Geopolitical puzzle: Assads opponents have started to find chemical weapons in Syria, and Mitt Romney has agreed to become a candidate for U.S. president

Pirates of the Russian sailors freed and released tanker. As reported by "," with reference to RIA "News" and the director of the crewing company «Alpha Marine Crew Services» O. Kravchenko, yesterday pirates release Greek tanker "Energy Centurion" with Russian sailors, who was captured on August 28 in the Gulf of Guinea. The kidnappers left the tanker was evacuated after 3,000 tons of cargo.

Kravchenko told: "The crew all healthy, no problems. At the moment they understand that damaged that need to be repaired. " On board the ship with 24 crew: 23 Russians and the captain of the vessel, a Greek.

Geopolitical puzzle: the opponents of Assad in Syria began looking for chemical weapons, and Mitt Romney has agreed to become a candidate for U.S. president

Churkin says comrade. Constant Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin called on countries in a one-sided manner to impose sanctions against Syria to abandon them. About this report "," with reference to RIA "Novosti".

As the permanent representative of the sanctions imposed in circumvention of the UN Security Council, "have nothing to do with real efforts to help resolve the Syrian crisis." Such measures only complicate the lives of the ordinary people of Syria and "deny them the ability to take advantage of vsepolnotsenno basic human rights."

As recalls "Ribbon" in Syria at the moment are one-sided sanctions imposed by the United States, the EU and the Arab League. Washington rebuked senior Syrian bureaucrats access to its banking system, the EU has refused to import Syrian oil, and the Arab League turned vkladyvatelnye projects in areas of the country and forbade its members to deal with the Syrian Central Bank.

More than eight thousand dead. Chief Doctor of the Damascus central military hospital "Tischrin" (he once Syrian Army General) said that the government forces, police and security forces since the beginning of the uprising in Syria lost more than 8,000 people dead, reports "," with reference to «France-Presse».

"Every day we receive between 15 and 20 bodies of killed soldiers and security officials. With all of this since the beginning of this year, this flow has grown significantly, "- said the manager of the infirmary.

Hospital doctors' Tischrin "given the circumstances of the death statistics of soldiers and officers. Approximately 60% of the time — it's bullet wounds, 35% — mine-blast injuries. 5% military slaughtered or beheaded.

"Al-Jazeera" and "Al-Arabiya" broadcast of the victories of the Syrian opposition.

As passed on August 29 resource «Aviation Explorer», citing "" Syrian rebels attacked a military airport in the province of Idlib and killed there 10 military helicopters. This aired a program about the Qatari television channel "Al Jazeera". The footage shows how the rebels fired at the airfield of mnogokalibernyh guns.

Previously also reported winding up 5 rebels Syrian Air Force helicopters. But this information is not only not been proven in other media, but was denied by the Syrian military., referring to SANA, reports:

"On the eve of the rebels said that as a result of the attack on the airfield at Taftanaze they were destroyed by a 5 helicopter gunships government troops. But later, although the Syrian military and confirmed the attack, but denied the information about the winding up of military equipment.

"Being on the basis of military equipment was not damaged, not dead and injured two soldiers" — quoted message agency SANA ».

Coupled with the fact, referring to the ITAR-Tass and channel "Al Arabiya", reports that the rebels of the SSA, according to them, Syrian Air Force plane was shot down. The incident occurred in the province of Idlib. The video shown on the TV channel «Al Arabiya», plane crashes and falls quickly to the ground. The pilot managed to eject — he landed by parachute.

Hollande is right and Americans are wrong. Approximately thinks so Abdelbaset Sida, a favorite of the SNA. Write about it in "Wall Street Journal" quoting "Associated Press" (source of translation — "Inosmi").

Favorite of the Syrian State Council urged the United States and other allies to take decisive action, and not to lay down the blame on a divided opposition. A similar appeal sovereign SL was a response to the U.S. response to the words of French President F. Hollande that the Syrian opposition is time forms the interim government, which France here and recognize.

