For the peace of torsion fields

October 27, 2011 17:28

Since ancient times, came to us an idea of the existence of some substance — the ether that fills everything in space. These days, the term "ether" replaced by that of "physical vacuum", but the problem has not changed.

Starting with Isaac Newton, scientists then "canceled" the existence of the ether, then again turned it into his arguments. Newton has repeatedly changed its position on the existence of the ether from full recognition to complete deniability.

But with the development of the theory of gravitation he assumed that the ether exists. Thanks to the long-range air with an instantaneous transmission of gravity over large distances. Like it or not it is safe to say no one can, because nobody has been able to "turn on" or "off" the force of gravity.

But the main point is that the space according to Newton has physical reality. "The idea … that one body may act upon another at a distance through a vacuum without something that has shifted to the action and force from one body to another — seems to me as absurd that there is, I believe, a man the ability to think philosophically, to whom she would have come to mind, "- wrote the great physicist. Here the presence of the ether is not only supposed to be, but also suggests a certain toughness and physicality of this substance.

As a result, the universe, on the proposal of Newton, was boundless and infinite, Euclidean geometry had the space, that is a linear one. Infinity of the universe means to be eternal. This is an important epistemological conclusion that for a general understanding of the world, perhaps, more important than you can imagine.

In the classical physics of Newton was put absolute space and time. According to this passage of time, and body size in different frames are fixed and do not depend on whether or not to move the system relative to the observer.

Another concept of the universe came together with the name of Albert Einstein, who created the special and general theories of relativity. In Einstein, time and space have become dependent on the movement of one system against another. Furthermore, according to the general theory of relativity, the mass movement called the curvature of space and the curvature of space caused by space-filling matter. As a result, according to Einstein, the universe turns infinite but finite, in which the space is necessarily a closed like a sphere.

But Einstein's theory creates more new questions than answers to questions that could not answer the classical physics.

First, it is useful to clearly distinguish between the space as a mathematical abstraction, and space as the distance between specific points that we have to, say, connect the transport system.

In the first case, we can automatically use Euclidean geometry, in the second — we have to take into account the effect of external field lines, which in the end will give us a real distortion of space.

As an illustration we can picture the magnetic field lines between the poles of a magnet. Watching from the outside, we never for a moment think about the curvature of space. But once inside it in the form of a small magnetic particles, we will move on power lines and make sure that the space was really curved for our movement. It is clear that the description of the curved space we will not suit the geometry of Euclid, Lobachevsky and Riemann geometry necessary to us is not found.

Second, to overcome the space under the action of some external lines will be more difficult for us, we will require the greater the energy and time costs, a higher rate than we move.

Third, the closed universe can not be determined. Human thought able to go beyond the boundaries of any confined space, which leads me to ask the question: what next?

It is clear that the physical vacuum, the absence of anything beyond our universe of Einstein can not be. But then Einstein's theory becomes relative, local, private. In addition, it follows that the mass is not in a position to somehow bend space, because we have not answered the question, what is the "mass".

From this representation of the universe of Einstein that once was a time when our universe was born out of nothing. This performance resulted from scientists to the theory of the Big Bang. However, such a cataclysm could happen only in a small (relative to the overall dimensions) point vast universe.

And then automatically raises questions: what was the root cause of the Big Bang, and that stopped the "outflow" of matter at some stage. You also need to answer, how about nothing appears monstrous mass (for example, our galaxy), which also immediately turned in a giant spiral. I think the answers to these questions are somehow related.

Before I continue, I will make a reservation. The terms "matter" and "stuff" I use most of inertia, according to tradition, rather than on the merits. And as we consider some paradoxes matter, we will be more and more sure that matter (matter) does not exist.

Indeed, we live in a world that we did not yet fully known. And it is not fully known, not because we are not in a position to understand, but because they begin, as they say, at the wrong end.

The only source of information about the world around us is our sensations. Nothing, and for a moment can change that. In this situation, the only tool of knowledge of reality is universal for the whole of the living world of the Earth (from ciliates to humans), the mechanism of thought, based on the prediction of events based on information from sensors (senses).

Only in this way a living organism will be able to take action in order to survive. The mechanism of the body reflects the thinking of a particular level of knowledge of reality and scale them to the environment. In this article on the torsion fields, I can not go into this more. The meaning of the above is that we have no evidence of the existence of matter. All that we call matter, matter — just a logical generalization of the sum of sensations, and no more.

After making the reservation, let us consider some of the properties of matter. We draw attention to the Big Bang theory, according to which, according to scientists, and the universe was born.

