Geopolitical puzzle: at the crash site «SSJ-100 has a lifeguard, and the world will not end, despite the decline of Europe

To disaster «SSJ-100." Group Emergencies Ministry rescuers arrived in Indonesia for a role in a search operation at the crash airbus «Sukhoi Superjet-100". About this report "," with reference to RIA "Novosti".

IL-76 with rescuers, search helicopter «Bo.105» and necessary for the realization of the operation equipment landed at the airport in Jakarta in the morning. In Indonesia it was delivered to 42 people, among them 21 employee group "Tsentrospas", 3 psychologists, 3 medical professional, and 2 representatives of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. Arrived in Indonesia, and a group of professionals to assess the consequences of the incident. Who will come to the country and the second group of Russian rescuers 25 professionals of the Center for rescue operations special risk "Leader" and a search helicopter EC-117. Rescuers of the Russian Federation will be together with the Indonesian find the "black boxes" from the crashed plane.

Geopolitical puzzle: at the crash site «SSJ-100" has a lifeguard, and the world will not end, despite the decline of Europe

Yesterday, according to the RIA "Novosti", liner from the crash were taken out of the body 12 of the victims, who were taken to the main focal point of search and rescue operations in the village of Pasir Mangys West Java province, near Bogor. Because of the bad weather criterion evacuation of the remains was moved to Saturday morning.

Of early afternoon, as reported by corr. RIA "Novosti" Alexander Kovalev, a group of soldiers planted with the Indonesian special forces helicopter at the fall «Sukhoi SuperJet-100" — on the ropes. This reporter said the pilot health helicopter returning from the crash site.

Alexander Kovalev Now of early afternoon passed from Jakarta:

"Four container with the remains of the victims of the disaster« Sukhoi SuperJet-100 "delivered by helicopter to the airport in Jakarta and in the ambulance, accompanied by police officers sent to a military hospital, told RIA" Novosti "MOE representative of Indonesia.

According to him, most recently from the crash site to arrive in Jakarta on the second helicopter with the bodies of the victims. At the current time at the airport are about 20 ambulances are ready to take the body to a military hospital.

In a small waiting room, through which the containers are carrying the bodies are relatives of the victims. "

Mikhail Pogosyan, the head of the United Aircraft Company (UAC) said that talk about the fault of the crew in a plane crash «Superjet-100" in Indonesia to decipher the "black boxes" — is wrong. About this report ",", citing RIA "Novosti".

Alexander Yablontsev piloted aircraft — according to Pogosyan, the best test pilot CJSC "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft". This pilot "went all the way — from the creation of the aircraft to its certification," — said the manager of KLA.

During his career, Alexander Yablontsev mastered over eighty aircraft types; had logged more than 9 thousand hours. From 2000 he was a senior test pilot CJSC "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft". Specifically, in 2008, he flew the first «Sukhoi Superjet-100".

Pogosyan said, and the lack of technical defects on the crashed plane. "The technical condition of the aircraft« SSJ-100 prior to departure did not cause any prirekany — he said. — This is confirmed by the fact that its own first flight in Indonesia, he performed flawlessly. "

Earlier notes ",", "Izvestiya" and "Kommersant" expressed the view that a prerequisite for the disaster was caused by mistakes of the crew. A similar outlook was also of Dmitry Rogozin, who oversees Russian defense industry. "The opinion of professionals in the primary states that the technique worked flawlessly," — he said. It is necessary for all this to note that the trial version of the catastrophe to nominate the current step investigation Rogozin referred to "pure speculation".

Look at photos and get the latest information about the crash «SSJ-100" can be "Twitter" or "Learn" Sergei Shred.

On Thursday this week, the United States conducted a successful test of the latest modification of Standard Missile 3 interceptors — «Block IB». This antimissile must be a major element of systems intercept missiles that could be launched as referred to as "rogue states", Iran or North Korea. This is reported "Interfax".

The test in the Pacific Ocean was the second for the modification of missile «Block IB». The first, held in September 2011, ended in failure.

«Block IB» — modification of the standing armed U.S. missile «Standard Missile 3 Block IA». It differs from its predecessor two color infrared guidance head, improved height control system, advanced optics and a new signal handler. «Block IB» has four stages, the last of them is a kinetic interceptor, which is a direct hit destroys the warhead ballistic missiles outside of the atmosphere. The energy released in all of this corresponds to the explosion of more than 30 kg of TNT.

America sells Bahrain gun, despite the deficit of democracy in Bahrain. In Bahrain, the United States decided to implement another batch of guns, without making all of this kind, as if in that country's human rights — in order. As the corr. Itar-Tass Surzhansky, on the subject to show now an official dealer of the State Department, Victoria Nuland.

