Gasoline is cheaper

In February 2012, producer prices of gasoline declined by 5.8%, according to Rosstat. Since the beginning of the year prices fell by 15.8%.

Consumer gasoline prices fell last month by 0.3% in January-February — by 0.6%.

Reduction in price of petrol in February occurred in almost all the Russian price decrease was observed in 59 subjects of the Russian Federation. The most significant it was in Chechnya by 4.8%. At the same level gasoline prices have remained in 21 subjects of the Russian Federation. The increase in gasoline prices observed in the Vladimir region of Kalmykia and by 0.1% in the Republic of Adygea — by 0.3%.

The largest decline in the producer price observed in the Astrakhan region — by 22%, the lowest (1%) — in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Total depreciation of sales prices observed in 12 subjects. In seven regions of Russia, producer prices for gasoline remained at January 2012 Appreciation of produced gasoline by 5.2% recorded in the Sakhalin region.

In February 2012, the consumer prices of different brands of gasoline on average in the Russian Federation exceeded producer prices in 2.2-2.5 times (in February 2011 — in 1.8-2.2 times).

In Moscow and St. Petersburg, consumer gasoline prices over the past month have not changed.

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