Geopolitical puzzle: English Magnitsky list declared the newspaper a duck, and the thickness of the Yankees correlates with their stupidity

Geopolitical puzzle: London "Magnitsky list" declared the newspaper a duck, and the thickness of the Americans correlates with their stupidity

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation will not suffer the danger of militants from the SSA. Russian Foreign Ministry does not want to endure the danger of the Free Syrian Army, has put an ultimatum to cease operations on civilian aircraft in Damascus and Aleppo, reports "Interfax".

Common in the media statement from the rebels CCA that international civilian airports of Damascus and Aleppo from now seen as military targets and civilian aircraft will stray, Moscow welcomed the subsequent way: "We need the strongest influence on the favorites SAA in order to exclude similar hazards, not to mention their implementation. Our homeland has already applied in this regard diplomatic channels to those countries that have a corresponding impact on the constructive Syrian opposition. " Such a position is announced at the Russian Foreign Ministry comments posted on the website of Ministry.

As for the brutal purpose "fighters" of the SSA, they are not recommended to fly to Damascus and Aleppo, starting Tuesday. The opposition warned: "The civil airports of Damascus and Aleppo, can become the target of attacks PAS forces already on Tuesday, because they are used to the regime of military aircraft, attacking the Syrian rebels."

"Interfax" reports that the Department info, Russian Foreign Ministry regarded the risk of CCA as a violation of international law, first — the Chicago Convention of 1944 "On the international civilian aviation."

In the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that, from a moral and legal point of view, a similar statement so critical approach of the opposition to the "red line" that is followed by an act no different from the atrocities of "Al Qaeda." The department said that "in the case of implementation in practice of threats CCA full responsibility for the consequences will fall not only on specific artists, and their patrons."

A different approach. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov said that Moscow and Washington have a different approach to resolve the Syrian conflict. Knows about this resource, citing RIA "Novosti".

Comrade Lavrov reminded the Government of the United States of the Geneva agreements on Syria, according to which both sides have to complete fire and resolve the conflict by peaceful means. Meanwhile, according to the views of the head of Russian Foreign Ministry, Moscow and Washington have a different approach to move towards that goal.

For the U.S., according to Lavrov, "the main thing — to overtake advance the course of events," ie, to "remove" the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and to the transitional government. Position Damascus with all this is ignored. In the end, we have the actual imposition of the outer circuit of conflict resolution.

Russian minister reiterated the consistent position of the Kremlin against the Syrian conflict: the people of Syria shall, without the help of others to choose their own future.

The mission is not feasible? Syria's Minister of disk imaging Omran al-Zuabi said that Damascus is ready to welcome any peace initiative to resolve the conflict in the country, if at all it will not affect national sovereignty. He also reiterated the readiness of the Syrian government to take Lakhdar Brahimi, which came on September 1 in the position of Special Representative of the UN and the Arab League, transfer "News".

In Damascus, said that the mission of Kofi Annan's predecessor in the post envoy Brahimi, "failed because it had not been terminated financial and military information support for terrorist groups," is first Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. "Working Brahimi will have success if he can stop this terrorist anger against Syria," — said the Syrian minister.

But the fellow Brahimi said his goal is "almost impossible". Algerian diplomat said: "I know how hard it is, how it is actually impossible. In general, I'm not saying it's impossible. I say — almost. "

How will the Brahimi, is unclear. One thing is clear — he will try by all means to prevent the introduction of foreign troops to Syria.

France is haunted by the thought of "alternative government" in Syria. As passed yesterday from Paris corr. ITAR-TASS Ilya Baranov, France supports the establishment of a Syrian "alternative government". This was stated by Francois Hollande at a joint press conference in Rome with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti.

French favorite said: "We need to instigate the transfer of power in Syria. Because I support the formation of an alternative government. "

Mario Monti said in response that Italy "fully supported the positive mission of" joint UN-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi. Together with the fact he said that Italy will continue to cooperate with France, "to achieve the transfer of power in Syria."

Interestingly, we would add, as a supporter of this double standards, and policies favoring the Brahimi, Hollande and policies, will be able to oblige on both gentlemen? Do not be surprised if in a couple of days, this Italian nod in agreement and a symbol of Moscow.

America will accelerate the "fall of Assad." As passed on September 4 from Charlotte (North Carolina, USA) special correspondent of ITAR-Tass Kirsanov and Ivan Lebedev, The United States will continue to cooperate with other countries in order to "speed up the fall of the regime" of President Bashar al-Assad and to support the country's transition to a "stable and democratic government." This was said in the election platform of the Democratic Party of the USA, previously agreed on the sidelines of the state congress, held in the city of Charlotte.

