Five super-products from breast cancer


Is not it true that today we hear very little about cancer prevention? Indeed, it seems that prevention today nobody pays attention. However, all that is needed to prevent disease, is usually at hand. For example, researchers from City of Hope Cancer Center (Cancer Center, "City of Hope") in Los Angeles found five "superfoods" that prevent breast cancer, which are publicly available.

In light of the dominance of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), environmental pollution, lifestyle changes and other trends in the incidence of adverse many chronic diseases and cancer is increasing. One of the best ways to avoid cancer — is to strengthen the body of reliable nutritional formula "superfoods."

On its Web site, scientists from City of Hope Cancer Center (Los Angeles, CA) offer a simple and delicious way to prevent cancer. The researchers identified five specific products that have obvious advantages in the fight against cancer. Moreover, the majority of them are usually available all year round in grocery stores. What are these products?

Mushrooms. White button mushrooms are able to slow the growth of breast cancer by controlling specific enzymes of the body — the aromatase. Aromatase — proteins that are required for the synthesis of estrogen. Aromatase stimulate the development of breast cancer, so the mushrooms can help stop the growth of cancer cells.

Blueberries. Compounds blueberry effectively prevent the growth of cancer cells. Scientists have found that blueberries reduce the size of existing tumors and prevents the spread of triple negative breast cancer.

Garnet. Garnet has unique substances which, like mushrooms, inhibit aromatase and effective in about 70% of breast cancers. After studying 10 ellagitannin containing components in pomegranate, researchers realized that these natural compounds can successfully prevent the formation of malignant tumors in the breast. In particular, in urolitin significantly inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

Cinnamon. Cinnamon blocking protein that is responsible for angiogenesis (development of tumor vessels), which prevents the entry of tumor substances necessary. This blockage of blood flow prevents the development and survival of the tumor.

Grape seed extract. Compounds found in grape seeds also have antiaromataznym action. Furthermore, grapeseed extract inhibits the action of another protein responsible for promoting the proliferation of cancer cells.

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