Such a model, as a universal and does not tolerate criticism, as mentioned above. Therefore, I propose a thought experiment. Rise above our galaxy is so high that it has shrunk to the size of nickels.

After that, watch your surroundings for 5-10 billion years. What will we see? Not just our galaxy, but countless others, very similar to our own, run at about the same speed. And each galaxy rotates about its center of rotation. Consequently, for each galaxy was once a big bang. In addition, we find that the universe is filled with galaxies rotating relatively evenly.

But however much we may have seen, we have not been able to find in the universe that could be called Antigalaktikoy. This follows from the fact that the number of galaxies and antigalaktik (according to the Big Bang theory) should be the same.

But then they would be "mixed" with each other and annihilate, continuously interact with each other. This does not happen because of the fact that antigalaktik simply can not be. Hence, the paradox of the Big Bang turns into a riddle: why from a certain point of the universe was born only a particular galaxy. This puzzle is poured into a riddle: what is the substance?

If we sum the mass if only those galaxies that will be in our field of view during a thought experiment, we find that the value of this mass can not be any theoretical explanation, as all that was born out of an abundance of complete emptiness. Scientists attribute the birth of, say, our galaxy properties of the physical vacuum, based on a hypothetical density of the energy contained in the physical vacuum.

This is true, but in this formulation is a weak explanation. Any calculation of so-called energy density of the physical vacuum are not unfounded, since, as already stated, we do not know the causes of the beginning of the Big Bang, but we do not know the reasons, stopping the process.

And it's not a power density of the physical vacuum, and that the properties of the physical vacuum, then the "end" did not change, remain the same.

During our thought experiment, we would find that the only form of movement in the near space of the universe is the rotation of galaxies. There was no movement in relation to each other we would not find. This means that at the time of its inception, any galaxy immediately begins to rotate (twist) like a giant gyroscope.

Therefore, from the very inception of the future of the galaxy to the "nascent" substance are gigantic forces of torsion. Speak for the assumption that these forces appear shortly before the Big Bang, and are the very reason that extracts a substance produced by the galaxy of the physical vacuum.

But then the birth and the birth of the next stop of the galaxy is a process controlled by others. In addition, the rotation of galaxies is only a necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of galaxies.

Continuing the idea of the inevitability of the rotation of galaxies, down to the level of stellar (solar) systems. Here we also find a "universal" rotation: components and systems in general. All repeated at this level. In addition, we find a certain synchronicity of rotation of planets about their suns and systems in their galaxies. Thus, the nature of the forces causing the rotation, and their source at the galaxies, stars and planetary systems is the same.

Discussed above the space of the universe, as the space is permeated by some power lines. Now it is clear that it is not the mass of matter and forces the system, causing the rotation of space education and have the power system, which really distorts space for any transportation system.

Power lines, "forcing" rotating celestial formations are macrocosmic vortices twisting or torsion fields macrocosmic scale.

And these macrocosmic torsion field at the time of its appearance from the physical vacuum (at the birth of the physical vacuum) is "pulled" out of it what we call matter.

It remains to see how the work torsion fields at the micro level. For information about this, unfortunately, can only be due to the special properties of some people called "clairvoyant" (but not all of them).

Evidence of clairvoyants are very valuable to understand what "material" world is simply not true, as we are used to it, but is identical to the level of galaxies to the level of elementary particles.

This is how Brahman Chatterjee said in his lectures, delivered in Europe at the end of XIX century: "Did you see any of you atom? I mean the physical atom, because the chemical atom — is a complex phenomenon.

Suppose you are able to see the actual atom. You perceive it fatally still under the guise of color, odor, density, all under the guise of quality. And we have just seen, that all these qualities effect of the movement and nothing else. Where is your atom? In my dreams, physics … Everything disappears in motion. "

Philosophy Brahmanas, was epitomized by Chatterjee, has its roots in the many thousands of years back centuries. Therefore it is interesting to compare these words with saying CW Leadbeater, who was able to see a single electron, proton, neutron, the atom.

He left us a legacy of a large number of sketches, which become apparent only today. The equivalence of energy and matter Leadbeater in the late XIX century, said the following: "The atom is hardly a" thing ", although this is the material from which all physical bodies.

It is formed by the flow of the life force, and disappears when it is low tide. " This statement is clearly visible lack of understanding of matter itself. Leadbeater was a priest and had no special training. Therefore, we can only wonder at this precise definition: his insight into things deeper than it could have done a physicist not only that, but our time.