The policy document outlined the goals of the Democrats, to which all in the case of re-election will seek the party favorite — President Barack Obama.

In the platform directly indicates the intention of the Democratic Party continue to "help" the countries of Near East and North Africa, including Egypt and Libya. Help would be to build a more open and free societies after the change of government in the framework of the "Arab Spring."

The spread of democracy throughout the world, and its preservation in the country's own Democratic Party of the United States considers a fundamental task. Obama and the party firmly believe in the fact that "countries that provide an opportunity for their own people to use these values as a result become more prosperous, peaceful and friendly toward the United States than those who do not."

Turns out, we would add, the implementation of the South American scenario of the "Arab Spring" — is the way to friendship with America. Way for those, obviously, who came to power with the West in general and the South American approval — as, for example, the government in Libya or sovereign Mursi in Egypt. Never mind that the protests in E
gypt last in the squares, such as those that were on the sunset of the Mubarak political prisoners as before languishing in jail, and there is no freedom of speech, and was not. Libyan same "democracy" is criticized even by the Yankees, who grudgingly admit that the stability and democratic freedoms in Libya worse than nowhere. Friendship Libya and Egypt, the same with the United States — generally the question of the field of political legends. Americans still eat the bread of affliction and with Libyan terrorists, and with the guys, commanded Mursi. At some point, the excited hordes of "spring" Arabs America show its democratic space.

The United States, the assurance of the Congress of Democrats their current management, "will not impose on other countries any system of government", because everywhere there are national characteristics and historical traditions, which force each government to choose its own development path. At the same time, according to the platform of the Democrats, "state sovereignty should not suppress individual freedoms."

The Saudi kingdom, add, in which not a hint of democracy, long suit America. Especially at a time when the Saudis, knocking the price of oil to a minimum, the Soviet Union fell apart (as it is not the best of times). Or much democracy in Bahrain? But in Syria, perhaps, "individual freedom" completely overwhelmed "state sovereignty." Among individual freedoms, we must realize the Democrats and their South American stars and stripes leader Obama behold the desire to make fake announcements about the atrocities of the army of Syria, Group bombings, killings of peaceful inhabitants. Chaos in the towns of the country is favorable only to Western and Arab businessmen who are pursuing their own geopolitical interests, and at the same time playing into the hands of a small and little people — the Syrian "opposition" and foreign hirelings, ready for a few bucks a day cut, blow and torture, fighting for "democracy" shoulder to shoulder with the soldiers, "al-Qaeda".

Egypt heeded Israel. Egypt began to withdraw from the Sinai Peninsula, the heavy armored vehicles entered the region in August to combat extremist groups. About this report RIA "Novosti" referring to the agency "Reuters".

"Twenty tanks were redeployed from the central part of Sinai (west) towards the Suez," — said the source, "Reuters", adding that instead of tanks arrived 20 units of light armored vehicles.

In Israel desecrated Christian monastery. Israeli police began an investigation into the desecration of the night of September 4, Christian monastery in the town of Latrun, writes "," citing "Yediot Ahronot".

The walls of the monastery were spray-painted offensive graffiti in Hebrew ("Jesus — is a monkey" and others), and wood gates of the monastery — burned.

The abbot of the monastery abbot Louis said the attack happened about half past three in the morning. Litsezrev that the doors of the monastery are burning, one of the monks, pilgrims woke fraternity. Then he grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out the flames.

"If he had not had time to do that, there would be all burned," — said the abbot. According to the abbot, the monks understand the tensions that arise in Israeli society because of the forced evacuation of some Jewish settlements from the West Bank of Jordan. "But it is not clear where are we? As Christians, we are trying to do everything with love. We are very saddened that incident. Shame on those who do not lust to realize and accept other people's views, "- he said.

"Tape" remembers that the attack on the monastery in Latrun — not the first incident of this kind. In February, vandals wrote "Death to Christianity" in the Baptist church in Jerusalem.

Minor matters. NATO officials have decided to stop the training of more than 27,000 Afghan recruits. Will be re-checked their probable connection with the rebels, report "Reedus' referring to the newspaper «The Washington Post».

Managing NATO has acknowledged that the verification of military and police in Afghanistan has never happened at the appropriate level. "Everyone recognizes that there was a strong international pressure aimed at the growth of the force, and verification become a thing of the tenth" — quoted by the 1st of NATO officials, "The Washington Post".

"We are living with the Afghans," — said the deputy commander of the Special Operations forces in Afghanistan. — We can not allow ourselves to take risks with checks. "

Afghan bureaucrats also inspect their own troops. Of the 1,100 people taking it, five were excluded from applets.

