For income Belarus at Uruguay

Today published the results of research experts of UNDP. Belarus joined the group of countries with high human development and ranked 61 th out of one hundred sixty nine of the nearest neighbors of Belarus ahead of Poland (41 th ranked), Lithuania (44th), Latvia (48th) . Russia — at the 65th place. Closes rating Zymbabve.

How to evaluate the place of Belarus in the ranking experts?

The Human Development Index is composed of three equally important components: income, determined by GDP at purchasing power parity, education, and literacy rates determined by enrollment among children and youth, longevity is determined by the projected life expectancy at birth.

The final index of human development syarednearytmetychnaya is calculated as the sum of these three components.

As to the first economic indicator, the economist Alexander Kovalev opined:

For this indicator, we are big, even huge difference lag behind the developed European countries and the U.S.

"This index — total domestic product at purchasing power parity — allows you to compare different countries, taking into account the prices of several different products that are usually found in your shopping cart. According to this indicator Belarus somewhere in the middle of the world, at the level of Uruguay example. Below neighbors, Lithuania and Poland. But beneath the Ukraine. course, this indicator we have a big, big difference even lag behind the developed European countries and the United States. This is absolutely clear. "

Political scientist Svetlana Naumova says that one can not equate all three components. But as regards the level of education of Belarus takes a high place: there is almost no illiteracy, all children learn:

"For example, we did a very good performance in terms of formal education. But this does not mean that we have no problems in education. And we have a high degree of access to education. This is, unfortunately, not the case. Formally But yes, we have good performance. Here it is impossible not to be happy for our country. But, again, it does not note that our country is gradually developing. "

As for life expectancy, our next door neighbors have paabganyali.

According to the economist Michael Zaleski, if we analyze the generalized international rankings, one must look, from which they are made, and these components are essential to our lives today and tomorrow:

"This ranking includes indicators such as life expectancy and the nation's ability to give a good education to its citizens. Course, the education we are ahead of Africa, some countries in Asia and Latin America. But as regards life, our next door neighbors have paabganyali. Lithuanians and Poles broke away from us. After all, unlike us, they have life expectancy is increasing, and we have reduced. Here we are in the group, which is more common in Eurasia, to the Russian. After all, we have a very large gap in life expectancy between men and women is associated with alcoholism total ".

The Human Development Index has been published since 1990, the current record was the 20th, the anniversary. And Belarus has consistently held in the seventh decade of this rating.

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