She stated that a corresponding notice the administration of President Barack Obama has sent to Congress. Bahrain receives from the United States "certain types of weapons to assist him strengthen their defense capabilities." Nuland explained that Bahrain — an important ally of Washington in the region is based on the archipelago of the 5th Fleet of the U.S. Navy.

Nuland said that the United States is mindful of the serious dilemmas "in the field of human rights, which the government of Bahrain must address." What kind of gun would sell America to Bahrain, the official dealer of the State Department was too shy to say. Just said these weapons "are not used for riot control" and that Bahrain will not be shipped military-road "Humvee" and anti-tank missiles.

Hillary Clinton — the most influential mum in the world. So say in the magazine «Forbes».

"News" report that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has taken first place in the ranking of the most influential mothers in the world, formed a South American magazine «Forbes». The wife of South American president in the past, and now — the foreign minister of America, Hillary Clinton brought daughter Chelsea, two years back who married. Clinton, who before marriage corresponded with her daughter on an electric post, said that preparations for the wedding — em
ployment is just as serious and fundamental as the management of state diplomacy.

The list of the more influential in the world of mothers were also the president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, COO «Facebook» Sheryl Sandberg, wife Melinda Gates, wife of the President of the United States Michelle Obama, the Managing Director of the International Finance Fund Christine Lagarde, etc.

Canada kicked off on Libya bombs and missiles at 25 million dollars. On what did Stephen Harper izderzhal 347 million?

Corr. ITAR-TASS Alexander Pakhomov reports that Canada scandal erupted around the Harper government expenditure for the operation in Libya. When in October 2011 the Minister of Defence Peter MacKay said in an interview with CBC broadcaster BBC that any "expenses do not exceed $ 50 million," including bombs and missiles were dropped by 25 million dollars, today revealed that the costs were seven times higher. Yesterday, a nonprofit research center in Ottawa — Institute for international relations "Rideau", referring to the House of Commons received reports of the Ministry of Defense, said that the Libyan campaign Canadians flew a lot of money, in other words in 347 million dollars.

Stephen Harper for a couple with McKay seem to be completely lost the confidence of Canadians. On a large underestimation of the public expenditure catches both of them not for the first time. In recent weeks, writes A. Pakhomov, the Harper government is "under fire" — for the incorrect assessment of the costs of purchasing the U.S. F-65 35. According to released in April, the report of the Auditor General of Canada Michael Ferguson, the project for the purchase of the F-35 will cost the Canadian budget is not in the $ 10 billion. bucks, as read above McKay and 25 billion

Analyst of Ottawa Institute Philip Lagasse believes that the Canadian Ministry of Defense "has developed a culture of hiding the real costs of the Parliament and the public." MacKay and Harper were justified, referring to the length of the operation in time "means the return of equipment and personnel from home" and "the limits of the budget," but they believe in Canada do not wish.

In Syria are at war 10's foreign terrorists who are fighting for democracy on the shoulder shoulder with soldiers from the "Al-Qaeda". "News" report that armed men stormed the headquarters of the party "Baath" in Aleppo front was undermined by a bomb and then opened fire. The explosion no one was injured, but died during the shooting guard. This is the second terrorist attack in Aleppo for May 11 — first warned Syrian intelligence officers. The car in which there were approximately one and a half tons of explosives, was found fit, and the driver was shot and did not have time to use an explosive device.

Geopolitical puzzle: at the crash site «SSJ-100" has a lifeguard, and the world will not end, despite the decline of Europe

Syria's Permanent Representative to the UN, Bashar Jaafari sent the secretary general of the organization, Ban Ki-moon and the U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Susan Rice, a list of 26 names of people of foreign countries, who arrived in the Arab Republic in order to commit acts of terrorism. The list includes the names of the men confessed to their own sins. Jafari said: "I have a list of terrorists, which includes 26 names. In addition, we have received recognition of these individuals — they have confessed that arrived in the country in order to produce terrorist activities. Our delegation is ready to provide evidence of this — all documented. Indications of their activities, their names, data on their nationalities, about who incited them to criminal activities — soon it will all be transferred to the Secretary General of the UN. In addition, we have a list that contains 12 names of foreign terrorists who have been killed in Syria — among them — the citizens of France, Britain and Belgium. "

The head of the Pentagon, disk imaging on the TV channel "Russia 24", affirmed the role of militants in the Syrian conflict, "Al-Qaeda". However, U.S. Secretary of Defense expressed in the sense that Americans do not know know what goals to pursue Syria "Al-Qaeda".

But it is clear that the objectives of the simplest — democratic. "Al-Qaeda", fighting on the side of the terrorist opposition, coupled with indifferent to human rights by citizens of France, England and Belgium, and achieves the same purpose as America, which has repeatedly stated want to overthrow or resignation from the political scene of the legitimate acting President Bashar Assad. Another thing is that Washington is inconvenient to admit to the world that its purpose — as in the times of confrontation davneshnie contingent of Russian troops in Afghanistan — again agreed with the goals of "Al-Qaeda", nurtured by means of the CIA.

