For balkantsav canceled visa

The Ministers of Justice and Interior 27 EU countries approved on Monday at a meeting in Brussels, the Commission's proposal to abolish the visa regime for citizens of Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For both countries made a number of technical requirements for the transition to a visa-free regime: in particular, the introduction of biometric passports and the improvement of migration control.

It is expected that the final decision on visa-free regime will be formalized by December.

In 2009the EU has abolished visa requirements for citizens of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. Balkanav now the only region that does not have visa-free relations with the EU, Kosovo is not recognized by all EU Member States as an independent nation.

Accession to the EU — the main foreign policy priority balkanskih States. Croatia and Macedonia are official candidates for membership. The list potential candidates featured Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Kosovo Serbiya.



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