Free Wi-Fi emerged in rural DK Serpukhov region

Free wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi) has appeared in several rural houses of culture Serpukhov region.

The first phase of the project "Free communication" involves organizing network access to major population centers, where there are already fiber-optic cables. Last week, free access to the Internet appeared in the houses in the villages of Bolshevik culture and Obolensky in the village of Lipica and Bolshegryzlovskom center of children's creativity.

By the end of this week will be completed and the second phase of the Wi-Fi will be in a rest home, "Vanguard", in the village and township Vassilyevskoe Raysemenovsky.

The third stage is designed to connect small clubs in small villages. In particular, the project "Free Communication" should come in peace settlements, Podmoklovo, Glazovo, settlement Brickyard, Gavshin, Arneevo and seven settlements. For the implementation of the project will need to purchase special equipment.

The "Free Communication" began to develop from mid-spring through the administration of Serpukhov region together with "Rialkom."

Organizers of the project soon will be placed on all points of free access to the stickers to owners of smartphones and laptops were free to look for "free zone".

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