But the statement Hollande led to a rebuke from U.S. officials. The last say on the criteria of anonymity, identified that a provisional government soon read: after the fractured Syrian opposition can not even agree on a transition plan.

Mr. Sid, of course, believes that this is not the case. SNA consults with other "organizations" and the rebels and "seriously" preparing to form a government. As for the differences in the middle of the rebels, it is, according to SL, "normal." Favourite SNA believes in what faction will come to an agreement. Another thing is that the Americans and the international community in general are not prepared to act decisively.

Whatever Sid for not represent, plans to form a government building several opposition "organizations".

It is highly unlikely we would add, that the criteria of constant controversy "revolutionaries" were able to form an overall transitional government, which expects to shake the air Monsieur Hollande. Faster so as to irony wrote on the days of Kurt Nimmo, "Bilderberg puppet" will be recognized as the government of Syria, "Al-Qaeda".

America After playing in the brain anti-Syrian game. Barbara Slavin of «Al Monitor» (Source of translation — "Inoforum") Told about the scenarios developed by the group of asymmetric warfare (AWG) of the U.S. Army. The script was invented for this purpose that in the course of operations likely Syrian America stepped on Afghan or Iraqi rake.

Geopolitical military "Game of competitive effects", which was played from 24 to 27 July at the convention center U.S. Air Force base in Tampa, Fla. (specifically, where at the moment passes Congress of the Republican Party) opened the press Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Goldner, operations officer of the AWG . He said: "Despite the fact that we have been involved in conflicts large part of the past eleven years, we have as before not have all the answers."

Game Script briefly as follows:

"A year later, the United States, NATO, and their Arab allies will be patrolling the no-fly zone over the quiet harbor on the north-west Syria, which will become a refuge for more than half a million displaced and n
esiriyskih Syrian people.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, while still retaining power in Damascus, will be seriously injured by a suicide bomber.

UN Security Council to finally accept a resolution on Syria to guard the Syrian arsenal of chemical weapons. Iran would be invited to the multilateral negotiations with the role of the U.S., Russia, Turkey and the Arab League, which will be conducted nominally about weapons of mass destruction, but in practice — on the formation of postasadovskogo regime. In exchange for a seat at the table Syrian Iran suspends uranium enrichment up to 20%, sending its stores in Russia, and will change the operational group of Iranian forces "Qods" in Syria, members of the "humanitarian" NGO ".

So Makar, add, out of the game, held in the den of militant republicans that, and along with all of America intends to fill Mitt Romney, seen what the future holds for the region defined by the United States. The UN Security Council approved an intervention in Syria — on the basis of which has already become common in America to prevent the use of weapons of mass destruction "villains" Iran will raise the handle, give up uranium enrichment and generally go on a little leash in the West, and our homeland will swallow the bitter pill, just losing influence in the Middle East. Weakened such a geopolitical defeat, Moscow may no longer be harsh player in the international arena. Comrades Putin remains the only tyrannize his people, and his comrades Lavrov and Churkin better forget about the Security Council. In the "brave brand new world" States can only indicate the place of China — and Washington will be able to do it, because in January 2012, the South American "defense" resources shifted to the Asia Pacific region. Even in something Obama did not disappoint majestic America!

Geopolitical puzzle: the opponents of Assad in Syria began looking for chemical weapons, and Mitt Romney has agreed to become a candidate for U.S. president

From theory — to practice. Britain has given up on Syrian special forces terrain in search puzzles that comes with chemical weapon depots. Said this resource with reference to «The Daily Star». In an operation involving about 200 soldiers. It also reported that in Syria there are similar units the U.S. and France.

Their goal — to capture arsenals. No, just so they are not going to capture them, but the storm in this case, if Assad will try to apply the instrument of mass destruction against the militants or to transport it to another location.

Previously, Hollande, as reported to "Military Review", consulted with the CIA and MI6. The French president believes WMD in Syria a good reason for military intervention.

In Syria, there is no buffer zones, but France already knows how to protect them., referring to the TV channel «France Inter», reports a statement of French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.