Next, I will provide information from a clairvoyant dream. The example I took from the book American psychiatrist Shafiq Karagully "Breakthrough to creativity: your extrasensory perception" (Minsk, "Santana", 1991).

In this example, the information was obtained in a dream in the form of lectures and recorded immediately after waking up in a few years. In many cases the "listener" There is an opportunity to check the accuracy of the complex reality of scientific data obtained during the night "lectures". So the next.

"The one" lecture "lecturer discussed neutron. He called it "a binder of science," and said that the binding energy of the atom is what could be described as ultrasound in a very narrow frequency band, barely perceptible different elements …

During that same lecture teacher made visible schematic model of neutrons in an atom of iron. He represented it as a helix with a known number of turns of the spiral and the two formed a central line through turns, located perpendicular to the plane of the spiral.

Spiral took the form of a cone. Another model, which he used for the demonstration, showing the neutron as two spiral vortex of this type, the vertices of the cones almost touch each other and rotating in opposite directions. "

The above figure illustrate appropriate neutron, which we got from the CWL. As we can see, except for the rotation of the vortex is not anything at all, matter is really gone.

Now the information to explain the mechanism of the "birth" and "death" of matter, as well as explanation of its basic properties we have enough.

So, at some point (I believe, not dependent, for example, the action of a mass) from the physical vacuum is born vortex electromagnetic oscillations (vortex torsion fields), which in this case is always "pulls" from a certain portion of plasma.

This vortex can be likened to the string bass guitar with the difference that this string is continuous (closed on itself) and twist in a closed loop, which occupies space in a variety of forms. Plasma is confined in a continuous power cord wrapped up a whirlwind of an electromagnetic field. The most important thing is that the cord is constantly rotating. And the figure, which he formed in space, also continuously rotates at high speed. And in this case, the direction of rotation is always the same — right, positive. Only one element of a positron is in the opposite direction of rotation, which causes his "death" through annihilation.

It is advisable to allocate primary torsion fields that form the power of education, corresponding to elementary particles — photons, electrons, protons and neutrons. No other particle not and is not required at all. That entity are the easiest and most stable in the sense of preserving their rotation.

More complex vortex torsion fields associated elementary particles in atoms, molecules, crystals and so on. Form what is called matter. Even more complex torsion fields form fields, called magnetic, gravity and so on. These are all the appropriate fields described as secondary torsion fields, which can exist only when the primary is formed.

Stability of secondary torsion fields is significantly lower than that of the primary. Therefore, in the "stop" of the top of their substance, they formed is destroyed. On the macrocosmic level stop "top" of a galaxy causes the stellar system that this galaxy will be "spread out" in the universe.

Such phenomena are faced when dealing with so-called "radioactive" matter. But it would be considered absolutely all radioactive substances, or, conversely, to assume that radioactive substances are not there at all, that one and the same.

I note that in its usual approach people somehow interacts with secondary torsion fields (except nuclear and thermonuclear processes). For example, we sawing metal, and thus destroying a small part of the secondary torsion fields. This releases (released), the plasma, which causes heating of the metal and / or tool.

Torsion fields that form the world in which we usually inhabit in the material, it should be called the physical torsion fields. We shall consider other types of torsion fields.

We have seen that the physical torsion fields definitely arrange our living world. Hence they can be safely described as the fields. Further, the physical information in this case we shall mean a measure ordering the plasma energy and a measure of organization of this order.

Now we have to explain the "rigidity" of the "real" matter, and then the question of "materiality" of the world will be completely exhausted. I have said that all physical education torsion actually represent energy tops, rotating at high speed. That is what explains the measure of the "hardness" of the substance.

Indeed, if the top is not running or running at low speed, drop it very simple. But if the rotation speed is enormous, for the researcher, he serves as a kind of rigid, totally unstoppable wall. Due to this our senses perceive the "rigidity" of "matter", and matter, as it turns out, does not.

So, the meaning and content of the physical torsion fields become relatively clear. This allows us to formulate the concept about the properties of the physical vacuum. It is true that the physical vacuum can only speak in terms of quality. This means that any equation can not describe it. He is incomprehensible.

On the basis of what has already been said about the physical torsion fields, about the physical vacuum can say the following:

* In the "bowels" of the physical vacuum contains a wealth of information, and this allows us to speak of it as an informational substance;

* The length of the space "inside" of the physical vacuum is zero. This property is a necessary and sufficient condition for the birth control substances from the "bowels" of the physical vacuum. This feature allows you to liken him at (dimensionless) with respect to which we are both inside and outside of it;

* You can only talk about the information capacity of the physical vacuum, but it is meaningless to discuss the possible maximum value of this power: they are unlimited by definition;

* The ability of the physical vacuum to act independently at the birth of any "portion" of the substance, to manage this process suggests that it is a living and intelligent being.

