For the neglect of the cemetery applicant requires authorities to 100 million rubles

In the Monday, November 8 Slutsky District Court considered the suit of an activist Zenaida Tsimoshak to the local district council, executive committee and subordinate them to the municipal unitary enterprise "Slutskaya housing and communal services".

The applicant believes that these entities are responsible for the ruined condition of the old (now closed) in Slutsk cemetery on the street 14 guerrillas. Their findings to the applicant argues link pakon "The Burial and Funeral" and the Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights. According to these documents, Zinaida Tsimoshyk asks court to recover from the Slutsky District Council, Executive Committee and the PMC" Slutskoe housing "100 million rubles. Use This amount assumes Mrs. Tsimoshak for improvement Churchyard.

Judge Julia Pavlenko decision is not adopted. November 8 from 9 am court to restore its meeting in this matter.

Slutsky cemetery.

Zinaida Tsimoshak lives in Slutsk. She graduated from the Minsk Pedagogical Institute. She worked as a teacher of history and foreign languages. Now she is a media activist, an activist of the civil campaign "Our House", a human rights activist.

October 5 2010 Zinaida Tsimoshak through noState media appealed to all caring people to join the public initiative "flowers instead of weeds" and require the authorities the necessary deductions from taxes for a decent content cemetery. According to Zinaida Tsimoshak, photos of some of the grave sites in Slutsk and Kopyl areas — ostensibly footage from a horror movie: fallen monuments, dense thicket of weeds, piles of garbage …



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