This Monsieur said that the buffer zone on the borders of Syria will need air cover. He added that the buffer zone should be protected from threats and from the air, therefore it is necessary near the place and air defense systems.

And you can still, add, try to rename Syria to France. Hollande honored brochure of the colonial past their own homeland — and indulged in sweet dreams imperialist? .. Or maybe the French tradition of presidents such — to make friends and to consult with Bernard-Henri Levy, a huge supporter of all the "opposition" in the world, starting with the Yugoslav, a fan of buffer zones and amateur bombing?

Chestnuts out of the fire. Chairman of the opposition Republican People's Party of Turkey, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu said the government of the Justice and Development reincarnated as a tool of their own merits West greedy goals in the region. He also said that Turkey will lose if it is involved in a war with their neighbors.

Comrade Kılıçdaroğlu particularly stressed that the Turkish society there are sharp differences over the creation of the terrain of the country paramilitary bases for training militants and their next of getting to the ATS.

Another favorite of the Turkish opposition Ahmet Davutoglu described as the worst minister of foreign affairs — in the entire history of the country, reports Strategic Culture Foundation with reference to SANA.

Turkish society and opposition activists speak out against anti-Syrian policies of Prime Minister Erdogan. Turkish people dearly cost the government's desire to pull the chestnuts out of the fire for the American owners.

The moral duty of the President of the Mursi and other presidents. The Syrian delegation left the meeting of Non-Aligned Movement in Tehran, when there began to speak Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi. The fact is that Mr. Mursi criticized the Syrian government, report "News" with reference to ITAR-TASS. "Syria is a revolution against a repressive regime," — said Mr. Morsi.

And if there is a repressive deal, Egypt is ready to cooperate with any sides at least to reach the end to the bloodshed in Syria. "The violence in Syria in front of everybody, and we must realize that it will not end without outside interference," — said the Egyptian president.

According to him, the Syrians to help in the fight against the regime — a moral debt of other countries. "Our solidarity with the struggle of the Syrian people against the repressive regime that has lost its legitimacy is a moral duty, as a political and strategic necessity."

That's a different story, we would add — on "political and strategic necessity." Mursi still new to the presidency — and would probably be worse than Michael McFaul in international diplomacy. All that is strategically profitable to them within the boundaries of the 1st suggestions declared a "moral duty". Acceptable South American geopolitical approach to sharing out (though very straightforward). Not surprisingly, that America was at one time president of the newly created gratifying welcomed Mursi.

In general, the Mursi is not as simple as it seems. Completely may be that in his face America, as in many cases made it regimes, ran into what was struggling.

In the Suez Canal, the ships do not shoot. "Al-Arabiya" (Source of translation — Writes that in the days of Egypt refused to shoot at the behest of Washington Iranian ship passed through the Suez Canal. The ship was carrying this weapon to Syria. Quote:

"The Egyptian Navy has recently rejected a U.S. demand to shoot the gun loaded with an Iranian ship bound for Syria, said the channel« Al Arabiya »Managing the Administration of the Suez Canal.

Vice Admiral Mohab Mamish, past commander of the Naval Forces of Egypt, ruled out any military operations in the Suez Canal, he guaranteed the safety of international shipping in the aqua artery.

"I was appointed head of the Administration of the Suez Canal on August 12 and my main goal — to ensure the safety of all ships passing on the aqua way" — he said in an interview on Saturday.
"The Suez Canal — is aqua narrow artery, and military operations are impossible."

Official proof. Resource "Fleet-2017", citing and "Wall Street Journal" reported: the first time, official sources in Tehran have confirmed that Iran sent its own troops to Syria to help Assad's army.

Iran has already sent to Syria commanders of the Revolutionary Guards and weave their own fighter.

Iranian centrifuges. Since May, the Iranian government on the third increment of power underground uranium enrichment complex. As reported by "," with reference to «Reuters», the data contained in this quarterly report, the IAEA on Iran's nuclear dilemma.

