For the past seven years, Russian ufologists are trying to understand who has left an unusual autograph on a fishing tent

February 17, 2013 3:46

This unique anomalous phenomena have not found a clear explanation. For seven years, Russian ufologists are trying to figure out who left an unusual autograph … on a fishing tent.

In late August 2005, a resident of Chrysostom named Dmitri Turgojak resting on the lake in the Chelyabinsk region: fishing, scuba diving. Recalls Dmitry, the entire vacation on his rare luck with the weather: the whole week was a forty-degree heat and a drop from the sky. Only on the last day in the evening rain. Peck stopped, Dmitri turned pole and took up cooking dinner. His canvas tent cover with plastic wrap did not — decided therefore not get wet …

That night was the turning for Dmitry. He had ceased to doubt that the universe is inhabited …


At about four in the morning woke up from an all-time Dmitry furious attacks of mosquitoes. Burned incense spiral repellent … and suddenly somewhere above the tent lights came on. The source of the light was so strong that it even shone through the inner tent Moist tarp. Risk fisherman did not and do not got out of the shelter — continued surveillance in relative safety.

Dmitri did not hear the noise, silhouettes seen, but he could see that the light was coming from the object round or spherical. As he recalled the tourist fireball, which he has run once, Dmitry lying, afraid to move.
After a few minutes (how much, Dmitry does not remember) the lights went out. If someone had turned off the mysterious switch. Sleep after that was not easy, and the fisherman had lit a kerosene stove to slightly recover. As soon as the flames lit up the kerosene stove tent Dmitri saw a strange silhouette. Pitched tents being stared at him from a film about space aliens …

Dmitri spent rest of the night, staring at the mysterious stranger: two eye sockets, and above them a small dash-like eyebrows, elongated face, his nose like an elephant's trunk or flies …

In the morning the tent was dry, and the silhouette disappeared. On the night the incident Dmitry decided not to tell anyone.


A few hours after his companion drove Dmitry Sergey. Week vacation was over, began to gather belongings and prepare to leave. And then began to rain. With tarpaulin tents on friends stared night visitor …

They decided to carry a tent in Chrysostom and show professionals "Skeet". From the local "Kosmopoisk" information came to us, "Chelyabinsk-Kosmopoisk", and our research team involved in the answer to the mysterious "cases on Turgoyakskoe Aliens".

Only a hypothesis

In the first place I came to Chrysostom, and met by a witness — the owner of the "anomalous tent." After the interview, Dmitry decided to show the wonder and soaked tarpaulin water. Pattern emerged — right before my eyes!

Analogue of the strange case in the history of world anode malistiki we have found. However, the unusual nature of the figure can be explained by the effect of keranografii. It is to apply the projection images are not on photographic paper, and on the other surfaces. This happens sometimes after a flash of lightning — on subjects on human or animal skin appear images of nearby objects. How? It is still unknown science.

The light source above the tent could be a fireball, plasmoid, even UFOs — none of these things is not exotic to TURGOJAK: the Lake often experienced the strange anomaly.

But who is pictured in the "Images"? Colleagues put forward a lot of hypotheses: insect, whose projection on the tent has been increased due to the effect svetotipii: Funny combination of branches: insektoidnoy alien race … This is really anyone's guess.
Anekotorye unknown researchers connected to the "case of Turgoyakskoe aliens", even saw an artifact of an analogue of the Turin Shroud to tread on her image of Christ.

Well, anything can happen. Practices in anomalistiki know that sometimes even the most fabulous hypotheses are true, despite its obvious "unscientific" …

Andrew Lyubushkin. "Chelyabinsk-Kosmopoisk." Photo by author


Nikolay Subbotin. (RUFORS)

— Perhaps the source of an unusual night light was geoelektrichestvo. It can build up in the soil in areas of faults, which eventually filled quartzite. Advances rocks lead to compression of quartzite and the accumulation of static electricity in it. Under some circumstances it can "drain" into the atmosphere, which leads to self-luminous formations as light poles, "dumbbell" and balls. These last often mistaken for UFOs.

It can be assumed that the tent was set on one of these faults. In the rain, it was wet and was a good vehicle for geoelektrichestva. His release may have changed the structure of the tent fabric. Similar silhouette "draws" the static electricity on film.

Paul ass, Candidate of Chemical and Biological Sciences Professor of Biochemistry at the Medical Academy (Chelyabinsk):

— These days are known fabrics, which can change its color. These include gidrohrom-tion material. Its constituent salts of cobalt, adding crystal water, changing the color of fabric from blue to red. So, if a small white handkerchief linen stand some time in a solution of cobalt chloride, it will be pink. On drying scarf painting changed to blue. However, inorganic salts-crystalline quite easily washed out of the fabric, therefore, like a scarf chameleon soon loses its properties.

If we start from the nature of the material the tent, we can come to some interesting conclusions. Covers — a dense linen or semi-linen fabrics, plain weave, made of thick yarn. The Shroud of Turin is also made of linen! Linen is highly hygroscopic (moisture-absorbing capacity) and a small electrostatic charge. With high content of moisture on the surface of the material, or in the very fibers increases the electrical conductivity of tissue, allowing it to dissipate static electricity. It is quite possible for this effect and is based expression pattern. However, I repeat, to get the same effect requires the presence of a certain fabric fibers gidrohromnogo agent capable of polarization and color change.

In conclusion, I want to add that with the development of nanotechnology was born smart textile — «smart textiles." At the heart of this material — photos, thermal or gidrohromnye dyes that allow tissues to change color when exposed to light rays, temperature, humidity. Some "smart fabrics", even change color depending on the color of the room or area. These fabrics — a symbiosis of textile, microelectronics and specialty chemicals, of course, an old canvas tent does not have anything to do with them.

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