It is reported that the verification of all Afghan soldier takes about 2 months.

"We need to reduce the risk by reducing the specific interactions with the Afghans. We do not need to sleep or wash with them, because then we are more vulnerable, "- says the official dealer of NATO.

Better yet, add, leave for you to America — and to sleep and wash there. Tselee and cleaner will!

Hamid Karzai condemned the Australian fighter. The Afghan president has condemned the acts of Australian soldier who killed 2-local inhabitants in the province of Uruzgan, pass "Case of the week" with reference to the "tape".

Australian military ISAF, making a night raid in the provincial capital Tirinkota destroyed the 2-local residents: 70-year-old Haji Mohammad Times and his 30-year-old son Abdul Jalil. Karzai ordered the governor and the chief of police uruzganskoy investigate the accident happened and report to him about the results.

It is stated that the premise of the raid was a death in Uruzgan about 10 soldiers from the Australian contingent of ISAF.

Our in Warsaw did not expect our own. Horse Cossack march Moscow — Paris "dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the Russian war of 1812, headed for Warsaw, transfer "News".

The Cossacks and their stallions overcame a third of the way — 1,300 km. After the events in Poland campaign will continue.

Interestingly, when you come to Warsaw, the Cossacks found that neither the local authorities nor the police did not know that the capital will go camping. "As we have for the vanguard of the invasion did not take" — joking chieftain.

The fact that information about historical stock reached the representatives of the Russian Embassy's too late.

English "Magnitsky list" does not exist. As stated in the Russian Foreign Ministry, information on making London "Magnitsky list" does not correspond to reality. On Smolensk Square this information received from British colleagues report "Interfax".

"I received assurances from the management of British Foreign Office that no political decision on the so-referred to as the" Magnitsky list "is not taken, and visa restrictions on Russian people in this regard was not introduced," — said the correspondent of "Interfax" Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Titov. So Makar, he said, "the leadership of the Foreign Office does not confirm the newspaper« Sunday Times »to introduce visa bans on the so-referred to as the" Magnitsky list ".

Ukrainian frigate against Somali pirates. Border patrol ship "Hetman Sagaydachny" — the flagship of the Ukrainian Navy — will be sent to the coast of Somalia, which will accept the role in an international operation aga
inst pirates. This information, as reported by "," with reference to UNIAN, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman confirmed Oleg Voloshin. According to him, the fight against Somali pirates, the ship will travel in the coming year.

Ukrainian Security Council decision on the participation in an international operation against Somali pirates was taken back in 2010. "Kommersant-Ukraine" reported that the campaign "Getman Sagaydachnogo" in the area of Somalia will cost approximately 35-45 million hryvnia (at today's exchange rate is 4.2-5.5 million dollars).

"Tape" recalls that international military patrols in the territorial waters of Somalia had cooperated in 2008 with the approval of the UN Security Council. The premise patrols were frequent seizures of ships by pirates.

Order of the "Knights Templar," Breivik invented. According disk imaging of the newspaper "Aftenposten", which lead "News", Norwegian police will not continue searching for alleged accomplices of Anders Breivik.

Christian Hult, near Oslo police spokesman, said that in the present case is made all right. He said: "I do not think we will solve something. We received the support of the court that the order "Knights Templar" does not exist, and therefore does not litsezreem circumstances continue to search for the cells of this organization. "

Insults in Brussels were paid. The municipality of Brussels yesterday imposed administrative penalties for insulting people in public places and in the streets of the town, reports "," with reference to «France-Presse». Now the perpetrators for their actions will have to pay up to 250 euros.

Freddie Teleman, the mayor of the town, said: "Any form of abuse will be punished. This is the case of racist, sexist, homophobic statements and the like. "

It is reported that the Brussels courts are loaded with other work, because domestic abuse often go unpunished. But from now on has the right to fine violators of the police. By the way, the penalties can be used and to those bullies who are pushing or kicking around.

Indirect activation of the administration was the premise of the documentary film "Woman on the street." In this tape, which is partly filmed hidden camera show that a lone lady on the streets of Brussels is often a subject of humiliation and abuse.

26 million dollars for the Senkaku. According to reports from Tokyo corr. ITAR-TASS Igor Belyaev, Government land of the rising sun has agreed with the owner of the personal disputed Senkaku Islands on their purchase for $ 2 billion. 50 million yen (about 26 million U.S. dollars).

Taking into account the difficult financial situation in which at the moment is the Japanese government, the funds for the purchase of the Senkaku Islands will be taken from the reserve fund. It is expected that the meeting will take place today between representatives of the central government and the governor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara (he intended to buy the islands for their own prefecture).