According to the report, the underground enrichment plant at Fordow has two new cascade of centrifuges improved — from 174 in each. IAEA Specialists also suspect that similar work was carried out in other areas of the complex.

Just Fordow will be located 3,000 centrifuges.

Representatives of Iran said that the equipment necessary for the production of uranium, applicable for use as fuel in civilian nuclear reactors, but the West and Israel believe that Iran is building nuclear weapon.

Australian loss. Australian troops in Afghanistan yesterday suffered the biggest daily loss since the war in Vietnam, reports "," with reference to the «Reuters».

It all happened in one day. An Afghan soldier, who taught instructors from Australia, took and killed three of them. Later in the south of the country the Taliban shot down a helicopter, killing two Australians.

The vast majority of Australians are in favor of the immediate withdrawal of its own troops out of Afghanistan, but Prime Minister Julia Gillard, apparently, the voice of the people does not matter. She flatly refuses to send troops home by 2014.

Supporters of «Pussy Riot» from Cologne threatens to three years jail. German church authorities have submitted to the court on three supporters «Pussy Riot», which held a rally on August 19 at the Cologne Cathedral, designed to support the Russian panketok. Two young man and woman dressed in dresses and balaclavas, tore worship. Now they face a heavy fine or even three years jail. Maxim knows about it Dinkevich ("News"), Referring to NBC.

Supporters «PR» stormed the Cologne Cathedral during Mass and began to chant: "Freedom« Pussy Riot ». A few minutes later the temple workers tied protesters and brought them out.

Outside, young people unfurled banners in support of the «Pussy Riot» and read before the assembled mass of a lecture that the Russians should release. "Lecturers" was presented serious charge of "violation of free religious rituals." According to this article in Germany is possible to obtain up to three years jail.

In the XIX century in Russia was one referee (we would add), who was able to process urgent joke. At one point, he heard from the 1 st accused exclamation: "I had to stand up for their own comrade!" Grinned the referee and saw: "And now, for you will have to sit for him."

Tools of the sixty-six billion As told now corr. Itar-Tass Shytov, In 2011, shipments of U.S. weapons over the limit in the last year rose to a record amount — about 66.3 billion. bucks. According to the latest U.S. Congressional Research Service, it is nearly three times higher than a year ago. The new indicator set an absolute record for 1 year in the history of the South American arms exports.

However, an astronomical sum includes an enormous one-time deal to supply Saudi Arabia, 84 fighter-bombers, F-15 and 178 helicopters. The price is only one of the party estimated at about 29.4 billion. U.S.

In general, and without this transaction democratic and friendly America — in front of the whole planet. According to the survey indicated that the Russian Federation on account of supply of 4.8 billion dollars. bucks from France — to 4,400,000,000. bucks.

The total fraction of the U.S. market in 2011 reached almost 80%!

In addition to Saudi Arabia, the main buyers of U.S. weapons were the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Oman, India and Thailand.

Trade instrument Mr. Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barack Obama chose as a panacea for the economic crisis. In 2010 he was appointed a so-called. National Export Initiative, which provides for doubling of exports in 5 years. The U.S. Treasury has recently announced that the "initiative" is made by more than half.

Severe "Isaac." In the end, hit the southern South American state of Louisiana and the Mississippi Hurricane two people were killed and 730 remained without electricity thousand people. South American oil companies harmed by more than 2.5 billion. U.S., reports from New York corr. Itar-Tass Shamshin.

Losing power "Isaac" is moving at the moment inland.

12 million jobs from Romney. Mitt Romney has officially agreed to become a candidate for U.S. president from the Republican Party. About this report "," with reference to «France-Presse».

Giving formal consent, Mr. Romney stressed that wants to provide the Yankees 12 million additional jobs. He said: "President Obama promised to slow the expansion of the oceans and heal the planetoid. I promise to assist you and your families. "

Not on another, we would add, that there are millions of places in munitions factories. After all, the last remnants of civilian production, once made this amateur warships and a seeker of opponents across America planet, on days of move to China, and the local factory staff join the ranks of the unemployed.

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