Since Syria restlessly, observers from the United Nations will be given armored cars. About this report ITAR-Tass with reference to the news service, "Dow Jones". Total support for the United Nations Observer Mission in Syria, the European Union will send 20 5 armored vehicles — in the coming days are. At this point in Syria operates 145 unarmed observers.

Algeria won the election the ruling party. "National Liberation Front" yesterday defeated in parliamentary election: received 220 seats in the 462-seat legislature. This writes "," with reference to the «Reuters». 2nd place in parliament on the number of mandates won the opposition party "National Democratic Union" of the current Prime Minister Ahmed Uyahi 68 deputies. "Green Algeria", the party of moderate Islamists, will get 48 seats. The remaining mandates dismantled the small parties.

Local authorities want to continue to carry out democratic reforms evenly — in order to prevent the implementation of the revolutionary scenario in the country.

In Nigeria killed favorite Shiites. According to the ITAR-TASS correspondent Paul Myltseva, constructive destroyed the Shiite Islamists favorite Nigeria. The head of the Shiite community 160,000,000th country Muhammad Ali was shot dead at his home. The police Kano State in the north of the country, the commissioner Ibrahim Idris said police detained the suspect — a native of Nigeria Osun State, as his wife and five children. Their bombs were seized, firearm and ammunition. The Commissioner considers that the cost of crime fighters from the group "Boko Haram" ("Western education — a sin"), which is seeking the establishment of Sharia law in the country of Nigeria.

Crossword-killer. "," with reference to «Reuters» reports that "a group of mathematicians, psychologists and other professionals investigated the crossword in the Venezuelan newspaper« Ultimas Noticias »May 9, and concluded that it is coded description of the assassination attempt on Adam Chavez, governor of Barinas' (brother Hugo Chavez). "According to the agency, in response to the crossword were such words as Adan (name of the president's brother), asesinen (subjunctive of the verb to kill) and rafaga (one of the values — mac
hine-gun fire)." Crossword Creator Neptali Segovia, which is crosswords for «Ultimas Noticias» for 17 years, denied the existence of criminal purposes and linked the incident to the election campaign.

Hugo Chavez vorachivaetsya from Cuba to Venezuela, where the sessions are held 11 days of radiation therapy. About this report corr. Itar-Tass Sereda, Recalling the "Twitter" of the president. Chavez's words: "Course — home! With great optimism! We will live and win! "

"Decline of the West": the cycle of stories.

Rapper — hell. "," with reference to the channel "Al-Arabiya" reported that the Iranian Ayatollah Safi Golpaygani of the holy town of Qum on May 11 issued a fatwa of death sentence to Shahin Najafi — Iranian rapper who moved to Germany. Ayatollah believes that in the song "Nucky" singer is very free praised the tenth Shiite Imam Ali al-Hadi, and means depart from the faith, for that Sharia prescribes punishment. At the moment, the Iranian websites adherents of religion and purity of Qom, Ayatollah running propaganda campaign, which aims to convince readers of the need to "go to hell" Najafi.

While Ayatollah calls for "go to hell" rapper, the Vatican began an investigation of seven priests suspected of molesting young. This writes ",", Recalling the «Associated Press».

Seven of the influential Catholic Order of the "Legion of Christ", as confirmed by representatives of the Order, indeed suspected of molesting. Currently working with the Order of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and with the police. However, in the order pronounced that the alleged cases of sexual abuse of young, except the 1st, there have been 10's of years ago. Not counting the seven suspects child molesters, in the order of two more priests suspected of using religious instructions for joining the "inappropriate relationship" with the ladies.

Need to see also that the founder of the Order Marcial Maciel, who died in 2008, has often been accused of molesting seminarians, and the charges have been confirmed. "Legion of Christ" was founded in 1941 in Mexico, and now the priests working in the field of religion in 22 countries around the world. At the end of 2010 in the "Legion" consisted of 889 priests and 2,373 seminarians.

As they say, Maciel escaped prosecution for pedophilia since he had good relations with John Paul II. But here in 2005, was the father of Rome Benedict XVI, and Maciel removed from management, "Legion."

In Greece, no more government? As the "Russian service of BBC», Greek politicians have a third time failed to form a government. Neuzh that in a country already suffering from the debt crisis, elections will be held again? They are, incidentally, fly into the taxpayers a pretty penny.

In Greece — around bad: 1) favorite PASOK party (in this party, advocating for the "hard" cost-saving measures in the Parliament 41 seats out of 300) Evangelos Venizelos left the sample to form a new government, as not able to agree about anything with the other parties — including on the issue of cost-saving measures that require the EU and the IMF in exchange for financial assistance, and 2) ultimately passed on May first general election no Greek party won a majority in parliament, and 3) the crisis could lead to the country to the "default" on the public debt, the result of which, it is entirely possible, would leave the country with the European Union.