All combined properties of the physical vacuum, above, and his boundless energy capacity can talk about it as a truly divine essence — eternally existing, infinitely powerful, everywhere present, all-seeing.

But still I would say that the physical vacuum — this is only one hypostasis of God, and the Holy Spirit. Another Person of God — God the Father — was considered by us earlier when we described the torsion model of the material world. Hypostasis can call this as the physical universe, which is the Holy Spirit, there is eternity.

Now we have to consider the last Person of God — God the Son.

About six years ago I began to research fields, which were later called me biological torsion fields. It is such a field in various embodiments, constitute the soul of the living organism, which eventually gave them a certain name.

By torsion fields discussed above, these fields are irrelevant in terms of organization of plasma. In this article, I can not give details of the full range of issues related to biological torsion fields. So here I will mention only some of the important issues.

First, the physical torsion fields "generated" only from the physical vacuum. Biological torsion fields have the ability samozarozhdatsya by specific interactions with specially organized matter, called the organic matter. This interaction makes it organic matter living organism.

Any other form of "revival" does not exist.

Second, biological torsion fields in the process of self-development reflects the growth and development of the soul of the body. The growth and development of the soul is provided by the revival of the organism.

It is the process of recovery and provides storage of information in the structures of the soul.

This means that every moment of existence forever remembered in the body structure of the soul. Further, the information in this case should be understood as the amount of biological information data, the survival of a particular organism under specific conditions. This is by far the most common characteristic. On the human level, the character of the "survival" means more versatile.

Third, the physical torsion field is always and in all cases have the — right — the direction of spin. Biological torsion fields can have both the right spin vortices and left. Left twisting of torsion fields is caused by biological negative emotions of a living organism. For man is an emotion of anger, fear, despair, and so on, have emotions sin.

Consequently, information epitome of sin are left-twisted biological torsion fields.

In this case, the clairvoyant sees pravozakruchennye biological torsion fields glow different colors, a left-twisted appear to him as black, because it is absolutely not radiate energy, but they can destroy other information pravozakruchennye education biological torsion fields.

Finally, the main condition for the "union" of the soul and the body is the continued provision of the new body and a new information structure in the survival of the soul. If not, the soul leaves the body and comes in his death. From that moment, her particular existence, the terms of which depend on the mode of existence of the body during his lifetime.

All that will be discussed further, refers primarily to the soul of man, for it is his soul may become "black" color due to sins committed in life. That experienced emotions are usually sin in man. Also, I have to say that everyone here will be discussed in a highly abridged and simplified version. But still much more difficult.

So, after death, the soul leaves the body, and the fate of it depends on the already past life "in this world." If the owner of the soul lived a righteous life without sin, his soul remains light, uncomplicated sins. It is the soul of a holy man. Such a soul goes directly to the information structure (merged with it), which I called a biological universe. According to the canons of the Christian church — is God the Son. I can explain it and show in detail, but not in this article.

If the soul "stained" sin, it has largely left twist biological torsion fields and can not be accepted by God the Son, because by doing so will break its information structure. Therefore, such a soul is in the biosphere of the Earth, which gradually accumulates negative information have and the existence of the living. Consequently, the biosphere of the Earth is a place of accumulation of souls of sinners, that is, information hell.

The peculiarities of its existence, the soul of any organism, and man in particular, can not be restless after the death of its primary host. This means that in case a soul in the noosphere will search the place at least a temporary resting place. This gives rise to phenomena such as poltergeists, reincarnation, ball lightning, earthquakes, hurricanes, and so on.

Of course, earthquakes and hurricanes do not always occur for this reason, but we can say that often. It should also be said that reinkrnatsiya — is not re-incarnation of the soul in a living organism. This vulgar understanding. The meaning of reincarnation is that the soul of the sinner settles in some body and soul of a parasite on a host …

The problems of the genre are forcing me to interrupt the story in the most interesting place, as still in full here to present problems not being able to.

So end up, if the total number of souls of sinners, or "black" souls will accumulate in the biosphere of the Earth more than a certain allowable number to begin the cleansing process in which negative information is simply burned. This phenomenon is the Apocalypse. With this end all life from the face of the Earth will be destroyed. If humanity is to learn to live without violence and without sin, then the phase of the Apocalypse will be soft, like the first spring cleaning storm, after which all at once blossoms …

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