not possible due to the fact that because of the smog closed Tomsk airport where the aircraft is based.

"And Be-200 (amphibian), located in Nizhnevartovsk, had to work in the morning — but the mist rose on Ob and to extract water from the river need visibility … There are objective problems, which is not yet possible to kill" — noted.

According to him, the authorities in the region are prepared to engage in firefighting 12 aircraft, but they are on land.

He stressed that, despite this, everything is done to the efforts of individuals and ground vehicles to overcome the fires.

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