Italy: Eggs for tax. According to reports from Rome RIA "Novosti" Natalia Shmakova, Recalling the «Corriere della Sera», on Friday about separation of state of Italy «Equitalia» Naples clashes that followed the protest. Quote:

"The building of the state-owned company, which is engaged in the collection of taxes and collection of debts from people who came to about 600 people. Many of them started throwing eggs, paint the office «Equitalia», which on this day was closed, also blew two firecrackers. In response, the police released tear gas.

After a while some protesters tried to break through the police cordon, in the end, there were clashes, in which, according to the newspaper disk imaging, wounds and bruises got two protesters and 12 law enforcement officers. "

«Equitalia» was betrayed and attacks in Rome and Milan. In the main office of the Roman delivered an envelope with the powder, and in Milan, was attacked on 2-of tax inspectors. And in Viterbo one-bankrupt businessman threatened to destroy the tax officials.

The reason for the protests and general social discontent that the Italian Government had taken several monetary measures aimed at improving the economic situation of crisis that affected to a greater extent on the lives of ordinary people — because of increased taxation. In the country, even the cases of suicides of people who find themselves in dire financial straits. The Italians believe that in everything guilty «Equitalia», and she believes that the responsibility lay down on her unfairly.

Announcements from the Baltic.

Lithuania Ukraine guarantees isolation from the EU. RIA "Novosti" report: the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite after the meeting on Friday with his Ukrainian officer Viktor Yanukovych said that Ukraine promised isolation from the EU if Kiev does not solve the issue with the conclusion of Yulia Tymoshenko, as other political prisoners.

"I said, that if a solution is found with the guarantees of healing and legal safeguards for all prisoners from the opposition and all the other people, then to that country will be a critical attitude, and one or another level of isolation is guaranteed," — said Grybauskaite the media. She added: "I very much hope that the information that comes from a friendly country, the information when it says one should be heard. I hope this information I was able to convey. "

In Lithuania there are new martyrs of the occupation. Lithuanian MPs decided that young Lithuanians who, after March 11, 1990 (day or making independence of the Lithuanian SSR) was able to evade service in the Armed Forces of the USSR — in other words, or different methods refused service, or against the will was drafted into the army — from that time will receive special status of "victims of the occupation." For the bill, representing a amendment to the law "On the victims of occupation (in the period from 1939 to 1990)," and now which gained the force of law, voted 67 deputies, one was against, 24 abstentions. About this report "," citing "Delphi".

Amendment Act extends to the people of Lithuania, who were taken against their will in the part of the CA after March 11, 1990, sentenced to imprisonment for desertion or boycott of conscription or were obliged to return to service until 7 September 1991 (September 6, 1991 the Soviet Union recognized the independence of Lithuania), fearing reprisals.

In other words, those young people who are in the relative degree of "voluntarily" served in the Russian Army, the new status will not receive.

But the status — is only moral gratification. The deputies and provided compensation for the real "victims": a lump sum of 4 thousand litas (about 45 thousand rubles). The law comes into force on 1 January 2013.

Hiding from life, forced to her or had served in the slammer because of evasion of service in Lithuania was not so much. Quote:

"It clarifies the issue" Overview ", referring to the Ministry of Defence of the Republic, all with day or the declaration of independence of Lithuania from service in the Russian army refused a thousand 1 562 Lithuanians. 67 of them were forcibly taken to the military units (almost one third of them — in the Magadan region), 20 were sentenced to prison terms. The number of those who changed his mind and came to the office, "fear of reprisals", as noted, can be up to 200 people. Others, evading service in the Russian army, were obliged to hide, change the place of residence. "

Adoption of the law, according to the Ministry of Defence of Lithuania, will allow to "restore the historical and social justice."

At the conclusion of the review — Cancel News.

End of the world does not come in December 2012, will not occur and 7 thousand years, and in general will never come. Scientists have found the Guatemalan Mayan calendar, in which states that before the end of the world no less than 7000 years. And this number is called by scientists as the calendar is dropped. On it "News".

Calendar where to look for a more complete, if detected earlier. In December 2012 — when, as it was believed the world will end — "ends" is not light, but only one of the great cycles of the Mayan calendar accounts.

Maya, unlike the Aztecs, it was generally believed that the world is endless. Another thing is that people — like in the Middle Ages, and now — for some reason very hunt to dream about the end of the world. It must be, since the world will be a universal catastrophe true equality of all and everything: all will die, from presidents, oligarchs and mafiosi to bankrupt Italian entrepreneurs, threatening death to tax today.

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