Meanwhile, the three islands — Uotsuri, Kitakami and Minami — called Diaoyu in China and consider their own territory.

Because of bargaining over the islands their own winner even changed the Japanese tradition of doing business. Earlier, his representatives stressed that the island will be sold Prefecture, Tokyo, with which the agreement was concluded. Hard and constant commitment clarified the position of the holder of the islands traditional Japanese tradition of doing business, according to which the initial agreement — are most important.

But the trader poheril tradition, as grasped that the government offered him a 50 million yen (about 640 million dollars) more than the metropolitan prefecture.

It's about time we would add, to join the auction China. Another thousand for 100-200 bucks and change the trader second decision. In general, Beijing bargain embarrassed: he thinks so, and its islands. Here's what to geopolitical embarrassment can cause brutal foreign policy rhetoric. Not that the world community could watch a fascinating picture of the island auction …

As reported by corr. RIA "Novosti" Catherine Plyasunkova, the contract of sale between the islands by their owner, Mr. Kurihara and government land of the rising sun has not yet made up. But, according to Japanese media, the government land of the rising sun wants to complete the deal in September.

Young Chinese thugs who attacked the car of Japanese ambassador, were detained. Chinese police detained a 2-hooligans wrecked week reversed flag with cars the Japanese ambassador in Beijing. Age detained — 23 and 25. They are accused of violating the public order. Another party to attack a warning. All the detainees have pleaded guilty, pass "News" with reference to "Interfax".

Bullies on the 2-car blocked the car in what followed salting, and then tore off the car Municipal Land of the Rising Sun flag. Then they disappeared. Salting was not injured.

"Vesti" remind us that the Chinese media have regarded the attack on the embassy car as a response to the actions of the Japanese government regarding the Diaoyu Islands (Senkaku). During the protest demonstrations that took place not so long ago on the streets of China, the participants attacked the Japanese restaurants and cars.

In connection with the last trade of the islands, we would add, you should expect massive new Chinese riots also harsh "music" from the Chinese administration in the address Tokyo.

In China, the blowing wind of change? Editor in chief of the Chinese party newspaper «The Study Times» Dan Yuven unfolded in the pages of their publications campaign criticizing the address in the current management of the country reports "," with reference to «France-Presse».

The main objects of his criticism — big figures: Chinese President Hu Jintao and Prime Minister Wen Jiabao. These comrades are governed by the state the last 10 years, but, as written in the newspaper Dan, during its own rule "they have created more problems than have gained success."

According to the views of the journalist, Hu and Wen promised democratization, the rule of law and political reforms, "in reality, progress was insignificant, and the democratization of the faint."

Dan Yuven noted that the current system in China has created the irresponsibility of the authorities and was the prerequisite Straseni differences in income between the poor and the affluent. The journalist also noted the problem of pollution.

In addition, the companion Yuven criticized the government's inability to adapt to modern means of communication and dissemination of disk imaging, including through social networks. The leaders pressured speech means people power.

"Tape" notes that municipal censors removed from the website edition of the claims of Dan. In general, a significant part of his article is preserved. In addition, the full quote from the article went on blogs Chinese users.

It is expected that at the end of this year, Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao will leave their posts, giving the power of the new leaders.

Quebec's affairs. Canada's Quebec separatists win election. "Parti Québécois" (according to preliminary data) scored pretty votes to form a government, report "News".

Betrothed party fighting for the sovereignty of the province council, also for the preservatio
n of the French language. Previously, she has initiated two referendums on Quebec independence, and the second almost ended in victory for supporters of separation.

In general, at this point, according to opinion polls, the idea of secession from Canada supports only 28% of the inhabitants of Quebec.

In the Canadian media in the course of world view, according to which Quebecers vote for the opposition does not support it as an idea. They do not like the Liberal Party, which has won three in a row electoral race.

A lot of Muslims in the U.S. Congress, the Democratic Party. How to transfer from Washington corr. RIA "Novosti" Maria Tobacco and Denis Voroshilov, in today's Congress, the Democratic Party of the United States involved a record number of Muslims (according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations).

In a statement, the coordinator of the Council on the relations with the government of Robert McCaw said: "The increase is more than double the number of Muslim delegates to the Congress of the Democratic Party today is a direct result of the hard work and efforts of the organizers in the field. This fact also states on strengthening the role of the Muslim community in the country and its support of the Democratic Party. "

It is noted that at the convention in Charlotte is over 100 Muslim delegates representing some 20 states. In 2008, the Muslims in the Congress of the Democratic Party, was 43, in 2004 — 25.

