General Commission suspects the floor

At the meeting of the electoral headquarters Statkevich analyzed the situation in the electoral commission Frunze district of Minsk handed around the signature sheets.

"We came to the conclusion that there is a real possibility floor — replace my signature sheets for photocopies. We received information through their own channels, in the Frunze district Election Commission, where there is, by the way, the democratic representatives, decision has sent petitions for review to ensure that they are not copies, "- said Nikolai Statkevich.

November 2 he was in this election commission and demanded an explanation.

"They confirmed and said that my signature sheets have black writing gel pens, it is not a violation of the law, but they decided to check out these letters. Demanded I bring me my subscription lists to make sure that they do not kserakapiyavanyya here in Election Commission. I showed them, and at 13:30 hours on November 2 testify that the petitions were real. But wonder why they are referred for examination, as there can clearly see that they are real. We see no other logical explanation sending letters to the examination, as the possibility of sex "- said Nikolai Statkevich.

He demanded to allow the sign on each of the sheets, but the Commission does not allow it. Statkevich said that if there is an attempt floor and some expert's decision that, well, at least one of these letters is the photocopies of his staff will require fingerprints with those letters and compare them with the fingerprints member of the initiative group, which handed and considered these letters to the commission.

"We believe the likelihood of real sex, because I'm the most awkward of presidential candidates for Mr. Lukashenko, "- said Mr. Statkevich.



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