Obama will raise the South American economy. RIA "Novosti" Maria Tobacco, Denis Voroshilov told of an evening speech to the Congress of the Democratic Party mayor of the town of San Antonio (Texas) Julian Castro. Interestingly, the sovereign democratic audience Castro introduced the twin brother Joaquin.

According to Castro (or his brother), U.S. President Barack Obama (of course, in contrast to his own opponent in the election) is aware of the needs of the middle class and knows how to improve the economy of the country.

To begin Castro ridiculed Mitt Romney, remembering the advice given to them to students in Ohio: starting a business, taking money from parents. "Their theory has been tested. It failed. Our economy has failed. The middle class paid for it. Your family paid for it. Mitt Romney just does not think it ", — said Castro.

Obama's key economic decision — to save tax breaks only for the middle class of the United States, that is, people whose personal income is 200 thousand dollars a year (or 250 thousand — in case the tax is charged on the total income of the family).

The Republicans, led by Romney defending the interests of big business. They believe that increasing taxes for millionaires — fair. After all, big business — and correspondingly large taxpayer.

So far all attempts of the U.S. administration to increase taxes for big business and accomplished people, reminiscent of the "News" met with resistance Republicans. Republicans who sit in Congress, believe that tax incentives should be maintained for all segments of the population.

Of all the innovations planned and active confrontation, add, one thing is clear: the crisis in America is growing, and politicians make it known to his political career and the usual methods: promises, promises and promises once again. And so long as the essence of the case, the South American municipal debt took so exceeded 16 trillion dollars.

For the first time in American history. As delivered now from Washington corr. Itar-Tass Zlodorev, for the first time in the history of the U.S. national debt exceeded $ 16 trillion. bucks. On Tuesday the ministry said the South American money.

The historic event happened on Friday last week, when the level of debt was 16.015 trillion. bucks. The fact that only one day it jumped 25 billion. bucks.

Analysts are reminded that the debt ceiling in the U.S. is 16394000000000. bucks. According to experts, the situation is such that the newcomer first decision of the president of the country will have to increase this ceiling, which could lead to a confrontation of Democrats and Republicans and the "default" of the new government — regardless, we would add, on who is in power — Democrat or Republican. The decision to lift the ceiling has lowered people's sympathy that the fact that different.

In general, probably not far everyone in America understands what is at stake.

Dull and thick. Susan Pozel, the creator of the article "South American Obese Children — blunt, says in a new study approved by the« Big Pharma »(, Told of the "metabolic syndrome", which is characterized, on the one hand, adolescent obesity, the other — a decrease in brain function and cognitive abilities. Children are overweight in the United States at the present time have lower IQ. Simply put, says creator articles, fat kids — unintelligent.

The study found that differences in brain structure in children with obesity are significant in comparison with the other kids. The findings of Dr. Antonio Konvita, a leading creator of studies to correlate with the findings of other psychiatrists. A scientist working in collaboration with the National Institute of Health (NIH). His goal was to make the active diagnostics, through which it was possible to distinguish children with metabolic syndrome. Altogether, they were allocated to 5 "warning signs": obesity, low cholesterol, high level of triglycerides, the highest blood pressure, diabetic levels of insulin resistance.

NIH has published data from a study showing that in the middle of the city ozhirelyh American kids — from 10 to 20 percent. It was noted that more fat kids in the middle of private schools than kids in the middle of public school students. It is understandable that kids from middle or higher socio-economic class are more prone to obesity, if the poor.

NIH study blames obesity teenagers in full tele (which they sit out for more than 3 hours per day) and the missing role in the everyday work.

According to a study of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2030 ozhireet 42% of South American population.

After the publication of this study first lady Michelle Obama spoke about the "epidemic" and "endangering state security". She said: "The military leaders they say to us that if more of the 1st of four young people is not fit for military service — because of being overweight — obesity is not only a danger to public health and economic danger, but is already and the risk of public safety. "

Global Health Organization (WHO) also warns the Yankees. WHO has estimated that the average body weight in North America have gained 178 pounds. America — the fattest civilization in the world, why consume a lot more resources. Ian Roberts, a doctor and co-author of the WHO study, says: "If any country in the world would have the same level of fatness that we see in the United States, counting on a suspended weight would give us a further billion people with an average mass of bodies."

So Makar, add, not a lot of the kids in America, fat, immediately tupeyut, so more Americans through their own obesity are a couple of hundred million more consumers rated their own numbers. Stars and Stripes residents are willing to gobble up all the planetoid, just to stay in the same thick and the same simple-mindedness. One could feel sorry for them, if they are with their low IQ is not popped Noses bellies in the countries where cheeseburgers, donuts and Coca-Cola have not yet become the personification of good democracy.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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